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  1. See how bent out of shape you guys get if some one hijacks your thread.
  2. Not wanting to be doom and gloom here, but a new engine and multiple non starts can't be good for engine lubrication and will be hard on the starter weather it be new or not! It turns over like my 806 did when the batteries were low. I would not worry about something being tight, rather than the batteries being weak and needing a little more charging. I could not tell for sure did you get the thing preheated before you started it? I read a while back something about you were going to plug it in. Some diesels are hard starting, I had an 806 (different engine) that was contemptable but would start down to 60 degrees without assistance. Then I got a 686 german diesel that was really contemptable to start even at 70 degrees. So depending on your climate it may be as simple as that, if you got smoke you should be able to get fire with either and being plugged in. As for the kill cable, yank that feeler guage out! There is a sweetspot like you were told, it will make make the engine spin faster when you find it. I see the gauge being a hinderance rather than helpful since you have never ran this tractor you can only assume to know where the sweet spot is!! As cranking pull the cable out slowly and push it in slowly and you will find out where it is when the engine suddenlt cranks faster! Talk about slow starting! About 33 seconds he will yank the kill cable out and it starts.
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