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  1. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Id rather have the 67-72 ford 4x4 next to it
  2. Oat growers!

    Are you guys raising oats strictly for oats or as a cover for alfalfa?
  3. What's your favorite snack

    Anything with chocolate and or sugar

    And what kind of work force would it have taken to get it done in any kind of timely manner? I only watch very rarey but it is interesting
  5. 756 final drive/trans housing

    Iirc from earlier discusions oil will work its way thru bearings into final drives if you forget to refill em? Wouldnt wanna go out an work it right away i suppose? And would need to top off oil level again.
  6. life in our corner

    Sounds like things may be straigtening out for you. Good to hear!
  7. Vintage Ads

    Was a guy north of where i grew up trying to cut twine or wrapped hay off rolls as tractor idled pto on, big baler jd maybe. Pulled him in and ground muscles on his back up pretty good. His wife wandered along just in time to save him. He still farmed after but had to do extensive therapy and didnt move too good. Super nice guy. May be wrong but i thought they were close in size and weight to a square bale. Belt tension compacted hay some. Think one of the big downfalls was you had to stop for twine to wrap every bale and dump. Fil worked on a farm in southern iowa for a while. Guy across the road had one he ran behind a wd45 i think. Said he kept it wound up and front wheels would come off ground every time he threw hand clutch in after bale ejected. Idk his story.
  8. Pickup flatbed

    And i might add not just lengthen the frame but move the rear axle back as well if going that route. Gooseneck hitch needs to be approx right over axle u joint yoke iirc. Wouldnt be a good idea to move it back to correspond with a longer bed.
  9. Pickup flatbed

  10. Vintage Ads

    Roto baler was not uncommon around here. Maybe not super popular but there was a fair amount of em around. Guy tried to sell me one once. Bought his flair box wagon but not the baler. Used to see em in a fence row now an then too...
  11. So what DID happen to him?

    If 50 to 100 mpg could truly be obtained in the 1970s with no or little electronic engine control there would still be a market today imo. World wide if not in this country. Id toss fuel inj computer and all if i could get 100 mpg without it. But thats just me.
  12. So what DID happen to him?

    I reckon they would just find a reason to charge us more per gallon even if we did double our mileage.......
  13. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    I80 was closed today? Dang it, sure wasnt when i went to work! Mom always ordered my school jeans all through first half of grade school from the sears catalogue. Good ol toughskins in every color you could think of...Spent every night after school from thanksgiving till Christmas daydreamimg and marking pages........
  14. So what DID happen to him?

    Several different cars and engine displacements mentioned from article to article as well. Dont know if it was reporter errors or if more than one car was in fact used.
  15. So what DID happen to him?

    Googled him yesterday. A whole series of articles came up. Some conflicted each other. One said, i believe, that he was found in desert in his car. Another said he went to a friends after being at a bar and collapsed. Weather he was self medicating himself for depresion for any number of reasons and oded or comitted suicide or was murdered who really knows or can prove at this point. Nothing would suprise me including a murder, but again who knows. I just wanna know if it was real and how it worked......interesting imo.