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  1. Deer season opens today...

    regular gun season starts tomorrow here. there was a youth hunt 2? weekends ago, and our herdsman took his daughter (14?) out and she got a doe. there has been a smallish buck across the road that herdsman has had his eye on. i can't hit the broad side of a barn, so i don't hunt.
  2. Dad passed away

    jere, he has had a long struggle, relieved its over now for him. prayers.
  3. unisystem brake part

    ask away, or, what is group address?
  4. unisystem brake part

    a brake piston on my 802 power unit has corroded to the point that it is ruined and needs to be replaced. part 3708415. i think it likely was used on some other units also. any ideas on parts yards that might have one?
  5. My best run of the year

    the blast of wind from the tractor must have knocked the cameraman over. nice run!
  6. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    darryn, thanks for the reminder. gordon lightfoot's song will be my first song tonight. it really is sad, how close to land they were when they sank.
  7. i bet you could really trim some trees with that exhaust pipe. or vice versa.... its tall enough to keep the smoke away from the jolly green giant.
  8. cab identification

    this is the Hinson Royal Guardian cab on my 1456. somewhat similar to the pictured cab. it is supported only by the mount cantilevered off the rear axle (no front anchor). another unusual feature is the narrow horizontal window behind the seat, which is intended to make it easier to see the drawbar when hooking up. but mine has no words on the door. on closer look, the doors on mine have a hook over the fender before it gets to the hinge. so hinson is out.
  9. Happy birthday

    i met mike newman at the rpru in sedalia. interesting guy. happy birthday to all.
  10. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    hah! i just had mine from both ends last week. so timely! and, with a good report, see you in 10 years. i will say, the prep liquid tasted less awful than what i had 10 years ago, at the last one. end result, so to speak, was the same.
  11. Farmall C or Super C?

    funny, i don't remember our conversation as touching on Super C generator belts. also timely, since i have drained the water and sludge out of the SC transmission, but haven't refilled it yet. does it apply to an H transmission also? thanks.
  12. Farmall C or Super C?

    just found out about the gen belt length on a super C i'm working on. meant 2 trips to the parts store, instead of 1.
  13. Happy b/day rjpont,red tractor fever,red farmer

    happy birthday, all. quite a bunch lately.
  14. Farmall C or Super C?

    mmi is right, very early 1952, as 1952 serial #s start with 131157. if it had 5 numbers, it would be a C. all Super Cs have 6 digit serial #s.
  15. former fire truck? looks great.