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  1. Would have made it easier on yourself if you had aligned the marks before you took it apart as you could still be 180 out of time if # 1 not on compression not sure on your initial timing #s other will chime in.
  2. Lol yep. Seen it happen. Buddy sold a pickup to another buddy at work years ago. Had a lifetime warranty till truck was sold to next guy. Have to know both these guys but we still tease em about it.
  3. LIFETIME warranty lol
  4. Cant help with your problems but i think tractor would.go right back or they would be asked to greatly reduce bill.since they made tractor worse instead of better
  5. Ive only had one 560 so far.....far as im concerned the fast hitch is one of the nice parts of the tractor....wouldnt really want a 4 or 560 without myself....might as well buy an M or 400-450...JMO
  6. Thanks Owen
  7. What exactly, is corn head grease? You mean general purpose grease from grease gun?
  8. Are they no longer available from Cnh? Where i got mine for 826 a couple years ago? Dint remember price but im.sure it was more than it should have been....
  9. Greens not my fav color but gotta say that fresh metalic green is sharp. Had a 79 F350 4x4 i wanted to fix up into a really nice driver....never got there sadly. My fav trucks are 67- 72s followed by the 78--79s they jist looked better than all the other years of that body style. Nice job!
  10. Nope, but with an overhead bin like that gotta be oooold ? When did they stop with the overhead bins?
  11. Question......shouldnt it be relieving way before it builds up that much pressure? Seems to me you have 2 problems or are looking in wrong area?
  12. Dad always said cut alfalfa when 1/3 is starting to bloom, what i always try to do....
  13. You have to understand how a ta works and use it acordingky and with common sense. Its not might they Will free wheel and coast down a hill. Its the way they are designed and built that make that happen. The ramp and rollers will free wheel or slip a bit until speed equalizes and rollers wedge against drive hub. Its what takes the shock out of drivetain a bit when shifting to lo. Weight of machine going down hill will push tactor faster that drivetrain is going and unlodges they are only and can only hold one way. Probably not a very good description but hope it helps yoy umderstand a bit how they work
  14. Have recently read pet/airplane shipping horror stories sumwhere......i think i would exhaust every other option first. Just my 2 cents
  15. Are you positive the other valves are set in proper postion? If turned past single or 2 way setting will load up hydrauics as well. Not sure enough to kill engine tho...suppose to be a roll pin or something that prevents them from going to far but can be broke ect..sorry if you have already had this advice bit one easy thing to check.