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  1. Whoops I did it again.

    I have really enjoyed this thread,except I don't know if you ever got to enjoy the Payloader,Ego-man.You also have a great sense of humor.
  2. 6588 evaluation

    roger that thank you.
  3. 6588 evaluation

    Thank you NY1468,I'm not educated much on these tractors,but I think they would be awesome on a harrow or plow.I know you don't need to dual these things all the way around if you operate it within it's parameters.
  4. 6588 evaluation

    I'm afraid I'm illiterate on sending or posting pictures.Duals are just on the back,however it has the hubs on the front.I don't think I would duall it up front.I would like to ask you is the front planetaries and axles still from the 85 series tractors on these later 88's.The front axle looked much bigger and robust than a 85 series.
  5. 6588 evaluation

    Thanks Bailey,would like to have it and get it right,I'm retiring from the base this month and would like to play with it down on the farm.
  6. 6588 evaluation

    Not everyday,I live in Kathleen,I meant when I go to see my folks.Yes,34yrs of aircraft mechanic at the base.
  7. 6588 evaluation

    If the tractor I saw was the one you are looking at it is worth the trip.
  8. 6588 evaluation

    The sale is this comin' Wednesday,I'm gonna go watch it,if it sales I'll be shocked,if it don't,maybe I can swing something.
  9. 6588 evaluation

    That's a shame,I've watched that farm for 30 yrs goin between Warner Robins and home,always appeared to be well run.
  10. 6588 evaluation

    I believe I did,had really tall skinny tires and what looked like factory spray accessory,2 tractors down looked nice externally.
  11. 6588 evaluation

    Thank you J will do.What's up with the Dawson farm?
  12. 6588 evaluation

    Thank you sir,I tried to feel around in that area with hopes to open it,but nothing unlocked.I really need to see the condition of that engine.He is asking 15k,but it has a steering issue he says goes away once the fluid is warm.We are going to watch it on auction.I don't believe he will get anywhere close to 15 down here in JD country.Maybe able to pick it up after the auction at a more favorable price.
  13. 6588 evaluation

    This is supposedly a 2 owner tractor,it shows 6906 hrs and I'm told that is accurate.The tractor was bought new in New york and the farmer retired and moved to Georgia.It has 1 repaint and is very nice external condition compared to the beatup wore out ones I have always seen down here.
  14. 6588 evaluation

    Pivot was o/h 2 yrs ago nice and tight as is clutch,however the steering valve sticks,owner said once it warms up that it quits that.Had no luck opening the hood to check engine fluids.{I'm assuming the T-handle under the front of the tractor is the hood release}pulled as hard as I could ,no joy.It has fairly new tires,cab is great,just needs the inside kit.This tractor is new territory and for instance if I have to put a steering valve in it,are they even available?
  15. 6588 evaluation

    I'm looking at a 6588 coming up on auction down here and I went and drove it today.It has some issues but is a straight tractor with decent paint.I would like to discuss some things with a person who has owned a Snoopy,thanks,BDR.