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  1. repete crank sensor failures B series cummins

    well this time crank sensor didn't fix , in covering my symtoms with my cummins guy its the ecm slow to wake , he told me to duplicate problem long crank then turn key off wait 30 second turn key on wait 30 seconds and start hasn't long cranked since starting this way , no ac voltage in system with fluke 88 , wiring is less than 10 inches long from ckp to ecm , so will be more patient starting until getting ecm put in . through work list was 2400 and change my cost 1700 , cummins store said they couldn't come close to price , so will be putting in re man that cummins tech I use recommends having good luck with at 1300 programed and installed with 5 year warranty , hope this helps if anyone is having similar symptoms ,,,,Greg
  2. repete crank sensor failures B series cummins

    here we go again tach slow to come up longer crank time got the spare out and put in 2 years 25k miles , no damage , pin drag good reluctor tight , back on the road again see ya in 2 more years lol ,,,,, oh call cummins store and re stock glove box , Greg
  3. corn is late , really late

    got 1300 bu out yesterday was 14.1 going in machine , 2" rain last night , other corn was 17 before rain ,,,, milo was 16 before rain , was mid 80's and windy yesterday 50's today 39 Monday morning which will be 30 in bottoms maybe bring milo around ,,, strange year to put it mildly , we had over 20" of rain july to sept
  4. corn is late , really late

    first year I can remember that we have corn standing in mid October usually gone by mid sept , it was still 15.1 oct 1 st , , was down to 13 last week and weekly rain came 18.2 . not cost effective for small folks to have a bin and fan or take the hit at the coop , just had to vent a little ,, waiting on gf to get to work and moisture test some ears maybe we can get a couple semis loaded today , rain late tonight early am tomorrow , hope yall are having better luck there ,,,,,Greg
  5. cover crops take 2

    its a soil and water cover crop cost share program , I own a 800 planter that I do some no till , usually just no till rentals to keep cost down and re plant or dry springs or wet spots , my drill is a late 8300 with small seed , which I have used in moist ground without disking but press wheels don't cover well
  6. cover crops take 2

    we no tilled everything late 70's to 90 , and corn yields consistently fell every year after 3 years of pretty good yields , corn went from 120's to 90's bpa beans upper 30's to upper 20's . no comparison with todays hybrids with tillage now my corn is in 180's and beans in the 60's
  7. cover crops take 2

    organic matter is always high on my soil tests ,that said university stories of yield increase and collecting some nitrogen are my top interests , to go to a gvmt program to make ends meet I would need to sell current tillage equiptment and conventional drill . there is very few that are doing this on a continuous basis in our county and a lot that tried for 4 or 5 years and quit covers . Greg
  8. cover crops take 2

    to continue ; went to local soil water , cost share 30/ac for 1 specie up to 50 for 3 species , to tillage even to plant covers , one year contract , payment in may after 2nd inspection , its pretty much my cost for seed compensated by government then fuel and wear and tare on me , I don't have acess to a no till drill so rent would be $10/ac plus I have always had best luck trying to bury at least 70 percent of stalks also we did a no till program for ten years when the 800 came out and after 3 years yields kept falling consistently , just our ground I guess but I have better bpa and less washing when I contour disk chisel stalks (corn milo) and disk bean ground , should I go it on my own so I can bury stalks ,conventional drill oil seed radish crimson clover and cereal rye in one pass ? Greg
  9. Pole barn header

    was the builder out of Springfield ? I have been looking for about 4 years now , wanting a 30x60 one side open , single pitch bids local were 18 plus , the traveling crews from southern states bid 14k , #1 I don't trust paying up front for materials before they are on my property contract or not to someone out of state #2 I wanna keep $ in state or county if possible very interested how your endeavor turns out and maybe I will use your contact , Greg
  10. on a corn bean rotation , clay loam to silt loam , till and no till couple fields wash and or flood , do not have a notill drill , just entertaining the thoughts now , Missouri university has info but would like numbers from people that are doing it , recommendations after corn , cereal rye , after beans , crimson clover hairy velch oats Austrian peas oilseed radish , ,,,,,,, these are just a few , cpa for seed is around 25/acre here , let me know good and bad real life experiences . Greg
  11. starting my battle with algae

    drained couple gallons off this morning before starting , kinda chocolate colored for first pint after that clean , ran for 5 hrs no issues , how much atf to full tank have you guys been running ? about how many treatments / tanks aprox. will this take ? probably only run 300 gal through it a year
  12. starting my battle with algae

    the tractor had it when I got it couple years ago , we don't have bio here , I gave it a good shot of atf when I filled up along with the bio clean , should I drain a couple gallon off lower tank before I use it each time ? Greg
  13. starting my battle with algae

    put in shock amount , pulled pretty hard for 6 hrs , no side effects yet . did drain couple gallons from lower tank before adding bio side and filling to top ,,, Greg
  14. starting my battle with algae

    1086 has had it in tank since I purchased just never had time to deal with it , farm tank is clear , got some bio clean by power service , do I use shock treatment or maintence ? has never choked filter but change filters every 100 hrs and primary always has a mound of what looks like wet cardboard piled in center top of filter , also what to expect ? I have 3 extra primaries and one secondary , going out to brush hog about a hundred acres which should be close to a full tank , will filter woes be less by then ? thanks , Greg