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  1. In either case you'll probably have much better luck finding a complete tractor with the feature already installed, than the parts necessary to modify your existing tractor with the feature.
  2. Pretty much everything from the flywheel back is different. IPTO works because there is a second shaft that runs off a tube that is driven by the pressure plate on the flywheel. A gear transfers it down to this second shaft that runs underneath the transmission back to the PTO. An M does not have any of those provisions, and adding them to the factory castings would be extremely cost prohibitive. If you had a Super MTA, 400, or 450 with a bad engine you could bolt the front end of your M to it and have a mutant Super MTA, but the most practical way to achieve IPTO is to purchase a complete tractor with IPTO.
  3. Sorry for trying to be funny. It will never happen again.
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