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  1. COLD

    This cold weather is getting serious. My brother lives on the coast neat st Petersburg fl. He is forecast to be in the 40s later this week. he will have to put both of his sweaters on! THX ACE
  2. I need to replace or regrind the camshaft for my 886 (D360) so I can put it back together. My dealer says they are not available from CIH but he can have one reground through Hi Capacity. Does anyone know of a source of replacement cams? Any suggestions on who can regrind the cam? I want it to be done correctly and last. Thx-Ace
  3. IH 3488 #993

    Thanks for the information. I expect the 466 was used for marketing. They were still building the DT436 so cranks were available. I don't see any cost difference in manufacturing any of the 400 series engines except for adding turbo chargers and inter coolers. Thx-Ace
  4. IH 3488 #993

    What are the primary advantages of a 3488 vs Hydro 186? I really like my H186 but have never been around the 3488. Thx-Ace
  5. Forrest City Do-All??

    I still have one of these (they are common in Arkansas) but have not used it in years. They were used as for a finishing pass just ahead of the planter. They make a really nice seedbed. Additionally they will throughly incorporate pre emergence herbicides (and keep it in the top two inches). They have good depth control on level ground. Back when we were full tillage you ran a chisel plow in the fall/winter. Disked early spring. Then you ran the do-all ahead of the planter. The tractor pulling it would have tanks and you would spray treflan as you ran it. It left the ground in great shape for cultivating! Alot of us farmed on beds and these were used to knock the tops off the beds for planting. Forrest City machine works closed several years ago. I remember seeing the add for the auction. The bearings are std pillow block bearings. Thx-Ace
  6. Diversity

    Here in (north) west Arkansas there are very few of us who grow crops, mostly cattle or poultry farms plus alot of hobby farms. There is alot of tractor diversity here but JD is first and Kubota is second. Among the few of us who grow crops JD is tops and CIH is second. It amazes me any of us still run red paint because it is an hour and a half to the nearest dealer (who stocks nothing) and almost three hours to a dealer who stocks much. The cow and poultry boys run mostly JD, Kubota or Ford New Holland plus alot of minor brands thrown in. The hobby farmers run everything. Thx-Ace
  7. fender mount radios

    My 915 combine came with a nice fender mount radio mounted inside the cab. They hold up alot better when mounted inside the cab! Thx-Ace
  8. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    I have had much better luck with moog. However they don't last for several hundred thousand miles like the originals did. I used my 91 D250 to pull our sailboat to the Florida keys last winter. Thx-Ace
  9. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    My 91 d250 has 600,000+ miles. the engine is original except for the water pump and valve cover gaskets. the front end was great when new and lasted several hundred thousand miles but I can't find ball joints that will hold up... I may buy some from the dealer next time. Thx ace
  10. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    Have you considered a first Gen dodge diesel (pre 94)? I have three and love them. the pre 91.5 trucks are completely computer free. with a manual transmission and the kill cable conversion you can start and drive them by roll starting them without a battery. the first Gen frames are the same for 2nd and 4th but you need a donor truck. there are many writeups on the net. The ace
  11. Jd 6620 combine

    I have a 6620 and 220 flex head junked out. I probably have the parts you need. Thx ace
  12. 66 series hand pumps

    My bad. I thought you meant the hand priming pump on the injector pump. You meant the steering hand pump! I feel foolish. Thx-Ace
  13. 66 series hand pumps

    I tried to fix mine with an o ring and it did not work. I got the 'square' ring from CIH and it works great now. Thx-Ace
  14. The Florida keys survived

    I have been to the keys several times. I really enjoy the middle keys the best. Key largo is ok but it is too much like south Florida. Key West is has some cool things to see but I don't fit in with the locals. However I find the middle area nice. Last winter my wife and I pulled our sailboat down and spent a week on the water. We got off the boat twice in seven days! The water and small islands are very relaxing and there are NO CROWDS anywhere. The only problem was our Catalina 22 sailboat got kinda small after a few days. Hopefully we will go down this winter for a few days again. Thx-Ace
  15. ground/chopped hay in feed

    I can't seem to make this work. They keep eating the hay too fast and I have reached the maximum amount of hay I can add. I have tried 5 bales plus 1000 lb of grain. It had so much hay it bridged up on me while unloading. The cows still ate it way to fast. Any suggestions on feed limiters? Thx-Ace