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  1. Firewood

    If you have a backhoe you need one of these.
  2. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Well I split the difference. I put 10 gallons hytran then finish up with extreme (it's the cheap stuff around here). I have seen the difference in with putting hytran in . Buy a barnyard tractor with milky Fluid. Wouldn't clean up put hytran in looked new ever since
  3. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    I don't really know much about 2188. But I would think you could easily put in a momentary switch that always returns to off position. Or teach you buddy how to operate a real combine. 😉 couldn't resist lol.
  4. mixer grinder windows

    No experience with the gasket but Iam sure you can get something i whould add if you decide to go with bolting a patch. Use lexan (spelling) 1/8" or 1/4 " I is "bullet proof" lol.
  5. Using 16.9 34 duals on 986 with 18.4 34 rear tires

    Think you would be fine with smaller duels not ideal but sometimes you just gotta do something. FYI. Not supposed to put for sale / want adds on site. I know it wasn't really a add. Just letting you know.
  6. New toy for a demo

    We got a 580m a couple months ago I haven't ever seen the inside of it. But the guys running it always going on about how strong and fast it is. Nothing to see them running near 25/30 mph across the quarry. And spinning tires trying to load bucket😒. Won't be new for long. But I guess people probably used to say that about me lol.
  7. Being a senior citizen

    Iam not a senior citizen. But I now the feeling . That was my luck when I was running around lol.
  8. Grinding hay in hog feed

    We used to put alfalfa in are hog feed just thought it was a good idea. A small square bale for 2000 pound or so felt like it helped with moisture some
  9. Silage packing tractor?

    A skidder whould be nice. Has blade, winch, could easily weld a hitch on back and plum in remote to use for other jobs. You would be starting a little over 20,000. Put fluid in tires and could build a weight to carry with winch cable if you wanted. But not having duels will make it pack tighter
  10. Case IH 4210 Stuck Clutch

    If you have a bigger tractor or a loaded truck. Something that will roll but big enough to stop you tractor. That way you can get started. Then with your clutch pushed have the stop you . guess you are getting ready for a new clutch anyway.
  11. 1440 controls?

    What is the difference between a1440 -1420 . Seems like most of the 1420 have electric hyd. But I would think it was older ? I have been shopping online 😒now iam getting confused lol.
  12. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    If you feel like you should talk to them about it YOU better go talk to them. I have done it myself. Then drive by and its gone? Said yea they (insert reason) and I let it go.
  13. 1440 controls?

    Thanks for the help so far. I have not been around axial flow combines. My family quite row crop when I was 8or9 years old. 88/89. But keep most of the farm (I digress). Now iam slowly over last ten years building up a stock of equipment, so now time to upgrade combine. I know there are a lot better but my pocket is pretty shallow . It's a 1440 non electric 13' header. And wagon 6000. 3100 or so separator hrs. Second owner. I mi am only doing about 25 acres now. Was up just over 100 with my F. But to much travel so dropped everything that wasn't close to the house now just playing around. Want my kids to understand how this works
  14. 1440 controls?

    Another question will that affect witch bean heads I can use
  15. 1440 controls?

    Thanks that's pretty much what I figured. But when comparing to other ones on the internet they keep bringing up that it had the electric . I pull hyd leavers all day no big thing. Yet lol.