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  1. Finally got the wet bolster and row crop front axle on to the 766. Makes for a real Farmall
  2. Went for a little IH Truck run today with several of our Truck Friends. Stopped off at an old time Feed Mill for some Pictures. first - 1977 Terra Diesel 1967 1100 Pick-up 1965 1500 and 1967 1500 both with grain body dumps. We then went on and met with more Scouts and a IH pick-ups. Some as old as 1952
  3. The 1982 CO 1750 was originally put into service at the City of Kitchener, Ont. as a Emergency Rescue unit, after its retirement from the City, we bought it and used it for several years for our memorabilia hauler for IH Chapter 20. Since we have retired from the memorabilia duty. We now use it for Mobile Welding and repairs. - she's got a D190 engine - alison auto transmission - a good old unit
  4. Finally got the old 1965 1500 finished painted, and decaled, have the original Code 201 red paint on, ready for work, also found new old stock tires 7.50 x 17" steer tires and installed, just turned 30,000 miles
  5. New Aluminum Poured Grills 66 / 86 Series $180.00 - New Spring latch $20.00 184 Lo boy $100.00 - with locks 82 Series Cadet $75.00 Canadian Dollar Pricing Shipping Extra Carl
  6. 1st on left for 184 Middle, 82 Series Cadets 66 / 86 Series
  7. 66 / 86 Series Completed
  8. Our Tour guide Cy This was shortly after the release of the Pro Star Model, the Chatham Plant was going to be building Pro Star and Lone Stars, this cab assy was a off frame display for plant tour showing of all truck operating functions and bunk living area
  9. 1948 September -- New plant for Chatham constructed on Richmond Street, at an original cost of $4 million, to replace the Old Chatham Wagon Works Facility on Grand Ave. 1972 50th Anniversary of building trucks in Chatham. $30 million dollars invested in plant modernization 1976 Women hired to join the assembly line operation 1983 Chatham converts to production of heavy duty and severe service truck models 1985 International Harvester Company continued to manufacture both trucks and agricultural equipment until 1985 when the agricultural equipment division was sold to Tenneco Inc.'s J.I. Case Company as part of a restructuring plan 1986 In February, International Harvester Company changes name to Navistar International Corporation, while still maintaining the International brand name for its trucks. The familiar IH logo is now replaced by the Diamond Road symbolizing a commitment to quality and the future 1994 Pro-sleeper production begins (August 2) in Chatham 1997 Chatham is converted to a Class 8, premium conventional plant. Sky-Rise Pro-Sleeper Cab launched (May 1). Board of Directors approves $24.6 million U.S. Modernization Proposal (October 15). 1998 50 years on Richmond Street
  10. Yes, we will have grills for sale, just need to get some finished to calculate our cost. - all our assortment of aluminum grills will be available in the future through ads in the Red Power Magazine. Carl
  11. Just got to working on the 66 / 86 grills, Have them poured, drilled and threaded as required, need to do finish clean up of aluminum and powder coat finish. Maybe one or so could turn up being chromed. Carl