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  1. Well unions are both a blessing and a curse. The idea and intent of a union, fair pay and fair treatment for all, is good. But the unintended outcome is the slugs are protected even when they sometimes need deserve a reprimand or even termination, in the name of equal representation for all. But they do help insure all are treated fairly or as fairly as possible. Remember that harresment and abuse at one time was dependant on the ethics of whoever was in charge of any given business. And it was and still can be very real thing. The intent of a union is to band together and make sure that all are treated fairly and bargain as a group for those good benifits and wages. Now are unions perfect? No of course not.
  2. What will happen when owners retire? Or younger members of the family take over? If they sell out or close down what then? Lot of variables to kick around. Sounds like some very good things at job RIGHT NOW, but need to be looking in future as well. Also sounds like a few negatives there as well. Also money and benifits can be a huge deal over time. On the other side of the coin after working for 3 largish to large manufacturing companies over the last 30 years common sense and and accountability seem to get less and less the bigger the company. That can get frustrating. And they are not imune to shutting down and closing either.
  3. Not sure about 300 but i dont think my 400 looks quite like that...
  4. Ya he did a nice job on that. Hope someday the old mustang looks half that good again....only good thing about the way it is right now im not scared to drive it some.
  5. Well im glad you feel that way too. There has got to be an affordable answer out injpumped says if its a nice , good running tractor i wouldnt worry to much about it till the time comes...and if you run a lil atf every tank full and service pump and injectors sooner rather than later you may never have a problem.
  6. Dr E my other highschool ride was 72 f100 my moms parents bought new. 302 powered tho. Still have it as well, cant remember the last time it was strarted.
  7. Ya most 352 and 360's were boat anchors imo, however they could be woke up with the right parts as well. Knew of a 58 police interceptor 352 that would run quite well.
  8. 68, 3.25 rear limited slip as was original tho its had everything from 3.00 to 4.57 in it over the years. Original block was long gone when i got it tho i have original top end. Currently a 428 of unknown origin with cobrajet heads and i think an edlebrock f427 intake patterned after fords 427 medriser or maybe low riser intake but ported to mate up to small port heads , had them opened up to match up to big port heads sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. I pulled the 428 from a 69 mach but it was not original to that car or i wouldnt have done it. Dont know what cam is in it tho it does have a lope at idle. Think engine may have been built when rv cams and low comp was the thinking to deal with the gas of the day...lotsa low end torque but seems to fall off at about 4500 to 5000 rpm. 70 galaxie is a big heavy car. Buddies older brother had a 68 torino fastback 4 speed car in highschool for a short time. Was getting a bit rough but always liked that car. ya that would be the smart thing to do.....never been accused of being overly smart had some nice rides as well sounds like. Nothing wrong with a good 390 with the right stuff in em. Have watched and ridden in more than 1 390 powered car that easily walked by both penstar and bowties
  9. No disrespect intended to any one but im just not a big fan of swapping dif size engines out of a totaly dif tactor espec if all that was wrong was the injector pump. Jmo , if it is going to be done tho i agree if you do it right you wont be able to tell any mods to tractor.
  10. It aint grandpas merc but it still puts a smile on my face. Hadnt had it out since last fall sometime. Needs cleaned up bad. Took it for a spin and put sum.fresh gas in it. Wife thought son and i should go to a small local cat show tonight in it but he already had plans....maybe next time. Have owned this car since 1982 or 83. Was in tough shape when i got it and spent all my savings having it redone at the time. Needs redone again as can be seen but at least i still have it...
  11. Guys have talked about a roosa conversion way back. Opions seemed to differ if i remember right how well that worked. Dont think that kit is available now. Just had mine done this spring by area diesel service. Cost me around 600 if i remember right. Mine had a couple of bad leaks but still started and ran ok. But in answer to your question the pump head parts are still a problem and have not seen anybody talk about a current kit. Would be up to your pump shop of choice and their ingenuity and willingness to work with you far as i can tell. I talked to 2 or 3 shops and none of them seemed to worried about it , but as i said mine still started hot and cold and ran ok.
  12. X2 on cab, it has air and looks like a nice cab as well!
  13. Yes i believe they need to be warmed up a bit to slid back on...least thats what i remember doing to my c i had years ago when i had pully off , think i replaced front crank seal....