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  1. What oil are you running?
  2. Sole proprietor here but I'm small fry, under 100 acres.... LLC is the easiest way to protect personally assets but can get a Lil tricky when your one LLC is renting equipment to your other LLC, I.E. your trucking company leasing trucks to your farm.... Incorporation is nice for taxes until you dissolve it, then taxes will eat you alive. This is all I know, gained from morning coffee talk from others.
  3. Yea, for $20 I flip it for a grand and buy something else....
  4. I can't say for certain on your 89, but on the 93 and up, the tach dash had different wiring and some stuff had to be swapped around to make it work. The old school 80-86 used a separate harness for the tach, they were super easy to swap in.
  5. Does the M currently have 38" centers? If so I see no reason they won't work.
  6. I'm pretty sure ours was right in the middle. And used a safety clip off a hitch pin to secure it.
  7. I'd bet on that being the problem, you've got to have alot of fuel or no air to make these things run that hot.
  8. I assume the probe is preturbo? It varies drastically pre VS post. I wouldn't be scared of 1250 for awhile. 1200 should go all day. You will melt a piston LONG before you hurt the turbo. If the pistons are the same material as my PSD, there melting point is 1256 or something close to that. Keep in mind that temp is in your exhaust and the top of the piston will be cooler due to the oil squirters, the cooler intake air, and cool fuel. I'd be more concerned if your lugging the motor. If you throw the throttle wide open and it won't rev up, your lugging it to hard and need to downshift. Lugging will cause higher EGT's.
  9. I currently own a 96 7.3 PSD with a 5 speed with 306K miles, It's the third one I've owned. The first literally did rust away at 336K miles. I'll own an 80-96 Ford diesel truck till I can't get parts anymore.....
  10. Even easier is to take the top link bracket off the back and pour it in there....much faster.
  11. Here in the valley it's water, I honestly believe you have more water problems on flat ground then hilly. No where for water to go when it's flat....
  12. Pull hood off, pull side panels off, drain, lift out, not that bad...
  13. Because current was flowing through it, that's how they work. Unless your points happened to stop open there is current flowing through it.
  14. Should work on any 414, 436, 466. If the exhaust manifolds are the same, it could work on the 360's too.
  15. That is a wheatland 706 so it most likely never had factory 3 point. Adding the top cover with rock shaft is easy, the hard part is the draft control. I full agree, it's not worth your time to add a factory 3 point...