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  1. wheres the transtar talk at?

    335 cummins. That was a big'in back then!! Why 4:11's? What year did they put the chrome Bessel around the headlight on the 4300? And then what year did they go to swayed head light's? My buddy has 4 4300's. They have square head lights. The oldest one is a 81 IIRC.
  2. CAT Highway Trucks

    Troy dairy- i was talking to someone who has a 94 Pete iirc and lives in California. He has a 3406B cat. He is good till 2015 then after that is a c15 with the dpf filter.
  3. CAT Highway Trucks

    Cali is a joke! No truck gets in unless its a 07 or 09 motor iirc. Then the certified clean idle sticker has to be in place to idle more than i think it was 5 mintues. I tell everyone to go but glider kits before they stop them to. Then throw a 3406 or a c15 and have at it!! I've never been around a cat truck but watched a few vids and seen a couple on the road. They dont look to impressive to me. If you want a heavy truck is say WS they are great!
  4. CAT Highway Trucks

    I see these trucks as more of a contruction type job. They suck to say it in a nice way. Think about what their OTR truck would look like. Lol. The good ole days of motors are over. Wait until that government regulation of no motor over 14 liters allowed to be put in truck hits. A dang 3406E is bigger than that!! Hey still got the 12.7 DD.
  5. CAT Highway Trucks

    I hear cat is comming out with a emissions road motor. Probably junk just like every other emissions motors. My buddy just got 3 new WS's with the DD15. They will give problems if i was a bettin man.
  6. CAT Highway Trucks

    They have cat clearly stamped on the block. The motors are junk.
  7. International Photographic Center

    So that big house that is behind the 68 is there to i see!!!! Man!! We got history!!! So was all the farm photos to taken there ? Or do we know ?
  8. International Photographic Center

    Is there tractors or sn plates there Danny ?
  9. International Photographic Center

    Anyone got the pic of the 5488 in front of the blue building? You can see the bins in the background
  10. International Photographic Center

    Yep i plan to head that way August 25 or so ill head that way after the half century farm progress!! Funny i called that place First Lady said nothing IH on that property! 10th course i called guy said it was Bournes !!! He told me the whole story on how it got to be the course and all
  11. International Photographic Center

    Guys i found the gold course after calling 10 places turns out the 1st one i called was the ih property at one time it took 10 different calls for someone to tell me which golf course it was !!!
  12. International Photographic Center

    Ok i have been calling golf courses around there today!! Man some people are just flat out mean about you callin them over that lol guess ill have to load the old golf clubs up and head that way! Lol
  13. Give and take word game

    Scrap yard
  14. Give and take word game

    New year
  15. List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

    International or farmall? If its a ih its a 73 if its a farmall its a 66