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    grandpas 41 H & my first tractor 63 806sn673 are my prize possessions Farming tractors 96 7210 2wd: 90 7110 MFWD: 92 7140 MFWD: and my 61 560 D is the old pump tractor that is pretty beat up.
    1440 Combine: CaseIH 8590 Baler:MF 9635 rotary windrower with double crimper :dads 63 loadstar 1600 that i haul the first load of crop to elevator with each year

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  1. B I L said when they sold their L2 that a fellow from northern TX came up to limon CO and had a trailer and loaded the header on it and his wife drove pickup and followed him on the combine. had to be over 200 mines.
  2. found a good reasonable priced 864 and need a 863. Can a person narrow one up? Will the hoods narrow up enough with the bolt holes not used? Just a idea
  3. be careful and watch out for the buzz worms aka rattle snakes
  4. i thought the 560 has a keyway and a bolt to hold the steering rod and the 86 uses a splines and a nut
  5. When i was a kid dad had a couple of "Krause roto chisels" and they were a rod weeder with teeth like the caukins and flex king and then had coulter blades in front of the rod holders and they were the best in trash but still not good.
  6. look for a good 7140 a lot of bang for the buck. I have 3 older magnums and love them. Purchased 1 new a 2 wd 7210 and then a used 7110 MFWD at Wattstractor.com in Anson TX and the 7140 MFWD from a case IH dealer 70 miles away and the tractor i purchased from Watts tractor has actually been the best of the 2
  7. when everyone around here used to plant milo it was horrible about crusting and one old German took old cedar posts and drove old sickle sections in them and they would slice the furrow and did about as good a job as i ever saw. Another guy took round pipes about 3 inches around and welded a bunch of 1/4 inch bolts to them and then pulled them and they worked good too. One of the things about hoeing is you need to lift hoe sections up that are running on the ridge as if you get a rain you will really be in a mess with ridge dirt washing in.
  8. well they went back this morning and it lifted the planter and moved a ways then stopped. Do you reckon it is a plugged hyd filter or screen
  9. Have a friend who is running a 7110 MFWD and it quit going today. The tach does not even register and it is a early production model with quite a few hours but it did it all of a sudden. if the flex plate breaks do you loose the tach and all the hydraulics. Do the earlier ones drive the rpms from the alternator?
  10. neighbor had one and had some really good hay and he had the smaller one and tied to a farmall 400 it would not go slow enough and stacking a 80 of really good hay he would have to dump every time thru the field. He put my Hydro 70 on it so it would not plug up. Stakhand would make 2 rounds per stack but that thing was always full. He didn't use it much longer and got a stakhand
  11. Hesston discontinued the stakhand in about 86 and the ones out there got more valuable yet and then in about 90 a place in Kansas purchased the jigs from Hesston and made a few changes and called the new ones " Cencorp" They were about a 100% copy of the hesston but not quite as good as they cut a few corners like on the unloading system and the pulleys were not cast anymore but were like the ones on air compressors and etc. But they changed the color and used very little paint on them. Neighbor bought one and it had no grease in the wheel bearings and well not as tightly ran ship as Hesston ran.
  12. Hesston Stakhands were made in Hesston Kansas. I had a Hesston stakhand 60A from 74 to 82 then a stakhand 60B from 82 until 2002 and went to the Hesston 4X4X8 baler. Everyone used them to stack hay with in this area. On some days you could see a dozen of them running if you were on a hill. Very good machine and economic to run for the work they did
  13. Saturday morning woke up to about 5 inches on the hood of the pickup. But it had been melting all night while it was snowing. It sure will do things good. Had new alfalfa planted and more to plant and corn ground ready to plant also. it was a lifesaver. Some guys said we got approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches of moisture
  14. remember when i was pretty young our phone number was 0180R2 and grandpas was 0180R3 i remember if i wanted to call grandpa i had to ask the operator for R3 on this line please. Things sure have changed
  15. Friend of mine has a NH 1118 and the hay conditioner rolls are worn out. New ones are really expensive and well does anyone know of a place that re does present rollers? I suggested to him to take the rubber off of them and put little strips of metal on them and set them to where they are about 1/8 inch apart and they would work as good as the rubber ones that it had to begin with. Any ideas