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    IH tractors,Dodge musclecars and trucks IH owned 74 1066,Mopar owned 65prostreet Plymouth Satellite,440 4spd "Don't Tread On Me"
  1. What serial # will tell you if it is a blackstripe?
  2. nice car but the yellow one behind it would have been a better investment.
  3. Dear Marshall,I don't know you or the pain you now must be suffering.May the Lord bless you on your day,and take solace in the fact you have a loving father here on Earth and also in Heaven.May the Lord of the Universe make his will known to you someday.God Bless.
  4. Harvester lost it's real management after Alexander Legge,everyone who came after had a part of ruining Harvester.By the time Brooks came along,his noble attempt was a moot point and he put the last nail in with McArdell.
  5. Looks like she's still got plenty of grunt left.Back in the 70's about 1800 acres of Ga pine were harvested across the road from my house.Company had 3 Franklins with Detroits and 2 or 3 new GMC single axle tractors with DD's.Woke me up every morning my senior year.
  6. One of the nimblest tractors there is.We got the gear drive rowcrop.
  7. Figurred it out,Ha!
  8. Ten four,I have absolutely no idea why this frickin' line is thru my post.I didn't even consider those motors
  9. I believe the 304 was a bigblock engine sharing the block with the 345 and the 392.They probably had a longer stroke than a 302 Ferd.
  10. Were there any?Tractor Data says they were made in 74 and 75,but gives the cost in 1976 for 15's.Cousin's friend just bought a blackstripe 15 but it has louvered panels from earlier.
  11. I'm really impressed with that video,I've always been told hydros were weak sisters.Is heat what kills hydros and if it is ,couldn't it be addressed with aux cooling?Dows your tractor pull like that everytime or does it degrade as the oil gets hotter?Another question is do you run any extra cooling for the hydro?
  12. The demise began with Fowler and his policy of trying to take down Cat,along with investing in refridgeration.All that money should have been put into R&D for better farm equipment,plus Fowler was a part time CEO,spent more time in Europe than Chicago.He had the "too big to fail philosophy early".
  13. I remember going to the Ih dealership in my hometown and sure there were 3-4 tractors always in there being worked on some being split,but no more than what was happening in the hometown JD dealership,the early 80's claimed both these dealerships.Case was non existant where I grew up,red and green dominated with blue in a strong 3rd.Ironically the only hometown dealership left is blue and does a hearty business.
  14. How many hours on it?
  15. I think to answer your question Keith,it's because alot of the people on this forum have grown up and been raised on red equipment.Some models of IH equipment had design and engineering problems but for the most part IH built quality tractors,trucks and construction equipment.If every piece of IH built equipment sold worldwide since the company became IH could be accounted for,it would probably take John Deere another 20 years to catch up.I mention JD because no other farm equipment manufacturer even comes close.Take a look at your farm classifieds and see how much IH equipment,30+ years later is still being bought and sold and used daily on the farm,even the hated 86 series,{which incidentally does not deserve the bad rep it gets IMO}Had a CEO of Alexander Legge's caliber been available in 1976,IH would still be in the farm equipment business.