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  1. Thanks
  2. The performance center on my mx240 is getting hard to read with all the leds burning out, is there anyone that rebuilds them or do I need to buy new
  3. I was browsing through facebook and came upon a post about all our allergies now days. One poster was trying to say that she was told 80% of wheat is sprayed with round up. I was wondering if anybody does spray their wheat and why, or is this just some more misinformation being spread. Nobody in my area sprays
  4. Thanks for the replies, the AB trip I have done in the past, nice tour. I was thinking of doing Hannibal, we toured Reagan's house on our first trip up, will have to look into Rock Island some more. We have hit Springfield also, it is only about an hour north of us, but a nice stop.
  5. Every year the daughter goes to camp in Dixon, IL. I like to take side trips on the way home ( Saint Louis area IL side). We have done the home of John, Deere and the JD pavilion, I am looking for a place to stop with the wife and kids. I would not mind spending the night. I would like something educational or at least neat to see.
  6. Could the pick up line in the tank be clogged?
  7. AM/FM only
  8. It's the original radio
  9. I had that problem on my mx240 the dealer had rebuilt the transmission before I bought it, ended up there were 2 hydraulic lines inside that they put on backwards.
  10. The radio in my mx240 stopped working. The backlight comes on but no station number or time, fuses look ok. Is there an in line fuse or is my radio done?
  11. What are you calling good, caseih bearings, timkens, etc. There is a bearing place not to far, they used to have all American made bearings now they are getting a lot of Chinese
  12. Thanks guys, it looks like they aren't much more than the knock offs. Another question, dad and I have different opinions on this, I think I should replace the bearings when installing the blades. Would you if the bearings are good.
  13. Need to replace the blades on my 3950 it currently has 18" blades looking to put 20" ones on. Who do you find has the best value on blades. Local IH dealer will be having a parts sale in February are the earth metal ones better than the aftermarket ones.
  14. I have had several hydraulic hoses go bad on my mx 240 so I am wanting to replace all of the hoses. There are hoses that go under the cab then connect to a line, dealer said to undo the front cab mounts and raise the cab, does anybody have pics of what they use to raise the cab.
  15. Could not find delfos or kubota, so I ended up using AC. The case looked to red to me. Thanks for the replies.