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  1. I ran my planter motor on the motor valve and used the other 2 remotes for the markers and everything worked fine. It was a 3 point mount and it still lifted too....
  2. 806

    Ahh makes sense now.
  3. Based on the amount of pitting I'm guessing it was on the ground and you parked over it.
  4. 806

    What do you mean no? There all the same tractor... So yes, a farmall 806 PTO will work, but you'll need the intermediate shaft inside the rear end too, not just the PTO unit by itself.
  5. Burn away, it will Prolly smell a Lil different if it's pre ULSD but it will burn fine.
  6. Worth a shot. Could be a bad wire that made contact after you swapped clusters. Electrical gremlins suck.
  7. I have an 806 wheatland and dad has an 806 rowcrop. I have a 3394 case IH and dad has a 2290 case, which other then 2 wheel vs MFD and duals, there basically the same tractor.
  8. 5088 here, just put the duals on and got it ready for pulling the planter.
  9. Try swapping it. If it still does it I'd guess it's a ground issue at the lower right ground location under the cab.
  10. Get the pump, it'll be a big 4 roller, I'd swap the pump, fuel filters, lines and injectors too.
  11. Would your tax person have records since you Prolly depreciated it out. What about old insurance agents? Mine never ask put I always give them the serial number on the odd chance it gets stolen.
  12. Factory, not many made. Basically a row crop but with a fixed setback front axle and Prolly wide, 34" rear tires. TA, 3 point, pto, hydraulics were all options on them.
  13. a 5088 and a 3394 that I want to do this too when money allows.
  14. The row units and lift wheels are all bolted to the frame and easily moved. The mounting plate for the end transport pivot point is welded on and might be in the way.
  15. Where ate you located. Breiwers tractor salvage in Barnesville MN prolly has one. I can almost guarantee Pete's Tractor Salvage in Annamoose ND will have one.