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  1. Another cat topic

    X2. Trained our oldest cat to go to laundy room to be shut in for night. Water bottle and words time to go nite nite. Pretty soon only words were needed. He would protest all the way but go. Spoiled now sleeps with daughter at nite. Still have to close bedroom door........
  2. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    10.9 is a metric # believe it refers to the grade. Would guess but could be wrong would have metric thread pitch and size as well.
  3. life in our corner

    Sounds like both pastors had sum good advice. I think i would follow it....... Nobody needs this kind of thing.... hang in there and do your best to keep your cool. Hard to do but you will look so much better if you can. Good luck.
  4. Topic question

    I have not seen that as yet myself.
  5. IH LB Engine

    Pics? I would have to reread a book i have on mags but there will be a condenser in there too that could be bad. Also i think you will want a soild core plug wire? Idk if points spark im thinking coil, condenser are working. At moment i would lean towards cap or wire....or the rotor or button it touches...
  6. A simple pleasure

    Geesh all i meant was dont let peta or sum such orginization get wind of this. Poking fun. Pretty politically incorrect myself.
  7. life in our corner

  8. Where has this been all my life...

    Ought to make your life a lot easier for that! Always a good feeling when something works out right.
  9. Farmall 240 fun and a question.

    Um idk but i would say that particular manifold always had a flange from looks of it.....maybe it was put on from a utility? I dont really like the tread set up myself. Pipe comes loose/threads get shot. I would look at trying to clean up the looks of that set up if it could be done.....
  10. life in our corner

    Not good. Hope he moves on soon and out of your hair. Too bad, his parents are not doing him or the rest of the world any favors. Sorry you have to deal with it.
  11. life in our corner

    Sounds like the kids parents need to give him a good old fashion butt kickn.....
  12. Where has this been all my life...

    Looks pretty handy mader. Got a busted up Big Ox i think it is at an uncles estate sale for $45. Fixed it up enough to use but have often thought of adding hyd tilt as you have. My drive is short but its still a pain getting out to change angle and back again.
  13. Deer strike back

    So i just picked up the guy carpooling with me to day and headed to work. On the on ramp to interstate and deer jumps out of ditch right in front of me going left to right. Could see more behind him just out of my headlights. No good choice for evasion so i got on the brakes hard. Not sure if deer rolled under car or damaged my front end but car did a slow 180 and counter steering did no good. In ditch backwards at 530 am......great. nobody hurt but the deer so thats good. They were still running around in the ditch a few min later. Geesh. Tow truck and body shop as well as police all later.
  14. Dow passed 24,000

    I agree 100%. I strongly suspect however there are deadbeats in every income range soaking up our tax dollars in one form or another.
  15. Can I Nominate a Minnesota Senator?

    Good one.
  16. A simple pleasure

    Oh the politicaly incorrect horror!
  17. Deer strike back

    Well doesnt look as bad as i thought it might for 6500. I suppose they are figuring all new parts? Its messed up for sure but fixable imo. Just have to see what adjuster says when he looks at it monday...
  18. Deer strike back

  19. Deer strike back

    Dang deer!
  20. Deer strike back

    Knew a guy in highschool who ran one on a 73 merc montigo. Also ran dual rear tires part of the time iirc. Was known to run over a lota stuff besides deer with it.....
  21. 826 Mechanical Seat

    My 826 has the same seat and mech. I get a new rubber spring from ih few years back. Was same price or cheaper at dealer as advertised from several restoration places at that time. My arm rest and back support were all white. Replaced with aftermarket and now looks just like you show. Same cond on my seay cusion as well.
  22. Deer strike back

    As far as i know was still there but was still there but might have been far enough off road due to being on end of ramp, that you might not have noticed. Just got call from body shop. Way worse than i realized. Both fenders and a bit of damage to a door. Hood, some structure under neath and hood. Air cleaner....list goes on. $6500 damage on a $8500 car.......
  23. Sleeper Cars.

    Wow that's too bad about the chicken hawk after being around all thise years. How is he doing these days i wonder?
  24. Deer strike back

    164? Hwy 14 on ramp onto westbound 80
  25. Deer strike back

    You were lucky. Sorry about your sons car! If you take 80 to work you may have seen my car facing the wrong way almost in the cattails in front of what used to be called the terrace inn. Sorry about your truck as well.