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  1. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    If you're comparing 18.4 radials to bias 20.8, then you're probably right. The benefit there is if the tractor already has 16" rims you won't need to buy new rims for the larger tires. If the tractor already has 20.8's on it and needs tires, I would just upgrade to 20.8 radials. I wouldn't screw around trying to downsize.
  2. Using 16.9 34 duals on 986 with 18.4 34 rear tires

    Doesn't sound too awfully crazy to me. I am working on something similar though I don't plan on going organic necessarily.
  3. Any Thoughts

    Per the tech bulletin, engines in the 786 and engines serial 52399 and below in the 886 use the red o-rings, and anything else uses the yellow. Your engine's serial is 121432, which is above 52399, so regardless of what it came out of, you would use the o-rings with the yellow marks.
  4. What should this Super C cost me?

    $2000 would definitely be a fair price for all of that if the tractor were running and the implements are usable. Rust does not bother me, but if any moveable parts on the implements are seized, or things are badly worn, they're not worth much more than junk price.
  5. Using 16.9 34 duals on 986 with 18.4 34 rear tires

    We ran 18.4Rx38 duals with 20.8Rx38 tires for decades. Basically, running a size smaller is better than nothing.. The main tires will make deeper impressions/ruts in the soft plowed ground, until the duals start carrying weight, but the impressions/ruts won't be nearly as deep as the single tires. If you want a really smooth hay field that you can cruise across at 10MPH with a discbine, and stay in the seat, you'd want matching duals. With mismatched tires your top speed will be around 7MPH once things firm up. In corn it really doesn't make much difference. BTW 14.9x38 tires are the same loaded radius as 18.4x34. You could find a set of 9-bolts off an old Oliver and run them as duals if you have the hubs.
  6. C-72 grader

    You could probably weasel your way around it with a narrow front, but with a wide front, you would have to remove the blade separately, I'd imagine. The blade comes off with just a couple of pins.
  7. 986 Questions

    Only the early 886 has the D360. After the first or second year of production IH switched them to the D358 "German" diesel so they could shift resources to producing the 400 series truck engines which were in high demand at the time. Or so the story goes. Either engine is a good engine. The D358 is more like the older D407, in that they seem to last forever, but are not shadetree mechanic friendly when it comes to overhauling. The D360 is a baby version of the 414/436/466 series engines, with the same service life and serviceability.
  8. 7240 spinning

    "Stress" is a relative term here. When the tire spins it is not putting full power to the ground so there is actually LESS stress on the driveline components when the tractor is spinning than when it "hooks up" really well. Any additional "stress" on the differential from one wheel spinning is minimal, if not overstated. Really, all you did was waste fuel and time.
  9. Another simple 986 question

    The starter hasn't moved since 1963. It's the cab that's in the way.
  10. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Google "Steiner Tractor Parts"
  11. Farmall 240 Gauges

    I'm not a stickler for originality, so what I did was put in a cheap set of gauges from Harbor Freight. They were $15 on sale. Luckily my 240 had the tach, and it worked once I got a new tach cable for it.
  12. towing an mx magnum 255

    Wow, I at least thought they'd make reasonable provisions for moving a non-running tractor.
  13. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Yes, you need to take the section out at the rear of the rail. If you cut it off in front you will mess up ALL of the bolt holes for everything... Bolster, front engine mounts, any loader mounting you may have, etc..
  14. 986 Questions

    Rather than trying to paint all of one series with a broad brush, evaluate each potential tractor on its own condition. Don't discount a 986 just because it's a 986 and you heard this that and the other thing about 986's, or a 1086 because you heard this that and the other thing about 1086's. You could find a clapped-out 986, or a real sweet original low hour 1086, or something in between in either model that is perfectly acceptable to you. A good tractor is a good tractor when you're talking about 40 year old tractors. By now they have long since outlived any "reputation" they had when they were the main tractors on most farms.
  15. 756

    The mechanism is pretty simple. Look under the platform for something jammed in there like a corn cob or a stick maybe. Block the tractor in place and work the park lever as you view it under the platform. You should be able to see what it is hitting or catching on. If nothing obvious, then you need to pull the platform and the range cover to see what's going on inside.