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  1. Sept/Oct 1975

    Cool. What's the deal with the too far back location of the Turbo decal?
  2. neat tractor, anybody no whos it is

    And a 1066 will clean its clock. No thanks. Piece of Eurotrash judging by the background scenery?
  3. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Here you go: http://www.batescorp.com
  4. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Stronger800, Nice 1066. An an alternator cover (pulley shield) should be a relatively easy find. And a small enough piece to be easily boxed and shipped. Check with a company called Bates Corporation. They are IH parts specialists. You can google search them.
  5. Mr. Rick G

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I wasn't planning on posting here about my mom's passing, but it is very nice to read your posts. Again sincere thanks.
  6. Mr. Rick G

    Thanks. Hello all. Yes we lost my mom early Thursday morning. Age 94. She had been contending with congestive heart failure for some time. She just entered in to hospice care on Wednesday afternoon and so she wasn't in there for even 24 hours. My wife and I were to fly up from TX starting out Friday morning, to visit with her for a few days, but, we came up a day late and a dollar short on that idea. We last visited her up in MI in late July, but thought we'd see her again. It's very sad of course, for those of us left behind. She led a very long, good and mostly healthy life until old man time caught up with her. My mom's wish was to have no funeral home showing, and to be cremated, so we will hold a memorial service for her in the not too distant future, at which time we will go up there. My brother who lives up there is overseeing things at present.
  7. Adios IH 1256

    Good deal. Congratulations to both seller and buyer. Welcome to the board here Tn 1256.
  8. Birthdays Today

    Oops just noticed this thread. Thanks for the birthday greetings. No biggy, just another lap around the sun. Lol....
  9. Super low hour 986 sells for $23,000 in Indiana

    How many hours?
  10. Pine Trees

    Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible.
  11. Old International 756/856 ad

  12. Old International 756/856 ad

    Yep, I recognize him too from many other IH literature pieces.
  13. Harvest 2017 in France!

    Beautiful pictures. Very nice equipment. Merci ! ­čÖé
  14. First 1486 for auction

    Wow, low hours. Well I'll throw my prediction in to the ring here. I'll guess $30,500.00. You saw it here first. Lol. We'll have to remember this thread and refer back to it here on auction day. Happy bidding everyone! But, we already all know it is pre-ordained- Danny is going to buy it to go with his 1086.
  15. Now for the 1568 list.... Who has updates??

    Welcome to the board Farmer1568. Let us know how you make out. Did you already previously look underneath the tractor in the area I described? It's in kind of a dumb place for the factory to attach a serial tag. Many times I've crawled under a tractor that I've looked at for sale perhaps, in snow, wet puddles or mud or tall weeds to get under there to read off a serial number.