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  1. Birthday Boys

    happy birthday, guys. and also remembering RedTed, though he left us several years ago. he was kind enough to try and help me find parts for the chevy rear end after it locked up coming home from RPRU in Missouri. a real gentleman.
  2. IH 215 plow , serial plate

    my plow parts book just says "built 1959 and since" for the 215 plow. that style of serial plate looks more contemporary to 1086 era machinery, though.
  3. plow day lineup

    on this COLD Sunday, this picture might warm us up a little. its the tractors that were at my farm for our TOYS tractor club plow day in 2016. the Farmall 240, 560 and M were mine.
  4. Need to add a remote

    i have a V&M multiplier on my 826 hydro, which has only a single remote. the control button hooks to the top of the remote lever, lever works the regular side, push the button and the second set of outlets are live. i use it with the NH 848 round baler to control 1)twine and 2) tailgate. the only issue I have had with it is, I should have soldered the wire connections instead of using crimp connectors, to avoid current drop. I have used it for many years.
  5. Warm weather pictures

    nice pictures, i feel warmer already. hay looks heavy, first or second cutting? those new idea double spinner spreaders do a great job. i'm on my third one, but they're getting hard to find
  6. Punishment for hired man? Color choice.............

    and without ear protection.... except that would have life long effects. not a good idea after all.
  7. 2017 crop year pictures

    the 802 has an Allis Chalmers 426 engine set at 185 hp. no problem with power. i would have to check but i expect the feed rolls are set at high. that could be a part of the shelling problem. i just wish there was less space to move corn between the auger on the head and the cutterhead.
  8. 2017 crop year pictures

    verrry nice group of equipment!! the gas 656 hydros feed our cows all year long, even last week when it was -12. how do you get along with the Uni in HMEC? i have an 802 with 3 row head and superchopper. mine shells corn terribly in the transition from the head to the chopper, so it is like pushing sand. can't make any time. how does yours work for that? again, extra nice machinery!
  9. Iron Bull Canopy

    it might pay to check again. the kentucky website link http://rops.ca.uky.edu/rops/international-farmall lists CIH 2 post rops as well as the rounded saf-t-cab. i think they only show ROPS that qualify for the program, but i may be wrong. still doesn't help the good looking structure that ed leaman showed, but might be a qualifying source of the original style.
  10. genius's at Genex

    hmmmmm... new news to me. but merged co will be HQed in Wisc, sooo ... still doesn't sound wonderful to me. cooperative??? probably not.
  11. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    when i was in school, the long time bus superintendent had written the specs for new buses so that only White could meet them. the whole fleet, save ONE, was White chassis. no idea on the body. But, the spare bus, #11, was an old KB something. everyone cringed when they had to ride that one. story goes, when the IH was new, driver complained that it took a lot to steer. super says "i'll have that fixed by your afternoon run". driver comes back and Viola! Bigger Steering Wheel!
  12. replacing final drive left side

    http://www.messicks.com/cas/66933 look under drive train, final drive. diagram is pretty busy, but maybe it will help.
  13. 3pt trailer hitch adapter

    i ordered this on black friday from Rural King. it has only Cat 1 pins, and i used bushings to Cat2. we only put 5 bred heifers at a time on it until i could see how it worked. looks rugged, but the website says weight limit is 2000#. no problems with the first 2 loads from one barn to the other. only thing i could see as a potential problem was on a close turn, the fender will hit the front of the trailer. might be better on the 3010 with taper on the back end of the fender.
  14. Iron Bull Canopy

    i don't understand it either. JD and Kubota and others were on board with the concept, and CIH said they would be glad to supply an owner's manual for the old beasts, otherwise, buy a newer tractor. you're just as dead whether you get squashed by a 3020 or 806. i put a roll bar on my 3010 on my own nickel, years ago, because it was so inexpensive from JD.
  15. Iron Bull Canopy

    just send the 1066s. i'll let you know when they are all done. might take a few years.... Pa looks to have limited funding right now. still wouldn't hurt to be on the wait list, even if only to show there is interest in the program in Pa. it took several years to get this off the ground and funded in NY.