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  1. got back to planter after rain calmed down to re check sprockets driver 1 is 10 , driven 1 is 15 , driver 2 is 11 and driven 2 is 10 for a 36 hole pop of 30128 and space of 6.94" , multiply by 4 for 144 hole drum to get my 120k divide by 4 for spacing , 8.1 mph max speed , so the new question would be do you divide speed by 4 ? if you go to top of pop chart for 36 hole drum it is 111748 max speed 2.2 mph so at 120 k , 13500 seeds per pound should have put down 8.89 lb per acre , when I got done and weighed seed I was 29 lb short of goal so I had put on 69000 of my 120000 setting , going to run it on driveway at speed I was using measure space and try to count seeds then at half speed , any other ideas more than welcome !!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg
  2. correct if using hopper chart and some books , chart above is showing total teeth
  3. anyone else run into this chart difference between foldout and one on planter box and or re print book ?
  4. 3/8" impact here alternating bolts , anti seize
  5. twp products and don't look back ! I use cedar tone 101 on my log siding and deck , bleach it every summer do siding every 7 or 8 years and deck every3 or 4 , on floor it is a little slick for a couple months , but it is very good stuff
  6. that should feed , I had inoculant in hopper also even after the tube issue at manifold I was off several times pulling tube and getting a piece of wire after it I was coal black after that day and inoculant . does it plug right away ? will it do it planter up turning drum by hand ?
  7. I do not have , so I have to assume sprockets are listed in actual teeth not stamped half teeth ? if so my current set up on this chart would be 179275k per acre ????????????? lost my book chart and say 30100 on 30 in row multiply x4 for 144 drum , thinking I have driver1,10 driven 1, 11 driver2, 15 , driven 2 , 10 , now I an confused
  8. lots of stories here of the little green plastic tab on bottom of bean bags in manifold 2 issues I have had in beans tube slight kink with planter down worked great until all way down , higher pop 160's ? and driving to fast
  9. the chart on side of planter based on 36 hole drum 30" row x 4 for 144 hole drum I used 31000 ish , have talked to a lot of dealers and people over last couple days , today old guy that sold us our first new 800 said 144 worked good until population got near 80 k , he says there was some drums they got that was like a bean drum with milo size holes that let people go higher pop , he said its turning (drum) at 5-6 mph that seed misses manifold lol he compaired it to planting corn at 20 mph , so I have never heard of this drum done a little searching but had a hard time finding my 144 , like allways 10 min later a guy called with a 900 6row narrow said he just got done planting milo 5.5 mph , 144 hole drum same dekalb I had at 120k without a problem , soooooooooooo next time I will try setting at 60k and split row it
  10. weighed seed I had left and it had put on 60,000 and was set for 120,000 so went back and split rows and re weighed seed it was within 1.5 lb of desired 120K pop , no idea why , read book re checked sprocket selections a dozen times , re checked against chart on planter and book , set it at 30100 ish X 4 for 144 hole drum , maybe someone will chime in ,,,,, on the other hand I did figure out monitor issue with that drum at that pop max speed is 4.8 mph , when I got mad because I had to go split rows I tried 2nd high and it did all kind of skipping slowed back to 1st high 1600 rpm about 4.6 mph on mine it worked ok , then got book out and learned why
  11. may be this winter but going to pull box and see whats inside , nothing to loose it needs fixed or replaced right ? wouldn't be the first thing I scattered lol ,,,, and it is smoother at really slow speed after freeing up idler under hopper thanks Bailey !
  12. had a long day today trying to plant 10 acres of milo , my first with a 800 cyclo , so I have a drum I assume is milo seed fits in dimple well around 150 hole , used 144 on chart so 30k x 4 to get my 120k , when checked it by pounds its closer to 100k so I had to speed up 3 steps on chart , when I did beans and corn its allways spot on pop , the other thing is I planted corn in april and had no monitor issues (row errors while planting ) and today with milo it was constant failing random rows but had seed in trench , just grasping to get a hold on this planter thanks guys,, Greg
  13. hose from top right of rad to surge tank gets plugged at rad end and wont self bleed , and you need a fan clutch , a LS will stay cool without ac on and a bad fan clutch
  14. ok had a little time , pulled gear box chain and as bailey6588 said tension arm would stick in center position , questioning gear box though it is hard to start to turn but turns easy after its moving and has maybe a 1/4" of backlash , can it be removed and take 4 bolt cover off and clean old hard grease out ?
  15. speed could be it we never planted over 25k back in the day