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  1. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    had pizza tonight !!!!!!!! will see how it effects , crust is made of ground cauliflower , shallots green pepper black olives and mushroom , no sugar sauce and small amount of Canadian bacon it was really good really , came from diabetic living , my research leads me to staying away from processed fats ? a small amount of real butter ok stay away from margarine and cooking oils other than olive oil , I will be seeing a specialist soon also . the potatoes and pasta keep calling my name though !!!!!!! Greg
  2. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    I agree IHDONNIE , last night had to have a steak , put a prime rib rub on it and pan fried in olive oil , did spaghetti squash with pesto sauce and both had real taste , grapes and almonds for desert , 2 hrs later 131 this morning 103 , been having couple eggs and wheat toast and a tiny bit of apple butter for breakfast sugar is less than a bowl of bran flakes ...... Greg
  3. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    been eating a orange of apple when I have steak or chops as a desert , grapes and or almonds as a snack been from 100 to 140 2 hrs after meal , have been waking up with a headache about 4 or 5 am never thought too check sugar but couple hr later its 100 to 110 ,,,,,Greg
  4. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    don't know my A1C number but it meant my average for last 3 mo was 200 , I was just tested in may and was perfect ,,,,, was trying the all salad and lean meat stir fry , thinking I will try small portions of real food and no sugar , did anyone notice eyesight changes at same time ? my reading distance got worse at time that night bathroom trips started , I know its not the end just don't want what my dad has he was rejected when he was called up for Vietnam at 19 and ignored it till 50's his nerve pain is a 10 of 10 almost all the time oxy's don't work anymore , morphine no longer now on methadone , still cant take it , Greg
  5. 86-88 door seals

    what about rubber wheel on slow die grinder ? what we use on almost all 2 side tape decals , emblems and trim . if used correct don't harm paint ,,,, Greg
  6. last wednsday was my day knew it was coming , both sides have it , was 540 at office down and constant 120 now , but salad and stir fry isn't cutting it , what works for you ? don't do hardly any soda or sweets but potatoes and pasta are my weakness thanks Greg
  7. Best area to buy a used truck?

    the last 3/4 ton sub we sold was around 03 04 .. have 30 or more on lot all 1/2 ton
  8. Best area to buy a used truck?

    suburbans and tahoes don't rust like trucks here , brake line issues slow way down after 07 different supplier but you get blessed with the 3 years of oil burners even if they had mods done unless the tech went extra mile to drill extra drainback hole in pistons it will happen again . sub's and Tahoe are hard to come by here in mo that don't have over 120k on them ,,,Greg
  9. repete crank sensor failures B series cummins

    well this time crank sensor didn't fix , in covering my symtoms with my cummins guy its the ecm slow to wake , he told me to duplicate problem long crank then turn key off wait 30 second turn key on wait 30 seconds and start hasn't long cranked since starting this way , no ac voltage in system with fluke 88 , wiring is less than 10 inches long from ckp to ecm , so will be more patient starting until getting ecm put in . through work list was 2400 and change my cost 1700 , cummins store said they couldn't come close to price , so will be putting in re man that cummins tech I use recommends having good luck with at 1300 programed and installed with 5 year warranty , hope this helps if anyone is having similar symptoms ,,,,Greg
  10. repete crank sensor failures B series cummins

    here we go again tach slow to come up longer crank time got the spare out and put in 2 years 25k miles , no damage , pin drag good reluctor tight , back on the road again see ya in 2 more years lol ,,,,, oh call cummins store and re stock glove box , Greg
  11. corn is late , really late

    got 1300 bu out yesterday was 14.1 going in machine , 2" rain last night , other corn was 17 before rain ,,,, milo was 16 before rain , was mid 80's and windy yesterday 50's today 39 Monday morning which will be 30 in bottoms maybe bring milo around ,,, strange year to put it mildly , we had over 20" of rain july to sept
  12. corn is late , really late

    first year I can remember that we have corn standing in mid October usually gone by mid sept , it was still 15.1 oct 1 st , , was down to 13 last week and weekly rain came 18.2 . not cost effective for small folks to have a bin and fan or take the hit at the coop , just had to vent a little ,, waiting on gf to get to work and moisture test some ears maybe we can get a couple semis loaded today , rain late tonight early am tomorrow , hope yall are having better luck there ,,,,,Greg
  13. cover crops take 2

    its a soil and water cover crop cost share program , I own a 800 planter that I do some no till , usually just no till rentals to keep cost down and re plant or dry springs or wet spots , my drill is a late 8300 with small seed , which I have used in moist ground without disking but press wheels don't cover well
  14. cover crops take 2

    we no tilled everything late 70's to 90 , and corn yields consistently fell every year after 3 years of pretty good yields , corn went from 120's to 90's bpa beans upper 30's to upper 20's . no comparison with todays hybrids with tillage now my corn is in 180's and beans in the 60's