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  1. Thanks. Haven't bought it yet . Was wandering . The deck doesn't raise very high. Guessing 3" . Like to mow around 31/2" - 4 " is that as highways they go
  2. Think the motor is a 161s maybe. Couldn't get it to fire. Was getting gas (fresh gas). Spark plug hole is stripped. And carb bowl bolt is stripped will stop it from leaking if you get it just right but would need repair
  3. Have a chance to buy this what would it be worth if it still runs good? And what model can't find a tag anywhere
  4. Could probably use a range hood motor. Has hi/lo. And already has fan
  5. I like this one
  6. What did you use ? How much lol.
  7. Just like that old saying. If you think things can't look any worse. Look in the mirror πŸ˜„ Or something like that πŸ˜‰
  8. I like this one. We are about 200' off the floor that's s d10. And a 992d.
  9. And some random pic. First two are a before and after
  10. Well now that we can post pic. Easy thought I would share some from that day
  11. Have been wanting to expand my shop as well. But iam having encroachment problems at the time. My wife was going to store a couple of tables and nic nac stuff for just a little while πŸ˜’
  12. Yea don't know what's up with the video just thought I would try it😊
  13. Bet there's going to be a lot more pictures put on. Now that you don't have to resize them. THANKYOU