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  1. I have bought and sold things with craigslist. I have driven 10 hours to buy a sailboat and shipped combine parts to Guatemala. Many good experiences. I try to forget the stupid people. I just chock it up to sales. T hx Ace
  2. Here are some PPG paint codes for most IH tractors from 50s through early 80s. PPG Omni paint is not that expensive. 2150 Red -71310 935 White 91607 Thx-Ace
  3. We have had highs in the 90s with high humidity (dew points in the 70s). By Friday we are supposed to hit 100 plus high humidity... You gotta love the summer in the south! I try to shut down physical work between 2 and 5 in the afternoon now. Back in the day we hauled square hay in this weather (or hotter) all afternoon. We took alot of salt pills back then. Thx-Ace
  4. I am Heinz 57 as well. Mershon's came from the Normandy area of France back in the 1600s. However I am so little French it is practically nothing! I am mostly English and Irish with Cherokee (about 1/4) and some Dutch (grandma was Pennsylvania Dutch but grew up in IL). I can document ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war and both sides of the Civil war. All of my ancestors immigrated to the US before 1900 so I don't have any connection to Ellis Island. Thx-Ace
  5. In NE Arkansas dicamba has become a disaster. A friend who is a troubleshooter for the Extension service here in Arkansas told me there are whole counties where all soybeans that are not dicamba tolerant are damaged. Monsanto is blaming the farmers. The Arkansas state plant board issued an emergency ban on dicamba for 120 days. There is alot of talk it my be pulled completely for next year if Monsanto does not change their attitude (they have pissed off our extension people and the plant board with their arrogance) and help them figure out the problem. Last year a man was killed over a dicamba drift dispute in NE Arkansas. I don't know if diacamba is volatile when the temp is above 70'F but our low temperatures have been higher than that lately. Thx-Ace
  6. Are Clevite parts still good? I bought a CIH kit for my D360 and it was a mix of USA and imported parts. Thx-Ace
  7. I can operate both the hydro lever and header height levers by holding my hand just right (so long as I don't have the hydro lever all the way forward). Your cables must be in good shape so they are easy to move though. I have replaced all these cables on my 1460. It sure made the a difference. I prefer the simplicity (less wiring) of the early axial flows. Thx-Ace
  8. I have seen auto steering for cultivators before gps. I saw two kinds. the fancy one used fingers to feel the plants and adjust hydraulically. The simpler system was to plant on beds. If you planted and cultivated with a tractor that had a single front wheel the tractor would steer itself. This works best if the tractor has manual sreering. Thx. Ace
  9. I need to replace the auger drive sprockets on my 810 header and can't figure out how to remove the driver sprocket (on the hex shaft). I cannot find a set screw and it does not want to move. This is the older style sprocket/hub that is one piece (not the newer sprocket that bolts to a hub). Does anyone know how to remove this sprocket? The sprocket on the auger is a pain as well but at least I know how to replace it! Thx-Ace
  10. I would talk to Mike at tripped r tractors to find out what it might cost to fix the issues. Then I would adjust the price for those cost and your hassle. Thx ace
  11. After the services they had a large meal for all the friends and family. It was quite a feast. They also had a bonfire that night where they burned many of her belongings. After the fire died they shot off fireworks. There was plenty of firewater at the bonfire. Thx ace
  12. A friend of mine lost his daughter last week and I attended the funeral services. He is a member of the washoe tribe in Nevada but the service was here in arkansas (where they live). Their graveside service was quite different. The family dug the grave with shovels and rock bars the day before. At the graveside songs were sung in washoe and sage was burning like incense. Prayers were offered both Christian and native. People spoke about her and gave her gifts ( including food and drink). Then we all covered the grave back up (using shovels). The whole process was very personal and involving. There was still crying family members but it seemed different than normal because we were all involved. Completely covering the casket was a powerful experience. This is the first traditional native american funeral service I have ever attended of any type. I am part cherokee and it makes me curious what traditions they have. Thx ace
  13. I feel stupid but I am not aware of the stickers you are describing. Can you post an image? Thx ace
  14. I would avoid mounting an ac condenser on the oil cooler. You don't want to overheat your hytran. Try to improve your airflow through the radiator and coolers. Remove the condenser and cooler to throughly clean it all. You might be surprised how much dirt and crud you will get out. Down here in the south we really test out ac systems in the summer. My hydro 18 often has high side pressures of 300psi. I don't like it but it is common with 134 ac systems here. Thx ace
  15. The cab solenoid could be going out. Thx ace