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  1. Down Corn

    Agwest feed in burwell Nebraska sells a mineral that works well to prevent founder on down corn. Guessing it's a bunch of sodium bicarbonate in the mineral, but don't know. I've never used it. Have heard of people that have used it successfully. My feed man didn't endorce it, but says it'll get the job done if needed. If you do talk with ag west have plenty of time. He could sell snow to a snow fence.
  2. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    My concern with switching is availability. Ive heard a wee bit about cavation/electrolsis on a 6.0. If egr is gone, is antifreeze flow through oil cooler that big of an issue?
  3. Farm subsidy programs

    That makes logical sense, but you'll never get anyone to go along to produce less. Yup you shoot yourself in the foot aiming for higher yields, but you have to out grow your expenses.
  4. Farm subsidy programs

    Well that's how the AIP's (approved insurance providers, insurance companies)spin it. Ya, in a disaster disaster I suppose there wouldn't be enough to go around. I'm an adjuster. When we get a claim we have to set a reserve weather it hasn't been worked yet or deferred. So they take money out of what's invested to cover pending indemnity (loss). The AIP's also have reinsurance. Which they carry for catastrophic events. IMHO it's not subsidised incase of a catastrophe, but the farmer wouldn't be able to afford the premium without it. Personally I think other imputs would have to and would adjust if crop insurance wasn't subsidised. Plus you take production hail, that type of policy even though expensive pays like a slots machine. The point of insurance is to make you whole after a loss. Not help you to be profitable. Here's what kinda burns me. A fellow adjuster told me this, so strictly going off his information. AIP's can tell RMA (risk management agency, government) which policies they want the risk in and how much. They can insure a farmer. Take the liability of the good ground and tell RMA we don't want to be responsible for the indemnity on the farmers high risk ground. Which in some areas, there's not much if any high risk. Other places there's a lot of high risk. Which is where most of the losses are. Yup, we are paying for that, not rain and hail or NAU!
  5. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    Well blew radiator yesterday! Going to switch to red extended life coolant. Talked to my nephew who works at a Mack dealership. He said they is to use CAT. Said it's so overpriced there dealership sell something else. So is this like debating hytran vs hydraulic oil?
  6. Farm subsidy programs

    I agree on it being a niche market. Just saying things come and go.
  7. Farm subsidy programs

    On the Facebook page one person commented the only time he made money was 2012. They get more per bushel. Some do an excellent job. Others you can't tell if it's beans or pig weed. I think it's like any other get rich quick fad, everyone but the producer makes money. Like organic for instance you have to be certified with a plan, certain seed, special fertilizer, etc. Doin crop insurance you see more bad than good. I think most of those would be more profitable using round up. I guess it kinda rubbed me that we have to help them with a grant when they're getting a $4 premium per bushel. If they yield half as much that's their problem. Mostly due to poor management practice, or not knowing how to farm. So why do we have to subsidise an ignorant farmer? Why do we subsidise any farmer?
  8. Farm subsidy programs

    So I posted a topic on a Facebook forum that delt with harvest price on MPCI crop insurance. I gave the conventional and organic prices. I don't think most ag operators like the government messing around in their business. Thing is the row crop man is so used to now ARC or PLC, subsidised crop insurance premiums, young farmer loans, etc that I think most just assume it's free money. If I don't take it somebody else will. Which is true, but does all of this stuff need to be subsidised? So in discussing some aspects of organic farming the other person mentioned that there's a grant to help pay for certification. Which there's a difference between subsidy and grant. My point is, isn't the whole reason organic has a higher price is because it's a more expensive crop to raise? Unless there's a natural disaster livestock guys don't get in FSA pocket that bad. I'm not like some that will complain and moan about farm programs. Seriously though I thought a grant for the certification was BS
  9. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    No. Didn't know about the Cat product. EGR is gone and new oil cooler. I do remember a little bit about cavation or needing a coolant filter. When the heads got changed, new antifreeze. Then I blew radiator hose last fall, more fresh coolant. Never a flush, mechanic didn't think it was needed. So I think im pretty good in that respect for right now. Something to keep in mind though. I spose if I keep it much longer, I should do a filter
  10. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    Yes, I was aware of the bolts/head gasket issue at time of purchase. I specifically looked for one that hadn't been chipped. It was a veternarian's pickup. No chip, and only pulled a squeeze chute. Bought it in April. Got EGR removed and changed oil cooler, and all the other random issues it had in November when I found a shop that would work on a 6.0. Shop that did it recomended a chip. I really didn't want it cause I thought it was hard on injectors and yes the head gasket issue. Well, he said on the lightest setting it should help with mpg....sales pitch, IDK but I bought one. Well, that next April heads got cracked. So, it has ARP studs and new heads with gaskets.
  11. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    Well, $225 isn't bad. I was under the impression that they were around $1000, just the injector. Maybe that's o.e.m., idk. Ya, I've heard that's the lifespan of the injector and fimiliar with"stiction". Didn't know that was the term. Guess I bought a bottle yesterday. My one question is how do you guys use it. The person my mechanic visited with said to dump it in and run for couple hours before oil change. Kinda what I'm thinking. Then it says so many ounces for prevention. I'll probably skip that. I guess I'm not against replacing injectors. Since a 6.0 is higher maitence than the average female, I've reregilously used fuel additive. So hopefully that side of the injectors are decent. With the way the markets are, I hate to dump a lot into it. Replaced the ficm 1/2 shell and one other thing already trying to figure out the other problem. Seen a comment about fuel economy. How much change was there. I bought it with around 70K I think. 220K now and get the same I always have, 13-17 used as a car. I have an sct (I think) chip. Tried all the settings, and doesn't change much. I have no clue what setting it's on now. I'll ask someone what setting to have it on, and never get the same answer twice. Chips are a joke for MPG IMHO. Kinda doubt it, but is there a certain injector that's better for mileage? I do pull with it some. Being my main personal vehicle, 95% of it is as a car. I don't want to mess up it's ability to tow either.
  12. I was an idiot and bought a Ford 6.0. Well 220K miles on original injectors. I get an ocasional miss on #4 that comes and goes as it wishes. Having another issues with it, so mechanic called someone in Iowa about it. He suggested this product to add in the oil to clean the injectors. Just curious if anyone else had used it.
  13. I was an idiot and bought a Ford 6.0. Well 220K miles on original injectors. I get an ocasional miss on #4 that comes and goes as it wishes. Having another issues with it, so mechanic called someone in Iowa about it. He suggested this product to add in the oil to clean the injectors. Just curious if anyone else had used it.
  14. led question for 66 series

    Same here. They were cheap, but get the job done. Not the greatest for flood lights. Id like to find something that fits in the back fenders of 86/88 series. Also the front, but cant find "cheap" lights that fit right in the hole.
  15. CASE 230 square baler.

    Have a friend that is looking for a set of needles for a 230 baler. Dealer price seams kinda high. CASE wasn't very popular in this area for tractors, let alone a baler. Is there a different brand that might cross over by chance?