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  1. Except for the clown suit and make up i kinda like it! 😁
  2. He is saying h1 is 4th. But ya not how most of us think about it
  3. I think when these were new, as well as 400-450, 300-350 row crops , they did call for 80-90wt. But i believe somewhere along the line most were swtiched to hytran with Ih's blessing/recommendation? What i always thought anyway. Think i might have even talked to my local ih dealer about my 400 at one time.
  4. Um maybe for you but i think most others refer to it high or low 1,2,3 , in ta or direct, or sometimes ta ahead or back. Thus a alot are gonna be confused by your terms including me. Lol
  5. Im not an expert on these but you do have a fast hitch 2 point. The extra bracket above you are talking about may have been added to make a 3 point conversion out of it. Another possible explanation for it is some impmements had a stabilizer ( might not be correct term) that hooked to a bracket like you are descibing if i remember correctly. Thinking maybe some plows Hooked to it? Others might chime in , but you definitely have a 2 point fast hitch. You will need lower adapters that slide in and latch to your existing arms to run 3 point stuff, as well as upper arm.
  6. Wouldnt be for me
  7. Thats pretty cool getting the history of 2 of your tractors! Wish i had more info about all of mine. Good luck in tour search
  8. Remains of a binder?
  9. X3
  10. Pretty much everyone here gone to v style wheel rakes. I have a badly beat up new idea bar rake i keep around but rarely use it as i bought a ghel 3 point v rake probably 5 or 6 years ago. Sold it last year and bought a neighbors sitrex trailer type v rake so i can move it around with pickup from place to place if tractor is tied up on baler or mower.
  11. I would be a bit concerned about not getting key perfectly level and locting it that way. Would bind going together and give you fits. If tolerences are any where near correct i would think key would have to be less than .001 out of level end to end to not bind. Jmo
  12. I had my drill out this weekend doing a late patch of oats. Got looking and i had 2 manuals. The one for your and my drill is labeled MF double run grain drill and does have the seeding rate chart in it. Which is the same one as the pictures of the rusty tag i sent. The M grain drill which is the other manual i have is different, has the flutted seed wheels more common to other brands of drills. Ours have the seed cups or wheels and the big tapered gear set up.
  13. I think your talking about the pivot pin the axle pivots on? Yes there are bushings in the axle tube its self. A little wear there will look like a lot of movement out by wheels. Was sure i was thru the bushings and into axle tube on my 826. Tore it apart and was just bushings. Fyi as per my parts man. Once you get old bushing out, drive in new bushings and then hone them until pin just slips in. DO NOT just drive pin into new bushings, will be too tight and possably drive bushing on thru. They are made to be fitted. Will take sum time and patience with a brake hone. Hope this helps
  14. If you have change the filters that many times and it only runs an hour before messing up you are only making it worse. If you dont want to give up on the tractor great , do the right thing and fix it. Running it in that condition will will only lead to catastrophic failure and sooner rather than later from the sounds of it. Even if you spend the full value of the tractor to fix it , still way cheaper than a newer computer controled model and all their problems as they age.
  15. My guess in the tight clearances would be for whayever reason the tight ones are not quite on base cirlce of cam lobe giving you a false reading. I have run in to similar situation a time or two. I dont fully trust the simplified method and usually go back and check a second time no matter which way i set them. But i dont do it that often so im not fully comfortable without a doubke check.