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    grandpas 41 H & my first tractor 63 806sn673 are my prize possessions Farming tractors 96 7210 2wd: 90 7110 MFWD: 92 7140 MFWD: and my 61 560 D is the old pump tractor that is pretty beat up.
    1440 Combine: CaseIH 8590 Baler:MF 9635 rotary windrower with double crimper :dads 63 loadstar 1600 that i haul the first load of crop to elevator with each year

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  1. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    the new holland salesman told me years ago it stood for "still threshes shitty"
  2. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    sounds like the suggestion i gave the massey dealer when my 9635 swather kept going into the limp mode from a bad fuel rail check valve. i suggested viagra as well then it would not go limp
  3. neat tractor, anybody no whos it is

    probably the operators ear muffs to keep him from going deaf
  4. Dog containment devices

    guy i know put a low wire electric fence around his property and kept his dogs in. I know it was 3 wires and he had a drive thru hot cattle guard and it seemed to work. Sometimes some dogs are meant to be wild dogs. My son had a wonderful dog that had pups and the best looking one was wild as can be it ended up relocating about 5 miles away and ended up adopting a different farmily
  5. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    presently have a great plains 7.5 inch EWD 1300 and it has a heck of a lot of plastic on the feeder cups and stuff. I traded a ihc 510 for it and honestly liked the IH better except i could not get packer wheels for it so i went to the great plains
  6. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    looks really good as compared to dads 806 when he used to run snap on dual wheels on it in plowed ground. Now FWIW i would take the tractor back to the shop in about 3 hours running and try and tighten the bolts again. You will be amazed at how much things loosen up some times and then then next time maybe none. Good Looking Job though
  7. I had a R & W pre aspirator pre cleaner on my 1066 and 1086. Be sure to just cut a round hole in the hood as that is what i did on my 1066 but the 1086 the dealer installed it and they used the drawing and cut clear to the bend and it made the hood a lot weaker. Years later when i quit using the 1086 on the hay wagon the hood broke and i removed the pre cleaner as it was not used in as much dirt as before.
  8. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    good wrenches lots of patience and be limber to where you can get in there. At least no 700 pound weight to work around. Please replace both bolts and tighten and if you have a place where you can roll the wheel to use the power and weight of it to finish tightening it that works good i used a older slide in ih tool box wrench and a pipe that would stop at the cab mount bracket and that would work good.
  9. OMG why not try it first. I had a tag axle truck and it would surprise you on how it would go in difficult situations. if it was mine i would try lots of things before i removed the tag axle
  10. So here I sit in Holly, co

    Heck Ol Runner or i only 28 miles away. Holly used to be the sister IH store to the Lamar store for IHC Robson Manning. Great people to deal with and to this day H Manning is in Lamar and the most friendly accommodating dealership in the area by far. My stepdad grew up 23 miles south of Holly and he and his brother went to school at a little school called Webb. When it was high school time they went to the School of the Ozarks in Missouri. Was a grain elevator down there a few miles from their farm called Buckeye and he said they sure was happy to see that go in so they would not have to haul the grain clear to Holly.
  11. is there a ih part number for the 1 1/8 inch shaft for the ihc corn header? I can't seem to find the 800 series part numbers and every where i look there is none available.
  12. is there a ih part number for the 1 1/8 inch shaft for the ihc corn header? I can't seem to find the 800 series part numbers and every where i look there is none available.
  13. Question About Setting A Magnum To 30'' Rows

    Ran my 7210 on 62 inch centers since new but have the other kind of wheels. Yours would be easy to set to 60 inch. those darn front end bolts need attention for several hours to get them finally tight
  14. Harvestore Silos

    There was a guy who the Federal Reserve hired to straighten out the bank here in town in the mid 80's. He reviewed everyone's notes with them and worked with some. I played quite a bit of pool with him and he said he was in Idaho a few years before when a bank went down and he said they would drive up to a place and if there was a blue silo and a green tractor that guy was done was his saying
  15. 1440 rear chaff shaker pan

    my shaker slide is hooked on at the top and has the 2 rubber blocks that it rubs on the axle. Last fall cutting milo the slide came loose at the top and talk about plugging a combine up OMG. the darn slide pan rode flat on top of the axle and i noticed little piles like shocks and then pretty soon wham. I have no idea what caused it to come loose but put it back on and it gave no more trouble