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    grandpas 41 H & my first tractor 63 806sn673 are my prize possessions Farming tractors 96 7210 2wd: 90 7110 MFWD: 92 7140 MFWD: and my 61 560 D is the old pump tractor that is pretty beat up.
    1440 Combine: CaseIH 8590 Baler:MF 9635 rotary windrower with double crimper :dads 63 loadstar 1600 that i haul the first load of crop to elevator with each year

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  1. 1456 with detroit

    Why do people do things like that
  2. the 16.9X34's on my 560 are so very very close to the goodyear short long bar 18.4x34 duals i have for the 806 i use them on either the 806 with 18.4's or the 560 with 16.9.
  3. Dad passed away

    JD he is resting and enjoying peace and freedom. You and your family is in my prayers
  4. Thieves

    Lots of things being stolen at night the past few weeks. Mostly on weekends and shops at places where there is no one living. I live alone and have 2 dogs but i wonder how they would react if someone tried to take their stuff. One family has lost property at one place 3 times and another place 1 time: Another place lost cordless impacts and a welder and some guns: and it just goes on and on. It seems like places with people living there are not being bothered. I had my house broke into 2 days before Christmas in 98 and my healer dog was beat i am sure because this is his house. I have been lucky so far. Seems like De Walt tools are hot items. I feel this is probably not going to get better but some are so tensed up i am afraid someone might get really hurt.
  5. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    could be a prong for the side of a 314 or 642 roll over plow also.
  6. 560 on alcohol

    isn't there some guys from Bridgeport Nebraska that have some 560's that are pullers on the ihc gas version engines
  7. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    Had a kid who grew up on a john deere farm fill the radiator up on a farmall M once with gasoline. Just sent him to the fields to mow ditch rows. Didn't even effect it at all. But that was in the late 70's and a M
  8. What she haul 350 bushels? Is it a 16 or 1700? 304 or 345? This is the first year in years and years i did not take my loadstar to the elevator. Just used the semi. But we are taking it on a 30 mile venture today with 100 bushels of corn to my daughters for her calves
  9. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    My aunts husband used to have a A gleaner years ago and he had a pickup reel and would combine corn that way. It would knock several ears off and those were the days when lots of sheep was ran on the fields so it was all recovered. I have went out in the spring and got ends that fell down after a blizzard and used the pickup reel with 17.5 810 on a 715 but it was sure slow going.
  10. 9 bolt cast centers

    Saw a International wheatland 806 at the tractor jockeys over by Wiley CO about 10 years ago. It had 18.4x34 tires on it. they were factory looking
  11. Pto generators

    have had a 15/25 kw windpower since the 10 day outage we had in 79. kept in the shed when not in use and never a problem besides the gauge breaking showing volts. But i use a ohm meter to set it anyways
  12. How many 856's were built?

    My 856 was 33919 and i wish the H i knew where it is now
  13. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    Heard it was going to be near Denver and a 825,000 square foot 3 story building.
  14. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Here in CO it seems like the bodies are holding up pretty good. My son had a 95 burb he got out of Aberdene SD in 03 he sold it to another guy and it is still holding together with no rust showing up. Lots of people are trading out of suburbans or long Tahoes and getting 4 door pickups. Pickings pretty good in Colorado Springs
  15. 863 header problems

    well i went and looked at a neighbors 963 and sure enough it is has a factory slide going down but a lot longer slide. Mine is going to be able to easily fix