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  1. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    bigger brakes, longer frame, bigger rad. Internal engine parts are different, pump is different. There more but I'd can't remember of the top of my head.
  2. 986 - 66 similarities

    You could swap on a cab from a 3088, 3288 or 3688, there basically a 986/1086 with the updated cab.
  3. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Depends how its built. I would get an old corn elevator and use that to lift the roof off. The roof is bolted to the sides, take it off in one big piece. The sides might be bolted, might have the long vertical rods that get pulled out from the top.
  4. 560 on alcohol

    You'll never get the stock head to flow for crap, and it will Prolly crack long before flow becomes problem.... Remind him the 301 is an indirect injection motor. They can't handle near the fuel as a direct injection motor.
  5. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    4 or 7 degrees here, depending where you looked. I'd guess the Dakota's were close to below zero.
  6. A lost trait...

    Here in MN it's offensive to look at the person while talking to them. I can't find the right video, but the same guy explains how you stand 90° to each other and look off in the distance while never looking at each other while having a conversation. It's pretty hilarious and so true.

    60 miles south of Duluth, ours is all melted. I might moldboard some sod this evening of the Case don't spin to bad...
  8. 9 bolt cast centers

    wheatland wheel were 30, 32, or 34. All 10 bolt. Completely different then the OP pics.
  9. 1440 controls?

    Most electric control machines have auto header height. The old twin stick machines are hit or miss as to weather or not they have the cable style header height control or are full manual.
  10. 9 bolt cast centers

    The wheatland ones are different, they're 10 bolt.
  11. 9 bolt cast centers

    That was my thought, custom made?
  12. More tire or more weight?

    More tire, and FWA. I'm amazed at what my FWA Case will go through with 18.4/42's and no weight on back.
  13. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Your right, I was wrong. The exhaust location is wrong for a Magnum. I know I seen pics of a faked one go around Ag talk a few months ago that was very similar.
  14. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Cool stuff! The 2nd pic of the 5488 is a fake. It's a magnum with 88 series hoods. Seen it go 'round the internet a few months back.
  15. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    Gonzo pretty much said exactly what I was Gunna say.
  16. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    You'd be amazed at how low of a temperature the manifolds will glow when heat soaked.
  17. 3594 value

    The 6 speed uses the same 3 speed as all other tractors, but it has a 2 speed PS in front of the 3 speed. Basicaly a T/A as it only has underdrive or direct. When the 6 speed is in PS 1, the front PS is in under drive and the rear the 3 speed PS is in 1st, when shifted to 2, the front PS goes to direct and the rear PS stays in 1. when shifted to 3 the front PS goes back to under driving and the rear goes to 2nd. it keeps repeating this sequence of under/ direct while working through 1-2-3 of the rear PS. If you problems are in just the even or just the odd, then it's a front PS problem, if there in 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6 then its the rear PS. being that 5 is faster then 4 and 6 on yours, it still says electrical to me. 4 is direct drive, PS 2. while 5 is under drive PS 3, and 6 is direct PS 3. you either have a whole pile of burnt clutches or a very bad electrical gremlin
  18. Look at this Most Intense pulling picture

    Minis are spark ignition only and 2000 horsepower, the Dmax would never keep up.....
  19. 3594 value

    I paid 10K for my 3394, it came out of the Red River valley. It had a tick noise in the trans and would slip in every other PS gear. Cab interior was top notch for a tractor with 7100 hours. It had 900 hours on 4 brand new 18.4/42 rear tires. Paint was great. I had it narrowed down to a bad part in the front 2 speed PS. As soon as I dropped the front output I saw the problem. Dad and I split it in my shop, ordered a bunch of new parts for the C5/C6 clutches, cost me $1,800 ordered it all right off the Case/IH site. 200 hours later I still smile at the deal I got on that tractor. My vote is electrical problem, odd to have both 1 & 2 go at the same time with no slipping.
  20. Case 2290

    Why? When you push in the clutch it shifts to 1st for you, why make extra work with your hands.... Much like a TA, never use it to slow down a load. We've got a 2090 and a 3394. I got the 3394, for a song cuz it had a noise in the PS. Dad and I split it ourselves, cost 1800 to fix the 2 speed PS. Best thing I ever bought.
  21. What's wrong with this.......

    I know EXACTLY where that tractor is, I actually drove by it daily all summer due to road construction. I think it looks better in person then the photos. Yes the pic is wrong, they guy wheels and deals alot of equipment, he's got a couple 2+2's sitting there too.
  22. 966 MFWD INFO

    Since the 2+2 uses 2 normal tractor rear ends, the transfer case has no reduction in it. I'm pretty sure most tractors used the 51:1 rear end ratio, therefore the transfer case output would be the same ratio. Assuming your truck axle is somewhere around 4.50:1 you'd have to put huge tires on back and tiny tires on front to get the ratio right.
  23. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    Almost impossible to seize up this way, either the nut turns or the stud turns.
  24. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Wowes....

    Yes negative to distributor. If you've got a 12V coil and are still using the other resistor, your Prolly not getting enough current through the coil to jump the gap on the plugs. Pull out the resistor and try it.
  25. IH 1640 with 1020 platform

    Electric reverse was optional since about 78 or so. I hope you have the strong man bar if you plan on letting the slip clutch stop the slug. Me personally would take my chances with it in the rotor....