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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Honestly why wouldnt ANYONE who stands to lose a decent carrer kick and scream union or not. And how many of those displaced drivers will end up on welfare? Im betting more than a few. I say again self driving anything is a bad idea.
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Weve had self driving trucks that got excellent fuel mileage for well over a 100 years. They were called TRAINS back then tho.
  3. Dad passed away

    Sorry for your loss.
  4. MD not starting

    I think what is being said is shut off in diesel mode and dont worry about switching to gas till you start it next.
  5. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Those are getting fewer and fewer tho
  6. Poor UPS service

    Got a head set for grandpas regular from Rice's yesterday. Us postal. No damage. One success story anyway.

    I think driveless anything is a bad idea. Jmo
  8. New holland grinder screens

    Sometimes new screens are not too bad. Fil bought a mixer few years ago i check manf for him , he ended up buying a new one or 2
  9. Grinding hay in hog feed

    We used to grind in a certain amt of oats in pig feed as well as bean meal to get protien and roughage. Dont remember now if for all age groups or just certain ages. But if all ya got is corn and alfalfa you will add protien. As stated above, how much depends on quality of hay.....
  10. Grinding hay in hog feed

    Alfalfa for the protien content
  11. IH464 Starting Issue

    Make sure ground is clean at block/frame too
  12. fair price for a super C ?

    In this area a good running one can be had for 2500 or less.
  13. Project truck for someone.

    That is cool. Hope somebody takes an interest in it. I love old cabovers from that era.
  14. Poor UPS service

    I suppose it depends on the loaders, drivers, and management at each location. Poor employees= poor service. Ups pretty good here usually.
  15. Hey Santa.....

    A brand new shiny gold demo 826 hydro(gear drive would be ok too). Hmmmm would it still be one item or 3 if i speced it out with an ih loader and cab............?