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  1. as the immigrants get more Americanized they will be less willing to do these types of jobs in the local area you are starting to see more Hispanics have the normal jobs. And I am told they also like weekends off too.
  2. was anybody there sat. night heard of a bad tractor accident pulling.
  3. I don't quite know what you mean by sand blaster gun I have sand blaster I all I have is a hose coming from the pot sounds like a good idea I have seen guys use Hudson sprayers also but is slower
  4. well it did not rain today and it was supposed to replant corn might nedd to be replanted again now just for the feed now.
  5. 1586 really looks nice hooked up. sure would not mind having one back 1086 for cutting hay?
  6. here in central wis. it just wont quit and then on top of it all barely 70 degrees, most corn is looking very stunted and yellow, fields are way to wet to put sidedress on and finish spraying. However on the bright side hay is growing back okay. Did replant some corn now that doesn't look like it will come up thru the wet ground either. Guess I will have to raise the price of our milk to offset the poor crops that are out there.
  7. here in central wis we have been getting a lot of rain mostly torrential downpours will be reseeding an alfalfa field the 3rd time just to much rain end up with a lot of washouts. did replant about a quarter of corn mostly the headlands.
  8. Right here in central wis just doesn't to seem to want to quit raining just replanted corn, mostly all the lower ends and headlands. And the rest of the week looks wet don't think we are going to quite have the corn crop like last year, however still better than 2012 with preventive planting that year. Probably our turn this year.
  9. is the only difference a few inches shorter? and obviously the motor.
  10. what is a scr motor?
  11. part is unavailable from case made one.
  12. we now have the arm rests on our 856 that have the zipper on them, getting kind of bad shape. are there any other choices for those flip up arm rests? would the armrests from the 86 series work they are a little more nicer looking I think.. thanks for replies.
  13. going that way today thanks
  14. one of the 3 studs on the 350 pto shield is broke off did get it out but cant find it on the online parts or cant figure out where it is listed. wonder if they are available one end is fine thread the other end is coarse thread. thanks.
  15. did order a bushing set of 24