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  1. Injector pump rebuild help

    The books that I GOT WERE LISTED AS #1011492 WHICH IS THE OPERATING MANUAL, and PU-40D which is the parts breakdown of the Injector pump. I set up the test using diesel and connected a power drill to spin the pump. When the pump started to spin it drew up the fuel properly but then pushed aerated fuel with microbubbles into the primary pump section. You can see the bubbles in the line in the third picture. I pulled the scavenger valve out and cleaned it up as it was stuck, I didn't have a proper seal for it so I used an 'O' ring... do you think that might be the problem? I didn't completely dismantle the pump, but I did remove the side aux pump and clean it, the scavenger valve, and the primary pump on the top. With the aux pump on the side, I have tried several different gasket thicknesses where it goes intot he body of the IP with no change. Oh yes, it also pushes fuel out of the return back into the bucket... I assume that is coming from the scavenger valve. The last item is that the section of the IP where it is supposed to have oil is getting flooded with fuel as well... Any thoughts? I am about to give up and park it.
  2. Injector pump rebuild help

    found a parts book for the pump for $22.00, that and an operators manual are both on order... thanks everybody for your help... The crawler is definitely a 1949 TD9 built for Marine Corps... TDCB35043T4M,_1939_Up
  3. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Is it better to have a operators manual or a service manual? And who might be the best to get one from? Thank you... Gary
  4. Injector pump rebuild help

    ok, so the test didn't go so well... I was using hydraulic fluid instead of diesel and was getting a lot of air being put into the fluid before it got to the injectors. So now I am going to use diesel to see if that was the issue. Went back into the primary pump and made sure that it was put back together correctly. Since I don't have a book I am not exactly sure as to what that is... but I did take pictures and lay out the parts when I removed it and took it apart. At least the fluid is no longer leaking into the main injuctor pump as it was doing previously. So I am making progress.
  5. Injector pump rebuild help

    Thank you, what I did was to get gasket material from the auto store and made the gaskets. I am now trying to figure out how to set the timing when I put it back on the dozer. I need to find a good breakdown book or repair manual... I have set up a test bench to test the pump and verify that it is working properly then back into the dozer it goes...
  6. Injector pump rebuild help

    Does anybody have a parts breakdown of the Injector pump for the 'B' model so I can find a part number for the seals mentioned? Gary
  7. Injector pump rebuild help

    Yes, thank you.... I did find the posts you are talking about but there is no mention on how to get the scavenger valve out.... do you grab the threads with pliers and give it a hard pull? Not to keen on that because it would or might ruin the threads. Do I make some sort of tool to thread onto the top part and pull it out? Also, I have not found anything so far in my searches on what is causing the fuel to get into the pump oil. Will keep looking though. Thank you
  8. Injector pump rebuild help

    Can't say how much I appreciate the knowledge located on this board... thank you all for sharing. I have a TD-9 that has been sitting for a very long time (something like 10+ years). It was given to me by my neighbor that wanted to scrap it, but I couldn't let that happen and besides, I can use it on my 5 acres in southern Oregon. Anyway, I did get it started on gas and had fun driving it around a bit... (yes, cheap thrills for a new guy...). It would not switch over no matter what I DID. There was fuel coming out of the bleeders from the injectors but what I noticed was that although it squirted, it was not very strong. Short story, I figured it was the fuel pump, so I took it off... Damn is that thing heavy!!! So thanks to previous posts I have been able to dig into it cautiously and sure enough the rack was jammed and there was a lot of gum in it. One thing is that I found fuel in the oil section of the pump and I really don't know what causes it... any comments or ideas on that? I did find a partial rebuild gasket kit but they wanted $270.00 which I don't have... so I am building/cutting my own gaskets. Thanks all...