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  1. Planning on attending this year. Was debating wether to bring a camper ( horse trailer). Or just get a motel. Was wandering if people hung out in different camps after the show was over or not. Will be wife two young kids and I.
  2. He told me you had to have at least 50hp. We have a 580d on the farm. Talking to the guy that builds them. If wood is knotted you can just keep chewing on it till it will fit in your stove pretty excited to see it work. And not have to manhandle large blocks
  3. Has anyone got one? Looks like a great idea. And kinda already bought one. Wander what you all think?
  4. Has anyone got one? Looks like a great idea. And kinda already bought one. Wander what you all think?
  5. 966

    No it had a d 414. Ten had a dt 414
  6. Ta leaver is fine as long as it's forward. If it's back might lift off😊. My full brim hat gets placed in front of my chest/belly. The wind holds it in place
  7. Did the top link come with all 06 series?( with 3 point hitch) i would assume so because it's necessary. but have never seen one till today.
  8. My 15 was leaking there. And I wasn't ready to tackle the job yet . So I thought I would try Lucas hyd. Stop leak. Poured about 3/4 gallon ( what I had on hand) then drove it around a little 10/15 min. Stopped the leak been in there about two years.
  9. Might check for a vacuum leak. My 98 with a 5.4 Would only run if I was giving it gas turned out there a 90* rubber elbow on back of intake that was cracked
  10. Yea feb. 15/18. I Used to be in a booth there. Wish there would be a place -time that RP members could met.
  11. The wheel weights on my F gleaner. Are four hole 100/125# each. Fit inside a 16" wheel
  12. Could you find some wheel weights for 16" wheels? Like off a old combine . That's what my gleaner F. Has.
  13. I whould put new rod and main's in and call it good.