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  1. That hose is made to absorb some of the pulse from the pump. Correct?
  2. Concer on electronics. But I prefer weiser
  3. Well 65806 you were right. Lift valve stuck. Just had to get tougher then it was. Was using a bar and tapping it with a shop hammer . After last post (and had a drink on it)😉 decided to do as a old fixer guy around here used to say. Don't force it, just get a bigger hammer. So I got the tire slide hammer and giver a few good licks. Down came arms remotes work again 😊
  4. They would just barely go down. And as soon as I started cranking the arms started back up . Just not making sense. Have talked to to different IH service departments they haven't had much to offer. Getting aggravated. Almost has to be the lift arm valve stuck.
  5. Well tried taking the top link cover off and pushing the leaver fwd the arms would slowly go down. Not sure how much pressure to put on it. The draft linkage appeared to be right. Tried switching pressure relief valve out of a parts 1066 but no change 😒. By the way what's the best way to tell what the relief valve pressure is? they have different part numbers but looks the same.
  6. 65806. That actually sounds mor like it . It's under a load till I put the lift leaver all the forward then it eases up
  7. Is that the one you use to change the hyd. Pressure wold like to have about 25/2800 psi. So it can run the planter better
  8. Well the 1566 has been setting sense last fall. hooked to the disk. fired it up yesterday and it would not lift the disk . Had steering,brakes, but lift arms wouldn't go down and disk wouldn't raise. Changed filter. It was a gallon low so I added 5 gallons to over fill it but still nothing 😔. Drove it to the shop just wandering if I overlooked something.
  9. . This is a pic of my stove waiting on the more finished pic to up load to the bucket
  10. Was planning on that. Kinda know how you all think. Might even find a pic of my new stove. 😉
  11. No appendages smashed. Very easy to install. Split a few sticks yesterday evening. There is definitely a learning curve. Split a few hickory tree forks took some doing guess I shouldn't start on the hardest stuff lol.
  12. Well it's supposed to be here after dinner time. Finally going to see how it does. Kinda excited but hopefully won't be disappointed. He told me he would take it back if not satisfied but that hasn't happened yet. Will give you all a report
  13. Not sure on a 886. I know a 66 series can do that between forward and reverse if the shifter is getting loose . Might be a place to look
  14. Well it's supposed to ship out tomorrow. They got held up with that snow they got couple weeks ago. Put them behind. Should be here Thursday/Friday. But now I have plenty of time to bust next years wood 😉 . About the way it works get a splitter. Finally able to finish my new stove. Won't need it for at least 6 months 😞.
  15. Nice. I bought a keawanee (not sure on spelling ). Last year it does a good job. wish I had a IH just to Mach the heard .