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  1. Story goes that the Busch plant in Moorhead had barley planted around it this year, so they did up a combine when they took it off this year. I drove by 2 weeks ago, the barley was off and the combine was sitting at Titan.
  2. My first thought yesterday was $35,000. Wonder if he knows how much uncle Sam will take....
  3. Mine appears to be just white fiberglass. It tough on the bare arms.
  4. Yes, I see the BNSF one here all the time. They've been around forever.
  5. My Terragator spreader with the CVt uses the same logic as the NH cvt. I HATED that thing the first 2 days, but once I got used to it, you couldn't pry it out of my dead hand now.. I do think the IH version, much like a combine hydro, would be better though.
  6. As cool as it is, I'm always amazed at the strange things people do.... He says he won't post pics cuz he worried about theft, yet it's listed as being in Galesburg IL, and he's got 4 other item for sale, with a rather distinctive building in the background of the other items. Anyone from the area could Prolly figure it out.
  7. I looked last nite, my 806 has the suspension seat. SDman, thanks for the pics, now I know what to look for. I could swear I've seen that piece laying around in a bone yard at some point but never knew what it was.
  8. That's the same seat frame that's on my 806, I thought it had the adjustment to operator weight though, I don't see it on the one in the pic. I'll have to look at mine when I get home.
  9. I don't think there was a plug in the platform over the hyd fill, just a tall or short filler tube. My early 806, number 1089, has the fiberglass seat back with the normal adjustable suspension and the flip up seat.
  10. Ironically if never been to that one and I grew up 40 miles from it. I'm sure I'll be stuck working at the elevator this weekend, listening to farmers whine about there wet wheat......
  11. I'm pretty sure the upper sieve is the same on all the big machines, when the 16xx switched to the Cummins motor, they went to a longer shoe on the bottom.
  12. Not much market, they sell for what the tires and engine are worth.
  13. Clamp it on the wheel just like it is. It holds the loose wedge in while you keep unscrewing the wedge bolt and forces the other wedge out.
  14. 1.5 hours left. It's sitting at $16,505.
  15. On ours with 18.4 I put the cast center dished in, on the outside bevel of the rim, that put the hub about 3" from the axle housing. The axles were long enough to put the dual hub on and get them to line up with 30" rows with a couple inches left to spare.