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  1. ether button mistaken for starter

    The litmus test is does it TRY to turn over? Starter solenoid should click. If not even that, definitely an electrical problem.
  2. 1066 TA hestitating

    They've got you covered. Low side sprag is shot. Pretty soon it will stop pulling altogether in low because those freewheeling clutches will give up. You can continue to use it until the DD side gives out, but plan on a TA job sooner or later.
  3. Safe distance between 706 tires

    What size tires on the back? 18.4x34's it might be iffy to get it narrow enough even with the rims set on the outer bevel. I think you can *JUST* set it for 30" rows with 18.4's on it. That's 60" center to center on the tires. Then add roughly 10" per side for half the width of the tire puts you at 80", giving you just enough to squeak through the fenders with about 1" of clearance on each side. We've run the 756 set at 34" rows over hill and dale for at least 30 years and the upside has always remained up. Just use your head. Don't skimp on the trailer. That tractor weighs 4 tons bare and empty, and could weigh as much as 6 tons ready to go into the field. You want a trailer with 8 lug wheels and even then it'll be right at the maximum with the 4000lb bare trailer weight. Look into the PJ Trailers buggy haulers. These have drive-on fenders and they now come in a 14,000lb GVW version which would be perfect for what you want to do.
  4. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    TSC has a frustrating assortment of hydraulic fittings. They never seem to have the combination you need, but if you have one nearby it wouldn't hurt to check. It may be necessary to combine two fittings to get the elbow with the male end to fit in the valve, and the swivel you need to connect the hose. This might actually be what you need: Any machinery dealer, CaseIH, JD, Agco, Massey, etc., will also carry an assortment of hydraulic fittings for the implements they sell.
  5. 886 rebuild project

    Glad to hear you figured out the problem. I have a bit of an issue with calling people who are not there and can't see what you see or know what you did "naysayers." They're only going by what people tell them in text and/or show them in pictures. If you describe something as a "click" when it's technically a "clack," that can change the whole diagnosis and send you down the wrong road. It's nobody's fault. Nobody's purposely trying to sabotage your efforts. It's the limits of the medium. People here are trying to help you, and are making educated guesses as to your problem because again, they are not there. Naysayers are trying to discourage you, and undermine your efforts. I should hope nobody here is doing that.
  6. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    Yup. Definitely not rocket surgery. Thread the old one out, thread the new one in. Judging by the pipe plugs on the other spool of that valve, the threads are NPT. No O-ring required. You need a 1/2" NPT street elbow with swivel but if you take the pieces with you the hydraulic shop or machinery dealer will hook you right up.
  7. 986 transmission/ brake trouble

    Well, that's good news and bad news. Good news is the tractor's usable again, and the main clutch isn't bad. Bad news is your TA's low side is shot. There is a mechanical sprag that does all the power transfer when the TA is in low, so the tractor should have continued to pull even when the hydraulic lines were connected together. In other words, if that sprag is good, the tractor will move no matter what. Your sprag is no good. It may still pull under light loads in low TA due to the anti-freewheeling clutches in the TA, but those will burn out quickly under any real load.
  8. In this day and age is there any wisdom in buying a tractor equipped with an Elwood axle to actually farm with or are they strictly collector's items these days?
  9. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    There was a black stripe Hydro 100 with a loader on all the local Craigslists (spammer) about two weeks ago for $6450. Suffice it to say it didn't last long.
  10. Two point hitch

    The ends also don't come out of the sockets unless someone has removed the retention pins.
  11. International 1456

    1456's are in the "somewhat rare, VERY desirable" category right now. I'm thinking getting one that isn't totally clapped out under $10K is like winning the lottery.
  12. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    It might be something obvious: Are you tightening down the distributor between adjustments?
  13. Ih problems

    Factory originals and Binder Books can be found online.
  14. Hubs on straight axle

    Correction: The shims are under the flats of the axle like pete23 says. Not between the wedge and hub. That would be just about impossible to get right.
  15. Farmall Parts

    Yup, no page 2 of 2. Only page 1.