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  1. ac & overheating grimlins

    The belts are slipping when this happens, I saw it. I put a new set of belts on and it is better for now. The belts I replaced were very worn and glazed. It works fine now. However I will need to replace the pulleys. The alternator and fan/water pump will not be too bad but the groves on the balancer are worn as well. It will be a chore replacing the balancer.. Thx-Ace
  2. Mice

    I love your drawing! I will try one of those. They come in to my shop/house/etc when it cools off in the fall. Thx-Ace
  3. ac & overheating grimlins

    My 1460 has been giving me a strange problem. I am harvesting rice just fine and then (an hour or more into the day) the ac will warm up and the engine temperature will spike. Several times I shut off the ac and seperator, slowed the engine down to an idle and ran back to see where the problem was but found nothing. When I would come back to the cab the engine temp would be normal and the ac would work great when I turned it back on. Finally today I caught it early (the temp was not too high) so I ran over the top of the combine and noticed the rotary screen not turning so I looked and the alternator was turning along with the belts but the AC compressor and water pump were stopped. I ran back to the cab, shut down the seperator & ac then slowed the engine down. I ran back to the engine and the radiator screen was spinning nicely and the fan was running... So I ran without AC the rest of today without problems. When I shut down I went back to the engine and checked it out. The fan/alternator belts are very worn. The fan/water pump pulley is badly worn. I think the worn pulley is the root of the problem. I am putting new belts on in the morning and hopefully it will make it through harvest. Hopefully I can harvest with AC tomorrow! The highs are in the 90s... After the rice harvest I plan to replace the pulley. Thx-Ace
  4. Mice

    I can't have cats. I am super allergic to cats. I have tried snakes but they don't keep up! Thx-Ace
  5. I have a one ton truck (92 D350 CTD) and sometimes borrow my friend's goose-neck trailer. I also have a semi (IH 9370) and borrow another friend's lowboy. For small loads the 1 ton is handy. For larger tractors, etc the semi is so much better and safer. The brakes are the real difference. Thx-Ace
  6. Air Conditioning for ICB Cab

    Back in the late 70s and early 80s a neighbor had an 856 with ICB cab and AC. I don't think it was factory. The AC compressor was run off the alternator and the condenser was mounted in front of the grill. I don't remember what was inside the cab but I do remember it never worked! He always ran with the doors open in the sprint/summer/fall. Our 1066 with the diamond cab had an 'under dash' AC unit installed under the heater unit before we bought it. I don't remember it ever working either... Thx-Ace
  7. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    I straitened my old auger when it was bent. It never was the same but it did work. Mine was bent as bad as yours. Torches, welders, hammers, loaders etc. You can heat the tube cherry red and carefully turn the auger to help straighten the final bends after you have it mostly straighted. Thx-Ace
  8. Stay or evacuate

    My brother lives on treasure island (a barrier island off St Petersburg). He left when they forecast a storm surge in his area. He is headed to Texas for a week or two. He expects devastation when he returns... Thx-Ace
  9. Stay or evacuate

    The Florida Keys have about 70,000 residents. typically the tourist/seasonal residents outnumber the locals by many times. There is one two lane road over 100 miles long that leads to key west. then you are still in south Dade county, not exactly a good place to weather a hurricane. to get to 'safe ground' you have to pass through the metro Miami mess. I drove there last winter when we took our sailboat to the keys to sail for a week. travel on land was horrible but on the water there is a lot of room. looking at the keys from a boat gives you a different perspective than on land. if I was in key west now I would be looking for a hurricane hole in Cuba not mainland florida. cuba is closer and has better protection with higher terrain. I would rather ride a hurricane out in a good boat in a hurricane hole than be a refugee in miami... Thx ace
  10. Stay or evacuate

    Evacuation sounds good to talk about but in reality it is not so simple. If the govt decides to order evacuation how can you get them all out? Highways are designed for normal traffic, they can't even handle rush hour traffic, let alone evacuation traffic. The evacuation of Houston for hurricane Rita killed around 100 people due to problems from the gridlock. It is very virtually impossible to evacuate a city like Houston. I cannot comprehend evacuating south Florida. The Keys should be evacuated but I have traveled them several times and the only way I can see to get all the people out of there in any reasonable time is by putting most of them in boats! I have set 4 hours in traffic on Hwy 1 during normal traffic! However there is plenty of room in the gulf and atlantic for boats! IMHO, YMMV Thx-Ace
  11. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    A friend and I were recently talking about how so many people get angry when people disagree with them. I don't know what is wrong with people but we should be able to discuss things, have different opinions, and come out of the discussion as friends. I have not been on the forum much lately due to various things and I do not know about the topic you are discussing. I was near your place last week arkla but I was in a hurry... I am in a hurry too often. an old lady told me once 'the hurrieder I get the behinder I get'. I think it is very true. I should have stopped by for lunch or something. The fishing is great in the south but like anywhere you need to know what you are doing. fishing in the Gulf can be a blast. we are planning on taking our sailboat out in the Gulf for three days of fishing after the soybean harvest. FYI ymmv Thx ace
  12. It depends on what you want to plan to plant. most small seeds do fine broadcast but larger seeds do better in the soil. Thx ace
  13. Dealing with underwater debris

    Back in the 70 we used to float the mulberry river in flat bottom boats using paddles. the mulberry is now known as a good whitewater stream for the arkansas ozarks . we never tore anything up. some friends had a boat made from the hoods of two cars from the 40s. it drew too much water in the mulberry but worked well in the arkansas river. Thx ace
  14. I could see a benefit to this but I would avoid using it on a loader tractor. I think the tractors ride worse with the cab forward design because the front of the tractor is lighter than the back. So the front tires bounce alot compared to the rear tires. When I weight up an 86 series or put a front end loader on they seem to ride alot better. FYI, YMMV. Thx-Ace
  15. Dad pulled an IH 27 14' with his 560. It pulled it fine. Thx-Ace