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  1. Farmall H heads& pistons

    I am rebuilding a engine on a Farmall H that had flat top pistons.Cylinder head #8043DC.Block# 249629.The head is all rebuilt and came back from machine shop with the engine kit with Dome style pistons,sleeves all installed in block.The research I have done says that the domes won' t work without cylinder head #8043DD like off a Super H.Machine shop can' find flattop pistons,says supplier tells them domes will work. I need a verification.Without putting it all together to have the pistons hit the valves ,etc.Thanks in advance .
  2. Farmall H pinion snap rings

    I'm looking for both snap rings for the pinion and countershaft on a Farmall H .One is square the other round on bottom shaft ,however they both sub to the square type when they were available.Mother Fiat says no more .Some one must of run in to this,it's to replace the infamous 4th gear..
  3. rescheduled plow day- washout

    Can I come???lol
  4. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    45 min north of me.
  5. Battery cover for magnums

    I'm sure,with one to go by.
  6. Battery cover for magnums

    Our 7230's plastic battery cover cracked and broke in the sun like they all do.A local young man who's a up and coming sheet metal guy built me one.Caseih wanted $105 dollars ,Bates $99.These can be had for $50.Mine for and looked perfect.Black in color. Let me know if someone needs one.
  7. 7230 hood ,hard open.

    Yep ,closed it tonite ,they are crap.ill measure them and try napa
  8. Early cub carburetor kit

    Yep pretty cool ,we Gona BBQ this summer.Have to poke at Hayman.
  9. One dual on a Farmall plowing.

    Thanks guys ,I will look for cheap pieces laying around,it's for fun and make neighbors talk.
  10. 7230 hood ,hard open.

    Thanks guys ,appreciate it.i will get her fixed up after chisel plowing.
  11. Gas powered pole saw ??

  12. Im getting invaded by amish!

    We have clean ones here and dirtballs.Better than houses and morons.Most pay and have been decent.Scum bums in every group or nationality.
  13. 66 series front end wandering

    They aren't bad to do and you are always rewarded at the end when done.Old girls always steer better.
  14. I see all these guys out west on utube plowing with farmalls with a Lh dual on.We would like to do it , just to goof around,looks like some of them are just old rims with a ring welded on for clamps? Anybody do it cheap or have any pics or ideas.We plow with trailer plows for fun and have alot of . Thanks
  15. 7230 hood ,hard open.

    We have a 7230 Magnum that I always struggle with to get the hood up.Am I missing something?Are those cylinders in front supposed to help or just the nature of the beast?Thanks in advance.