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  1. Prayers from Connecticut.
  2. Wow, I didn't think I was going to get so many responses. I have a few questions. Why do some accumulators turn the bale on to it's side? What is the benefit? Also, I kind of like the grapple that runs a string around the bunch of bales, I would think this would be a great help with transporting. Any thoughts? Thanks. eric
  3. Just curious if anybody here uses a small bale accumulator and grapple set up. I am finding it harder ever year to find help with small hay bales. I'm thinking about upgrading to a tow behind bale accumulator that hooks to the baler. Then pick up a group of 10 bales with a bale grapple and putting them on a flat bed trailer. Unloading would be easier with a loader and stacking them in the barn. I have been looking online and I see that there are lots of options and I was curious if anybody here uses a set up like this. I think I can cut my helpers down to just me and maybe one person. Any thoughts? Eric
  4. Sorry. Eric
  5. Maybe you can weld on some wings and use it as a crop duster with that fan/propeller being so out of place.
  6. Somebody has to buy this very rare V8 Farmall H. I just don't know how to describe it. You have to see it . http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/292043565704?
  7. I'm not sure of the reserve, I tried to call my brother and left a message. Eric
  8. Does anybody have any knowledge on the Jeep FC model trucks? The reason I ask is my brother has a 1962 FC 170 jeep that he is selling.. When he checked the serial number it reads FW17023001. These are not a common jeep and trying to decode the serial number has been next to impossible. My question is could this be the first built truck of this model? I think they only made around 1400 trucks total. If anybody knows anything about serial numbers I would like to know your thoughts. Eric
  9. Forget it. I just finished the movie. I should have finished it before I posted. Eric
  10. In the Snowbouind film at 2:27 did he say hay balers? Eric
  11. Yes, please explain.
  12. Very nice, a clean truck has alot to say about your buisness. Most FL series trucks that I see on the road are in pretty bad shape. When we go through a road side DOT inspection the inspector tells us that they are impressed with the condition of our truck. We never had any major problems. Eric
  13. It may have been the MF7, I'll check on that. I do know that the Freightliner was offered with a Cat engine along with I believe a 5.9 Cummins and a 8.2 Cummins . I have the larger 8.2 Cummins and have been real happy with it. it just turned 402,000 miles this week. Eric
  14. Yes, I get a tax bill yearly on the value of the truck . Regarding the aluminum wheels something to be aware of. I had to replace all of the lug studs with longer ones, there needs to be 1/2" of threaded stud sticking out beyond the lug nut to be DOT legal . I think the aluminum wheel is thicker than the steel wheels. Eric
  15. Thanks for the complement on the trucks image means alot to me. Yes, the International was a 2010 with the maxforce. In the 150,000 miles that I had it I replaced 36 injectors and then the engine blew. it cost me $18,000 just to rebuild the engine. I had it towed from upstate NY to CT way to many times with a price tag of $1500.00 each time. I paid $78,000 for it new and sold it for $24,000 to another International dealer. I could not give it away. I have been 100% International for the past 25 years, never again. Eric