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  1. Dow passes 26,000 with hardly a whimper

    Well, 1000 points back then was 1/1th of the market. 1000 points today is 1/26th of the market, so there is exactly 1/26th of the fanfare. I do agree with you on the 401k. It is nice.
  2. Oat growers!

    Is there a good marketable cover crop that could be planted instead of oats? Last year Dad had a heck of a time getting rid of the oats he planted. Feed mill wouldn't take them because they were borderline too wet, so he ended up piling them in a neighbor's commodity shed and stirring them around with the loader bucket until they were drier. Even then they didn't want to take them at all, no market for oats they claimed, and only took them at way below market price. No place else to take a dump truck load of oats nearby.
  3. 560 vs 656

    The transmission and rear end housings on a 656 are smaller than a 560, similar in physical size to a 460, with the smaller bell housing that has the same bolt pattern as a Farmall H. I've said that the 656 is actually the successor to the 460, but I've gotten beat up pretty badly over that so I no longer say it. Suffice it to say nothing from the 656 will fit the 560 aside from the front bolster and the engine, if you swap the rear adapter plate, because the bell housing bolt patterns are different sizes.
  4. West Texas IH 1256

    Out of curiosity, what trailer do you haul with?
  5. 504 , no ta.

    The Auburn creeper drive must be between the TA and speed transmission, and must disconnect the speed transmission from the TA somehow, to avoid having to block the pedal down.
  6. 1586 Pictures

    Thanks. Mitas was already on my short list along with Galaxy and even BKT. "Harvest King" also makes a tire called the "Field Pro 85" same as the Hankook which I suspect is the same tire. It's also priced bottom-of-the-barrel. BTW, didn't come with duals.
  7. 1586 Pictures

    If I were made of money I would put a set of deep tread Firestone SAT 23 radials on it like a good little boy, but at $2400 each I'm looking for alternatives. Has anyone ever seen a Hankook tractor tire? Simpletire has 520/85R38 Hankooks for about $1200 each, free shipping, on ebay right now, but the picture they show is an artist's rendition of *A* tire. I can't find anything online of a real picture of the physical tire. I've tried to contact them but they have not responded. I really like the Hankook tires on my truck.
  8. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    Look up onelonleyfarmer on youtube. He seats beads with starting fluid regularly. Only had one blowout since he's been posting videos, on a tire with a sidewall puncture that he repaired with his hot vulcanizing kit. Pretty exciting when it happened. We're talking large tractor rears here. I tried using starting fluid to seat a 9.5l-14 tubeless tire that had been squashed by shipping. All I managed to do was set the tire on fire three times. Kept using more and more, and it would just "whiff," and leave me with a nice little bonfire.
  9. snow shovel

    Mine is solid steel. No separate cutting edge.
  10. 504 , no ta.

    Sonny, not the whole rear end, just the TA section. The TA section is the bell housing back to the gear transmission. You have to remove both anyway to install the TA from one to the other. Just swap the housings.
  11. snow shovel

    When the neighborhood Ace hardware was still in business they sold "Garant" brand steel snow pushers. If you don't mind it being heavy, you get a bombproof snow pusher that will last virtually forever.
  12. Looking for an 826

    That's probably a U, but it would be an uppercase U. The serial number is the last 6 digits, 012468.
  13. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    There's a 4-hour miniseries on this plane called "The Arrow" starring Dan Aykroyd (Elwood Blues, the guy from Ghostbusters, etc.)

    Farmers should know something about net worth being meaningless. You can be "worth" millions of dollars but if it's all tied up in land and equipment... You can't eat a tractor.
  15. Looking for an 826

    There should be a "U" in that serial number (really should be called a VIN). The part after the U is the important part of the serial number, and what you see in the serial number lists. So are you looking for the tractor, or are you looking for information about the tractor, or are you just looking for some clarification on the serial number?