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  1. Sorry to hear it. Hang in there
  2. Cant help you there. Think all newer drills have went to rubber or plastic tubing of some kind. I looked some years back and wasnt able to find the original style for main drill or grass attacment. Maybe somebody is making them now. Otherwise it will be adapt something newer or find a parts drill.
  3. He may have it a while.......
  4. Wouldnt a 656 have an alternator?
  5. Are they no longer available fron Ih? Or just a lot more money than aftermarket? Replaced wiring harness on my 826 when i got it, probably 10- 12 yrs ago now. Was 3 seperate harnesses if i iirc to do it.
  6. Build your own?
  7. The latch lever is B and moves gear C up and down the tapered gear. The holes that the latch lever latches in are numbered 1-10 which i think the label shows. You will probably have to lube some stuff up good to get everything to move as it should. Had mine for 8 years or so but only used it a few times so i'm not an expert either. Doesnt do to bad a job tho. Seeded down 6 acres of hay with mine when i got it. Mines a monster at 16', for an old drill that is. Hard to get ove creek crossings or pull down the road.
  8. Ya looked at tag some more. D is the funny shape thing to fit in throat and E and F refers to which side of seed wheel is uncovered. Wire handle is used to pull D out of throat if your not using them.
  9. Mmm have to look again some of those settings have to do with which side of the cup and seed wheel you are using. Oh D is talking about using that funny shaped restrictor thing in the throat for smaller/ special seed. Use d settings if using those. I dont have them for mine
  10. Not sure ive EVER heard of a kit that had seats and guides in them. But there is a lot i havent seen. What kind of kit are you talking about? Head gasket kit? Thats not do it your self stuff unless your a machist by trade and have the equip at home. If machine shop told you seats were wore out and guides are as well your still going to have problems. Pump timing can cause some of the problems you are talking about but we also havent seen your head so it could be junk and causing you problems as well. There is also what is called a load compensator in 560 pumps and i assume 460s as well. If thats not right they can sound like a miss or flutter at higher rpm. I havent set these things myself but it has been discussed here before.
  11. Wow..then corn will go to $1.50/ bu.....
  12. It is different. My wifes cousin's husband went thru skilled trades apprenticeship same group as me. He ended up caretaking the old plant 2 building. Says most is rented out or in process of remodel to be rented. Bought recently for second time by a big property holder out of state. Didnt know any of that till a recent fam gathering