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  1. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    Yes my brother was interested in one close to Columbia KY two wheel drive open station. A small dealer/jockey had it. Looked at it was nice. But would just quit sometimes then other times work all day . Very much like you describe. Decided to pass on it but always wandered what the problem was Ps. I told him to buy it cause the guys on RP. Could get it fixed πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  2. Two point hitch

    Then after you hook up just lift you equipment and they line back up ( if it works out right πŸ˜‰)
  3. hilary comment

    Sounds to me there's about 2.5 mile border. Makes you wander who is in charge of that area? Might have to read on that
  4. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    That tractor didn't come out of Kentucky? By chance adding info. I went and looked at one for my brother. Open station two wheel drive.
  5. Pole barn header

    I like itπŸ‘
  6. Pole barn header

    I vote lvl. Use at least a 8" post on open side . And set the lvl beams on top of post . Definitely talk to a reputable builder. I would guess your friend is. I am in northern Ky. I have done a few 16' with 2-. 2x12 with no problems
  7. Pole barn header

    You can also get laminated post. 2x glued together. Or use a bigger center post. With 4" concrete in bottom. But I don't see a problem with 20' opening as long as you laminate . Multiple 2x. Or lvl. A 20' opening would sure be nice
  8. 806 steering issue

    Well finally messed with it today. Me and my boy took it for a drive. And was going to jack it up if it was still doing it. But it drove down the road just fine. So I don't know if it was a stuck valve or maybe air in system. Have no clue. But it s doing fine now. Thanks for the replays.
  9. 806 steering issue

    Didnt try this evening. It was a good size windrow dad had raked . But I just didn't make it. πŸ˜’. Wright before it was to late I knew I should have stopped .
  10. 806 steering issue

    Thanks. I don't feel like I would have damaged the front end but that's not off the table. Felt more like a hydraulic problem but I will try and jack front end up tomorrow and see what happens. Haven't made time to look at it. Thanks again
  11. 806 steering issue

    I don't know off hand if there's a relief valve or not
  12. Horticulture specialists?

    Have to remember. The seller always thinks it's great πŸ˜‰
  13. 806 steering issue

    Was bailing hay the other day in a tight corner. Trying to make sure I didn't turn rear tire into bailer. And miss the ditch with the front tire. Well put front tire in ditch. stopped, started backing out. Had to hold LH. Break. And kinda drug front tire out of ditch side ways πŸ˜’. Now it steers to the LH. All the time. Have to keep turning wheels to the Right to go straight. Would it be steering pump. Or the valves in the bolster.
  14. Impossible to find 340 part

    If you Build one. Get your measurement close build it with a small turnbuckle 3/8. 1/2". With jam nut. So you can fine tune it. Just a thought
  15. Hey Happy B/day Jass1660

    Happy birthday. Late to the party (as usual). But hope your day was well