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  1. going that way today thanks
  2. one of the 3 studs on the 350 pto shield is broke off did get it out but cant find it on the online parts or cant figure out where it is listed. wonder if they are available one end is fine thread the other end is coarse thread. thanks.
  3. did order a bushing set of 24
  4. found an old assembly for 30 bucks.
  5. what do you plant in the rye field then?
  6. We are rained out now here in central wis. Just wont stop. So am fixing seat on the 756 it it a mechanical suspension have repaired them before what I need is one of the small pins that are welded on and have a small groove on the end to hold a push on c clip. Being welded on would they even be available? Last year I put a bolt in for a quick fix and that helped but the brass bushings a re getting a little worn. thanks for replies.
  7. we just had 8 straight days with no rain and now just a light shower tonight but by end of week down into the 50,s again, talking 80 tomorrow almost got done before rain.
  8. finally here in central wis we are all getting a good start. Was out on the 1466 open station today temp was nice sun sure felt good, with the 470 disc after being in the cab tractors plowing. Crop insurance checked alfalfa new seedings not so good from all the wet weather we have had well over 50% loss.
  9. have to agree on the sound especially when taking off with the full tank. Seems like they have an 18 speed transmission, the one thing I noticed is compared to the 8210 they normally have me drive this is about 4 miles an hour faster. I do like the styling even starting with the 8000 series a little more boxier.
  10. drove one today for hauling manure had about 5000 hours on seemed like a very nice tractor. what would there age be about now? Tank was a 5250 gallon tractor went about 26 miles an hour.
  11. have been switching to 2 12 volts also when the need arises seems to be working out okay.Had to redo cables also. The 12 volt batteries don't seem to be as fussy as the 6 volts were.
  12. I tried to find a parts diagram on the case online parts doesn't seemed to be there
  13. on the 350 there are 3 bolts or studs that hold on the pto shield one of them are broke off and looks like former owner might of tried to weld on it also, are those studs or bolts screwed in the cover? can I carefully drill it out or do you take the cover off and how hard is that and I could probably find another cover thanks for help
  14. right here in central wis very little done just got 3 inches of snow was warmer in February.
  15. thanks obviously spot welds are near the bottom?