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  1. Dad passed away

    JD, Sincere condolences on the loss of your Dad. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. hours on a magnum?

    Yeah wasn't that a hoot. What a find. It was a 1994 model that an 84 year old farmer purchased new for himself. I got it 10 years later in 2004 with 652 hours on it when he "retired" at age 94. He was still sharp as a tack when I talked to him. He's probably not around any more, he'd be like 107 years old now if he was. Dang that was a nice tractor. I called it my Cadillac.
  3. My haul from National IH auction

    Great stuff BJ. Nice haul.
  4. F-14's

    All righty then. There's been a break through on this subject at the so called bash board. I can't get the link to work here when I try to copy and paste the thread here. But in a quick nut shell the great F-14 mystery seems to have been solved. One of the members there posted to remind us that NASA flies an F-14 as a research aircraft. While he says the craft is based at the NASA Dryden Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California, it's entirely possible that it could bop around the country at times for what ever reason. He suggests that it is most likely this NASA operated F-14 that I spotted in Austin last summer. So there you have it.
  5. F-14's

    Hey there Clay, yes I am aware of the European swing wing Panavia Tornado and also aware that they at times come to the U.S. to participate in exercises with our American forces. The Tornado has a single vertical tail fin where as the Tomcat has the twin vertical tails. I stand by my eyesight from that day. It was not a single tail fin Tornado. It was not an F-15. It was not an F-18. It was not a bigger swing wing B-1B. It was not a swing wing F-111, (which also had only a single vertical tail fin, and I don't believe any F-111's are left flying these days). It was not the F-117. And it was not a jet powered radio control F-14 model. Lol. It was an F-14 with his swing wings deployed straight out / all the way forward, landing gear down, on approach to land. Maybe this one is no longer flying today, but on that day in July or maybe it was August, of 2016, I saw it, no doubt in my mind. Something hush hush / "Area 51" type of thing may have been going on. Maybe he was not planning on putting down at Austin Bergstrom but perhaps had developed mechanical problems and was forced to land there. Who knows.
  6. F-14's

    Whelp I don't know what to tell you. I know what I saw and I was not hallucinating or dreaming. It was most certainly an F-14 Tomcat. Again, this was summer of 2016, so over a year ago. But also now above red211 said he just spotted one the other day. Somebody is flying one or more for some reason. Some sort of research experiments I bet.
  7. F-14's

    Cool, thanks for your sighting report red211. So for what ever reason, or various reasons, apparently there are still at least one or maybe more airworthy F-14's floating around, contrary to what some people may say or think. I am also a member at the so-called bash board, and this F-14 topic came up similarly over there last month. One of the guys there reported seeing an F-14 recently, and so then I also posted about my 2016 Austin, TX F-14 sighting. One of the guys then posted that he was told that there are no longer any F-14's left flying. I posted back, contesting that claim. Be warned, over there I exercised my vocabulary in my reply, lol. I still need to take time to research this out. There might be some clandestine / unpublicized reason that some F-14's are still being sighted from time to time. Here is the link to that thread: http://www.allthingsagriculture.com/Bashboard/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=101567&p=1160645&hilit=Tomcat#p1160645
  8. F-14's

    I remember seeing F-14's perform flying demonstrations at air shows back in the 1990's and early 2000's. I was lucky to spot an F-14 as recently as last summer, (of 2016) so a little over a year ago now, while driving on I-71 near Austin. It was low and on approach in to Austin's Bergstrom Airport. I got really excited when I spotted it and I was trying to drive and watch the F-14 at the same time. Wifey was with me and she was yelling at me to keep my eyes on the road or I would get us killed, lol. I sure wish I knew what that F-14 was doing. There can't be too many left flying around these days. I figure it was in transit somewhere, perhaps it was being used for experiments or research, or maybe it was some sort of a one time ferry flight on its way to like a museum or something. Or maybe it was making its way to Florida as its final destination to be converted and used as an unmanned target drone. Isn't there a base in Florida where they fly those target drones out of, and out over the ocean to be shot down? Or does anyone here know if someone is flying any F-14's for demonstrations on the air show circuit around the country? I wanted to exit I-71 to stop in to the airport to see if l could catch a closer look at the F-14 that had come in, but of course I was over-ruled by the boss and was told to keep driving. She didn't appreciate the rarity of the situation. So I will never know what the real deal was with that F-14, being that they were retired from Naval military service several years ago.
  9. 2017 World Series

    My a_s is draggin' like an old tired dog here at work today. I stayed up to watch the whole game last night but glad I saw that. It was an epic game. Lol..... Hope Houston wins the series!
  10. New toy for the MRS

    Cool. Saab- Born from jets.
  11. Chapter 33 plowday pics

    Maybe he flipped it to correct it by the time you saw it MTO. But in the pics and video here it is upside down.
  12. Chapter 33 plowday pics

    Very nice thanks for sharing. What is the significance of the IH flag being flown upside down on the back of the so called 1406?
  13. On my 3rd reading of this book

    I don't know why this book tends to be so dang expensive on line. And this eBay price is actually "cheap" compared to most of the time. But if you're careful, or lucky, you can find it cheap enough. I found one hard cover copy in good shape at a garage sale in Michigan for .75 cents in 2013, right after we got back from living in the UAE. Then, a couple years ago here in Texas, I found a nice hard cover one in the books section at a Goodwill second hand store for $5.00. The University of Texas main library on campus has a copy that can be checked out and borrowed. So if anyone is having a hard time finding one to buy, don't forget to check your area libraries. Maybe some will have it.
  14. Ih 986 value

    I agree. If they can't even put batts in it to get it running for you, piss on them. Dang... That looks to be an older 986 too, maybe a '76 or '77 model due to the skinny cab steps. Somewhere along the line, beginning during the '78 model run or maybe not until with the '79s they started using bigger cab steps. The one you have pictured also has a red stripe in the hood decal, which is wrong for its model year. I'd be curious to know what model year they tell you it is if you ask them. Be patient and keep looking.
  15. 2455 IH loader

    There might be some pics in the loader section on tractorhouse.com. Wouldn't hurt to check and see.