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    '56 series in general and fast hitch equip.
    756D 756 gas under restoration by my son and myself
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  1. F 1256 s/n 12956 Dirk Rasmussen  Hamlin, Iowa   12,000 hours .  Grandfather bought new. Hiniker 1300A cab.

  2. Snow in South Texas

    My 2 grandkids in Bee county got to play in their first snow. ( mom and dad try to stay out of Iowa in the snowy season.}. Always looking for Red tractors in the south when traveling not alot around. In laws are all green, except for a 656 pedal tractor from Iowa.
  3. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    We went to Denmark 2 years ago. Talked to a farmer that was seeding rape/ canola in Canada and US with a Fendt and a Case /IH . I told him I had the IH 56 series and he said he had a 1056 in the shed. Would they have made a European model 1056 or was he pulling my leg. He seemed quite sincere about it.
  4. 656 hydralics

    Just want to thank you all for the information. Just told my son on Sat. that the 656 hydraulics were acting up. Sunday night checked out the forum . Today added 2 extra gallons of hy-tran and the the hydraulics worked again. Will put on the list to check out the suction tube. Thanks again.
  5. Spring 2017 Seeding

    Normally I would have the duals on the 14 but for only 10 acres this year and on bean stubble I did without them.
  6. Spring 2017 Seeding

    They are not the prettiest but they are fun!
  7. 440 baler

    got a 445 a couple of years ago to bale 500 to 600 bales of hay and straw. We used sisel twine but the knot would not always come off the bill hook. Would tighten tension and that helped that problem but then would pull the knot apart in the chamber. Thanks for all of everyone's input. I will check for the grooves in the chamber first and then maybe switch to poly twine. Again, I really enjoy learning from everyone.
  8. 711 mower blades

    Got a nice 711 but needs blades. I got a pair of right hand ones from dealer. Their book said the left hand ones were no longer available. Checked around on the internet but no luck. My son said he can determine the material used and make a pair, but not sure of cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. amp gauge for a 756 diesel

    Most of the wires melted, but enough of one to go back to the starter which was the the same as slicing the wires together. Luckily I have a son that knows this kind of thing and you guys on forum . Will work on the volt meter this weekend. Thanks again.
  10. amp gauge for a 756 diesel

    good idea. All the other tractors I have have the voltmeter. Took the amp meter back today and got a voltmeter. Thanks
  11. amp gauge for a 756 diesel

    Had a short in a stand alone amp gauge. Was spreading manure and it started sparking intermittantly. Headed for the shed to get battery disconnected. Had a nice little flame in the gauge, the good news is the wires burned through and disconnected itself from the power. I went to the IH dealer andwas given 354473-R91. I said the old one was a 60-0-60 and this one is a 20-0-20. Steiners has this one for Cubs and other smaller and older tractors. Do I need to get a IHS8137?
  12. 2606 or 460 utlity?

    Thanks. My son remembered seeing what looked like a date code on the rear and will check out when he gets back home. And Jeff I have gotten a few emblems from you and sold you some. When I get ready I will get back to you. Need to get it mechanically good first. Thanks everyone I now have a International 460 utility forklift.
  13. 2606 or 460 utlity?

    Here are two more pictures. The one is stripped down ready for new hubs, wheels and tires. There other is of the steering unit which is the next major project to get straightened out. Thanks for the input, especially looking forward to more about why it has 2606 badges and 2606 serial number but everything else seems to be 460.
  14. 2606 or 460 utlity?

    I found out Harlo Corp. in Michigan is still operating and making forklifts. I have started communications with them and hope to learn more about the forklift. Will post what I find out. Thanks for the the things to look for. My son will take some pictures and will post soon.
  15. 2606 or 460 utlity?

    Since this was converted to a fork lift and has the shuttle shift did they have to go to a 460 rear end to get this to work? I usually try to get things as original as possible but I don't think I'll change rear ends.