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  1. Sounds like your diode is faulty, the diode in there to prevent battery power feed back to the alternator stator. (test it). Diode Cub Cadet part #725-3014 also available from Briggs & Stratton #393814 Carl
  2. The wire coming from the engine with the black connector (which is a diode) comes from the alternator in behind the fly wheel. The wire plugged into the diode goes on and hooks up to the battery positive cable at the starter solenoid - or could also be hooked at battery positive post Carl
  3. This was the so called white room, where the Hydro Transmissions are assembled, complete room painted white and very clean, open only to assigned workers. Got picture through window.
  4. Yes, I saw every plant in at the Hamilton location plus toured the Chatham truck plant several times, at 16 years old I started working for the local IH Farm dealer, repairing and what all on customer equip, and set up all the new equipment at about 17. I also got the truck driving position, with a 1963 CO 1600 Tilt Cab and 18' tipping deck, (not yet a roll back). I would pick up all the new equipment, and twine and on most trips go on to Burlington and pick up parts, and off for home. You know you just never think that some things will end, and in them years pictures weren't as important as would be now. I have so many memories from these places, which I will never forget, like the wooden floor in the seed drill plant, the testing grounds for the engineering dept, and the automated earth metal disk blade plant with the robots and the list is endless. I always look at the old IHC logo as trying to say I n H eavens C omfort on earth Hang in, I'll show a bit of Chatham International Truck Plant Carl
  5. A 1456 after the paint on for final assy. tractors now off the stands and suspended from ceiling, getting grilles, seats, batteries, all the final touches. Parts as hoods, fenders and all sheet metal and cabs were all of correct paint colour came down from upper level, in proper sequence for correct model and serial # of tractor. The next stop was to get wheels and tires, after which the fluids were filled, then the engines were started, each tractor went through a check of testing, hyd., 3 point hitch and draft control functions and about last the units were checked for oil leaks with a special blue light test, at the end they were driven off to a holding area.
  6. Just out from assy line and stop at spray painting area, units still on the same stands they were build on. Look and you see a worker at the 2nd tractor, he is the painter, directly on the opposite side of the tractors there was like a water fall, the painters helper attached a electro magnetic cable to the unit being painted and the painter sprayed from the left side of unit, which painted the tractor completely. Now the painter said he will give them a extra little shot from the right side, but wasn't required - the over spray was caught in the water, we watched with in 10 ft of the painter, slight smell of paint only - see the 2nd tractor has the rear axle shaft with red paint on it, the 1st tractor has a black axle showing, I believe that there was a sleeve stripped onto the axle to keep from getting painted, also if you see the back side of the dash it was masked off with plastic to prevent painting as was the dash face side also
  7. We paint our farm equipment with 2150 red, 935 white and home hardware blue - here's a picture of what we will be using on the 1965 1500 Cab. Original red code 201 part #997182R1, two tone with winter white code 9219 part #998745R1 all original 1 imperial quart IH cans of lead paint, can't get any more original. So if the old paints from yesterday are now thought of as not so good and I will repaint it one more time with original paint this truck will be 100 years old and may be ready for another paint job.
  8. Yes, when you look at the big picture a lot of a machines parts are out sourced, I am not sure who made the one's on the farm equipment but on the truck end there always was a decal saying it was build buy Donaldson, they were a OEM filter manufactures. Also when you take one of these tractors a part in spots where the air cleaner meets its mount you will always find this base primer. I will show on the next picture the main chassis was never primer painted - end use color paint only. Carl
  9. NOW AT THE TRACTOR PLANT 56 Series being build as the line keeps moving until the basic chassis pretty well complete. See on the right side of the Isle assy. parts waiting to be installed, at some point on the tour I noticed a new casting, looked kind of like maybe a front steering axle to bolster attaching part - had never seen anything like it on any previous tractor models, asked the tour guide what it was for, O, that is for a new model, I can't talk about yet. Couple months later the new 66 series were announced, the casting was the piece between the axle and the dry bolster with slight webbing running horozontaly.
  10. The reason we tried the wide 36" rows was we planted the cheaper IP seed. We want to cultivate the rows and reduce spray chemicals. Didn't work too well as we ended up with weeds on the row, more then necessary. This year we will go 30" with round up ready seed, still cultivate rows easily and a little spraying. As for harvesting it was much nicer on rows, the header divider goes nice between the row and you can see the dirt between the rows. We harvest with a 50 year old machine, no auto height or flex cut bar, so I need to be quick on the hydraulic controls to get most of the beans and no dirt. As for yield from our experiences pretty much equal to solid seeding.
  11. MACHINE SHOP Can't remember which plant this was at, Combine plant or Farmall tractor works. This whole plant was row upon row of these machines turning out parts and I believe one man ran more than one machine
  12. Then we came down the line to this nice little machine, a 205. Would have been just the right size for Ontario Farms, but this 205 was not sold in Ontario. There are several around that must have been imported privately
  13. 2 workers doing a up date on the beater on 915, can't remember if they were removing covers over the finger beater or installing them