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  1. 86 front axle

    I have put a propane cooker (fish cooker) under front axle tube and let it heat the axle, take outer tie rod off the steering arm and slide a pipe over the arm to work it back and forth always works on the worst stuck
  2. 986 cab what do you think

    Find another cab the turnaround time would be a lot shorter than replacing top and sides doing mine now wouldn't do it again
  3. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    one 5288 two 5488 at my shop
  4. Starting fluid or no

    there is a choke mode for those tractors first set at full idle then move the cutoff lever just before it hits the detent spring supposed to get more fuel tohelp cranking
  5. switching from external to built in voltage reg.

    you should not connect all the wires together as one need two jumper wires to connect the wires at the regulator harness don't know which ones to connect will try and look at work
  6. Hydraulic lines 1486

    there is a hose mount,clamp that is bolted to the lift cover if its missing would cause them to crack
  7. 1566 black stripe

    yep got one
  8. 966 draft control bushing removal

    we have used piston jack plates and drive them from inside out would drive the seal retainer out at same time just use long bar and go through your rear wheel casting along as you don't have duals when going back we put bushings in the freezer over night and a heat light on the housing and lighly bump them in
  9. 86 cab

    i have a 1086 that we removed the cab to replace the roof and panels and refurbish it with the shop crane and bent the drip rails ,does anyone know how the factory installed the cab or what they attached to with a jig any help or thoughts would be appreciated
  10. hood bolts

    I have a 856 wheatland we trying to restore can anyone tell me if the bolts with loose washers for front hood are painted or left plain steel also the serial # is 9061 if anyone can tell me what that means thanks for your help
  11. 1086 shifting

    I would pull the plate in front of seat to see if there is something blocking the linkage
  12. Any Ideas

    if been sitting for awhile could be carbon come loose and stuck on top of piston
  13. Problem with steering loss

    does this happen when your turning and picking up your impliment
  14. Sentry test harness got another one

    mike can you show us or tell us what a update kit consists of did not see it on your site
  15. 1466 Front Axle

    ace, I will do the best I can ,most of the time the hole for the ball is worn out so I take 1/2 in x4x4 plate drill a 3/4 hole in the plate just off center and press the ball through the plate,now on the front of the yoke where the nut went I taper it so the lock wedge fits the taper(the wedge is 3/4 what is used to lock the axle to hub on big trucks)I use 3/4 lock nut on the ball ,after the plate the ball could be little longer on threads but have not had any get loose ,grind the backside of the yoke flat to fit plate,tighten nut and drive ball and plate till tight then weld plate to yoke ,paint it and hard to notice not stock ,I hope this explains better ,I have got to figure out how to send pictures!