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  1. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    Walk into the courthouse and ask whose name is on this parcel, when they can't find a name, say I own that. If there's back taxes, pay the taxes regardless of amount, and have yourself some cheap land.
  2. Deer strike back

    I hate deer, I think they should be open season like coons and coyotes.
  3. Combine differences

    The 1680 with big numbers on the side will have IH engine and short shoe. 1680 with small numbers on side will have 8.3 cummins and long shoe. Other then small electronic changes a late 1680 with an 8.3 cummins is virtually the same as a 1688.
  4. 986 exhaust

    Yes plug it. You don't want exhaust spewing out there all the time.
  5. using oil in feed to cut dust

    Most large elevators spray oil into the leg where the grain drops in. Never had a problem with build up.
  6. 1206 IHC wheatland ser number

    896x I think. I found 895x years ago and remember it being very close to the highest known number.
  7. IH air cleaner for 826

    I assume this is collapsing at idle or no load? The hose should be pressurized while working. Are you sure the turbo is good and spooling up?
  8. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    bigger brakes, longer frame, bigger rad. Internal engine parts are different, pump is different. There more but I'd can't remember of the top of my head.
  9. 986 - 66 similarities

    You could swap on a cab from a 3088, 3288 or 3688, there basically a 986/1086 with the updated cab.
  10. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Depends how its built. I would get an old corn elevator and use that to lift the roof off. The roof is bolted to the sides, take it off in one big piece. The sides might be bolted, might have the long vertical rods that get pulled out from the top.
  11. 560 on alcohol

    You'll never get the stock head to flow for crap, and it will Prolly crack long before flow becomes problem.... Remind him the 301 is an indirect injection motor. They can't handle near the fuel as a direct injection motor.
  12. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    4 or 7 degrees here, depending where you looked. I'd guess the Dakota's were close to below zero.
  13. A lost trait...

    Here in MN it's offensive to look at the person while talking to them. I can't find the right video, but the same guy explains how you stand 90° to each other and look off in the distance while never looking at each other while having a conversation. It's pretty hilarious and so true.

    60 miles south of Duluth, ours is all melted. I might moldboard some sod this evening of the Case don't spin to bad...
  15. 9 bolt cast centers

    wheatland wheel were 30, 32, or 34. All 10 bolt. Completely different then the OP pics.