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  1. thanks for answers so far I did inquire about dual power but that would be pricey and would not increase the road speed at all.
  2. so if the rci on a 18.4 =30 is 59 and on a 18.4-34 it is 66 and you can go 18 mph with the 30 inch tires what would you gain with the 34 inch tires? would it be at least 2 mph or overall would it be a 10 percent gain in the lower speeds say in 6th gear goes 7 mph would it be a 10 percent increase? thanks
  3. so are those magnum steps on there?
  4. all the other tractors are 56, 66 7120, the 5600 is very simple kind of like an m transmission, the only thing I don't care for is the pto, putting in gear and stopping it, are the 84 series pto,s like the 56 or 66, it is a little harder to feather the ford pto. as said before just another half of a mph would be good.
  5. we have 18.4 by 30 inch tires on our 5600. no dual power. 6th gear is slow for raking and 7th gear is a little to fast. would like to have dual power. but how much would you gain by putting 18.4 by 34 inch tires on ? if you are going 6 mph now what would you gain with the 34 inch tires would probably be easier that putting dual power. thanks
  6. so did the 460 and 560 have the same rear end problems?
  7. with the 5.9 is there a lot of tin rework involved? and I live in wis. I thought that links had a kit to put the 5.9 in, was always wondering on the cost? also I have heard of guys buying ols school buses for the 5.9.
  8. what is it the amish neighbor just shocked his looks like a lot of straw is it a cross between something
  9. has been very wet in central wis. corn on the heavy ground very yellow looking and short bottom ends and headlands been replanted several times and now guys are replanting the new seedings on the lower ends
  10. we use our 258 then tried a v-rake this was done with the stalks being chopped by a chopping head on the combine. got a lot more with the v-rake.
  11. so is the neuss engine have a pump that parts are available?
  12. what do you do for raking together?
  13. so doesn't the 686 have german 310? what kind of pump on there?
  14. so why aren't the heads around anymore?
  15. thanks but as most tractors this pipe is welded in so would have to add on or replace entire manifold and start over.