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  1. It might come full circle yet.
  2. I have often wandered about walls and fences . Seems they keep thing out as well as in. On the other hand dad rented a bull one time. Didn't know it till he got him home but there wasn't a fence or a barn wall that would hold him . He would just put his head down and push all day till he finally found a post he could push over or break. But was very gentle just liked the change I guess. Lol.
  3. 1066

    Third pin is tach like already said but it shouldn't make any difference on your tractor. It just doesn't get hooked up
  4. What ever you do don't do it to cheap. I know how it is , you want to be a good person help out. You already have a tractor and mower. Makes it easy to operate too cheap . Imo if you just want to help your neighbor out. You can do it for free. But if you are going to change you need to cover all your expenses ( that includes your pay. Jmo about 25/30 hr). If they are paying you they are going to feel that they have hired you for a service they really won't. Know, Care, Realize. That you did it to cheap something like. The sting of high prices is usually forgotten but quality is remembered πŸ˜‰
  5. I would try holding the brakes and slipping it some. ( not a lot don't want to get it hot ) Might just need to shine the pressure plate & flywheel up a bit. If that doesn't help try adjusting it. Other then those probably have to replace it
  6. Learn something new everyday 😊
  7. Not sure what CIH sells. I would say a 3ee deka battery or napa commercial (which is made by deka). Change the cables to 12v and go
  8. If there is no seed going through it will say fail. Pretty sure. As soon as seed goes through it will say okπŸ˜• or something
  9. Thanks will have to check that out. Would like to use the original steel line if I can make that work. Aimed to call a few salvage yards but keep forgetting πŸ˜•. To much to do 😊. Resonantly quit my job (after buying the farm from mom & dad ) just had to leave. But odd jobs have kept me busy and go to work for crop production services mon . Always look for the silver lining 😊
  10. My 15 has a Hyd seat that I have pretty much redone. But now the return hose is leaking. My local dealers said it is NLA. What have you all been doing for that line/hose. I really want to keep it original it's actually a 1568. But there the same seatsπŸ˜‰
  11. We have two clause 66/166 rollent. Think that do a good job. Seem fairly maintenance free. Can bale right behind the mower if you want to. For haylage. Right about hp. Though no less then 75 hp. for these bailers
  12. I was thinking neck chain as well. But like ih said keep an eye on him . Don't know might put it around his chest if you could keep it from slipping back and falling off. Just thinking . Can you hook you neutral wire of fence to the ground on your box?
  13. That hose is made to absorb some of the pulse from the pump. Correct?
  14. Concer on electronics. But I prefer weiser
  15. Well 65806 you were right. Lift valve stuck. Just had to get tougher then it was. Was using a bar and tapping it with a shop hammer . After last post (and had a drink on it)πŸ˜‰ decided to do as a old fixer guy around here used to say. Don't force it, just get a bigger hammer. So I got the tire slide hammer and giver a few good licks. Down came arms remotes work again 😊