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  1. I have had aussies my last 2 dogs and are the most trying in the first 2 years , my current is 10 months , we use deer or beef bones when we have , farm stores usually have good large bones , I never use any rawhide ever JMO , pet co has a ring chew that he really likes , we haven't had any big issues using this method , the are one of the smartest you will ever work with , keeping them busy is the key or they will get destructive , we don't have livestock so we do fetch and catch with tennis ball and frisbe . a lot of long walks , after the 2 year you will see they just want to be with you whatever you are doing , you cant wear these dogs out they don't have to tired in them , Greg
  2. exhaust back pressure over comes spring pressure , if vacuum line unhooked rev to 2500 while watching egr pintle
  3. use a pet safe wireless , batteries were a pima , had it on a aussie for 14 years worked good , like others said they try it till battery dies so you have to be on top of it , old collars kept shocking till batteries go dead or they come back , new collar stops after 15 seconds , new dog another aussie got a rechargeable collar , have yet to put him out on collar , training on commands supervised free running and large kennel unsupervised , aussies are about as blockheaded as they come but as smart as they come , biggest drawback is area of use is small 3/4 acre I think my new one is , if you go pet safe call them direct I have got all my units , collars etc way cheaper than any local retailers jmo Greg
  4. think he meant old part # and new part #
  5. pull facia out far enough to get to back of fan switch and look for burnt wires and or terminals , if not check power thinking its orange 10 or 12 ga on switch it feeds all items on this side , I have had to wire nut power to low to get through the day , if it looks good and you have power out of switch its time to remove roof access and continue , my guess would be blower burnt up switch and or wiring
  6. if your working close to house get it good and hot to point your dissatisfied with temp , check suction line at compressor with hand , in a good working system it should be air temp or evap temp , then mist condenser and re check temp to see if you are superheating ,line would drop at least 20 degrees never studied the 88 but probably no room to run a assist fan ?
  7. need pressure reading from high side also , but if low side is that low txv or restriction on low side , a high side reading will verify that
  8. most of replant milo is up , stand looks ok but spacing is wide and some what erratic so still don't know if next time I should set population up to get to lbs per acre I need or keep looking for a issue at manifold or tubes , my thinking is if it was in tubes there would be a whole pile of seed in row then none and so on ? I really feel lowering speed from 5.5 to 4.5 helped , it went from 60k to 95k and that was only major change
  9. ya I been trying to find a service manual that has procedure , guys on here talk of having dealer do procedure but no one within several hundred miles has a tech that is familiar with steps , so hoping the guys on here have just been busy planting and replanting and will chime in
  10. I don't have a service manual and local dealer doesn't have anyone capable of describing the procedure , so you shim the sheet metal of the firewall from behind to spec based on measurements from drum hub ?
  11. so do you use adjuster bolt on gear box to move it up or down then shim behind bearing flange ?
  12. beans 80% corn 2nd replant 100% done Friday milo 50% , got near 2" in 25 min Saturday yet to survey that damage , local mfa coop was out of all seed Friday people calling and digging up any leftovers you had
  13. have had a 3210 I believe for 7 years , 250 main and 150 sub boxes I believe , laminated tires , in our area its all you see , several have tried off brands and if all you do is chop stalks there are fine , do 20 acres of 2 " oak saplings and rocks then see whats left of a yellow hog , mine cuts 11' and is a little over 6k now only thing I would change would be 4 tires instead of 2 , jmo
  14. so found my tight spot between box and drum and repaired , decieded to go plant a acre of milo , ran 4.5 mph , 8 in of air and it put on 94700 set at 120000
  15. repacked box and pulled drum shaft bearing was a little rough but no tight spots so put back and it turned free until tightened pinch bolt , lowered box a 1/16" and smooth , with a tape on drum flange its 1/64" off top to bottom is that within spec ?