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    grandpas 41 H & my first tractor 63 806sn673 are my prize possessions Farming tractors 96 7210 2wd: 90 7110 MFWD: 92 7140 MFWD: and my 61 560 D is the old pump tractor that is pretty beat up.
    1440 Combine: CaseIH 8590 Baler:MF 9635 rotary windrower with double crimper :dads 63 loadstar 1600 that i haul the first load of crop to elevator with each year

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  1. Pretty good lady we had dated or more or less been company to each other for 7 years. She had cancer operation in 2011 and then a year later a heart attack and had to be flown out and 2 years ago they replaced a valve in her heart. Last night her granddaughter found her lying in her driveway i assume she had a heart attack as she always carried nitro strips to put under her tong Always trying to get Ol Runner to date her granddaughter but he never seemed much interested.
  2. Had a new remote cable installed on # 3 remote on 7110 it has loader hoses on #1 and 2 and now it is bad about the hoses popping out of the 1 and 2 at times. I cleaned them out and yesterday they all popped out when i tried to raise and tilt loader. Has anyone had this problem or where do i start? they do not leak and seem to work good. Any ideas
  3. got one about as good for you. The gal i date her granddaughter had a boyfriend about 8 years ago and he was staying with them for the night and her mom said you are not going to stay in her room you come in and stay in my room and sleep on the floor as i don't want you sleeping with my daughter. Well you guessed it. Mom got pregnant to daughters boyfriend. Now 7 years or so later after the boy has been paying the lady child support and all her daughter and the boyfriend start dating and all hellll broke loose. I don't think it is going to go anywhere but it is a heck of a deal lets see how would this go Mom Daughter and her little step sister Now if daughter and old boyfriend was to make a kid how would you name that relationship with the family besides MESS
  4. my 560 Diesel has the grey panel and its sn is 40755 making it a 1961
  5. Talking about that my 715 combine with the D301 engine said in hot weather to run 100% water and a rust inhibitor and it would run cooler. Book said water boils sooner but cools more efficiently. I did it one summer and about worried my self to death getting the water drained down to put in 50% antifreeze. Never did it again. Put in a new radiator core with 1 more row of tubes and that solved all heating problems. Darn radiator core cost about what the combine brought when i sold it
  6. Has anyone ordered the best seller book on Amazon? I don't want to start a war but the book with the reasons to vote Democratic. I wish my stepdad was still living as i would sure get him one.
  7. Well i heard there was a IH refegerator on a sale yesterday and i went and looked at stuff and did not see a frig. Goodness gracious i found out this morning at coffee shop it was in the house and was working and it brought $85 Oh well you win some and loose some! Anyways i do
  8. yep a good way but stacking a tall clevis on a flat drawbar will do the same
  9. TBH i have a drawbar with a bend in the end of it like on a deere and then put a clevis hitch on top of that. has worked good with no problems
  10. I see Ol Runner a couple times a week. he is still dodgin the ladies. Keep trying to set him up with a couple but he thinks i have poor taste for him. I sure would like to hear from Art also
  11. Very Sorry Mule he was still a young man. I suffered a fairly light stroak 3 years ago at 62 and am 95% recovered. You are in my prayers
  12. purchased a pickup one time with the metric dash and it recorded kilometers instead of miles. Went to trade it off and all dealers said they did not care that is what it said and said they would count it as miles even though you divided kilometers by 1.6 to get true miles. Finally sold to a neighbor who was a older guy and he was ok with it after we went around the section and it recorded nearly 7 miles. Some dealers or auto/tractor jockeys will do anything to cut your machine down and anything to make it look good when they have it to sell.
  13. a friend is looking for a 5 bottom spinner plow and we have found a MF 570 on a auction. IT is very similar to a IH 155 except for the beams that hold the bottoms. Has anyone had any experience with them. I would appreciate any comments Thank YOu
  14. When geese fly in a V why is one side of the V longer than the other?
  15. Yesterday morning i went to the local cafe coffee shop which is a truck stop and most guys eat a 1 egg breakfast and there was this trucker who ordered 4 pork chops, 6 eggs, 2 orders of hash browns and iced tea. Yes he ate every bit of it and the bill came to nearly $28. The guy was not that big and i could not believe that a man could eat that much. All i can say is he was hungry