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  1. led lighyt question

    so do the old 4411.s produce more heat then the 24 watt led? thanks
  2. led lighyt question

    so bought some tiger lights for 1066 guy sell a lot of them especially in spring he said they are a 24 watt bulb is that too much to put in the rubber mounts claims nobody has ahd trouble note does mention you can drill holes to improve the heat dissipation. we have in the past used the 18 volt models. I did notice that these were very easy to install had the little bolts you could slide the prongs right on. forgot the lumens but compared to the 18 volt side by side a lot brighter. and he also said that the old 4411.s are 35 watts is that correct? thanks.
  3. drain tile?

    here in central wis there is tile starting to go in kind of started with the amish and Mennonites moving in this area we even tried some this spring we have about 8 inches of topsoil than it is all clay , it is put in about 3 feet deep and about 30 feet apart 4 inch perforated, runs about 1000 and acre, even the horse drawn amish say they notice the difference. for years we had such cheap land, why spend a thousand when you could just but another 40 acres for about the same price.
  4. Where has this been all my life...

    how long of a stroke is the cylinder to be able to go both ways?
  5. 3688 ?

    so would a 986 have less problems with the hydraulic pump should be just like our 10 and 1466? was hoping that a 2350 would fit on it, and I understand that when it comes to radiator time that si very expensive? we have dairy cows and it would always be doing those haying jobs,
  6. 3688 ?

    would the 2350 loader on the 1066 bolt on to the 3688?
  7. 3688 ?

    there is a 3688 for sale in area, looks really nice DuPont tune up? 6k hours. what are they? a 986? they have a 436 motor I understand so our old 1066 is pretty much stock been checked right around 135 hp. would the 3688 be close? would like to run discbine with it 13 foot new Holland 1431, are the clutches and rear end gears the same as a 966? what about axle size? I have always thought they would be an ok tractor basicallya dressed up 66 series with out the 88 transmission, I was told they shift better is it because of a better transmission brake they aren't synchro are they? and is there less linkage than a 86 series. had one of those also/ thanks
  8. Tile plow accident

    our vet that takes care of our herd here in central wis. was a roommate with the son he told us.
  9. looking for 7120 toy tractor?

    so it has never been made in a fwd model?
  10. have been looking for a 7120 fwa 1/16 tor tractor where or who would have one ? any help is appreciated.
  11. another ? 1066 fuel tank

    hey guys thanks for help, simple fixes the water level was just low easy fix and the fuel leak involved taking the whole fixture out and retaping the threads. biggest problem was the fuel mess on the shop floor. cold day today hauled 4 loads of manure out nice and cozy and no fuel leaking yet,
  12. failed oil filter ?

    well nothing is ever this guys fault it seems like over the years will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  13. failed oil filter ?

    so a farmer in our area claims that his napa oil filter failed, something about the o-ring failed, this was on a tw-15 ford. so now I was told by another neighbor he intends to sue the coop that handles the filters for his motor repair. so do you guys think that napa or the land o lakes coop that runs napa would pay such a claim? it really seems sketchy , if you change your own oil how could you ever prove that and that it wasn't something else> this guy does have a reputation of making claims like that nothing is ever his fault. I think this would be very hard to prove and how are napa oil filters?
  14. another ? 1066 fuel tank

    figured it out the small line was plugged up and was meant to be a drain for tank, had to take out the fitting and clean it out, retaped everything seems to have stopped leaking, I thought that there would be a stand pipe in that fitting
  15. another ? 1066 fuel tank

    there is a fuel line coming out of 1066 on the right side looks like it is just a drain, what does it drain out and how far up in tank does it go> took line off nothing came out tank is almost empty. that small line is the line that is leaking must have a small crack in it someplace, so for temporary can I just put a plug where that line was till I get a line made or ordered thanks.