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  1. 3594 value

    I paid 10K for my 3394, it came out of the Red River valley. It had a tick noise in the trans and would slip in every other PS gear. Cab interior was top notch for a tractor with 7100 hours. It had 900 hours on 4 brand new 18.4/42 rear tires. Paint was great. I had it narrowed down to a bad part in the front 2 speed PS. As soon as I dropped the front output I saw the problem. Dad and I split it in my shop, ordered a bunch of new parts for the C5/C6 clutches, cost me $1,800 ordered it all right off the Case/IH site. 200 hours later I still smile at the deal I got on that tractor. My vote is electrical problem, odd to have both 1 & 2 go at the same time with no slipping.
  2. Case 2290

    Why? When you push in the clutch it shifts to 1st for you, why make extra work with your hands.... Much like a TA, never use it to slow down a load. We've got a 2090 and a 3394. I got the 3394, for a song cuz it had a noise in the PS. Dad and I split it ourselves, cost 1800 to fix the 2 speed PS. Best thing I ever bought.
  3. What's wrong with this.......

    I know EXACTLY where that tractor is, I actually drove by it daily all summer due to road construction. I think it looks better in person then the photos. Yes the pic is wrong, they guy wheels and deals alot of equipment, he's got a couple 2+2's sitting there too.
  4. 966 MFWD INFO

    Since the 2+2 uses 2 normal tractor rear ends, the transfer case has no reduction in it. I'm pretty sure most tractors used the 51:1 rear end ratio, therefore the transfer case output would be the same ratio. Assuming your truck axle is somewhere around 4.50:1 you'd have to put huge tires on back and tiny tires on front to get the ratio right.
  5. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    Almost impossible to seize up this way, either the nut turns or the stud turns.
  6. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Wowes....

    Yes negative to distributor. If you've got a 12V coil and are still using the other resistor, your Prolly not getting enough current through the coil to jump the gap on the plugs. Pull out the resistor and try it.
  7. IH 1640 with 1020 platform

    Electric reverse was optional since about 78 or so. I hope you have the strong man bar if you plan on letting the slip clutch stop the slug. Me personally would take my chances with it in the rotor....
  8. Can a D361 be made bigger?

    A well known local NTPA tractor/engine builder told me years ago when I asked this same thing that the cranks were longer in the 407.
  9. Can a D361 be made bigger?

    Won't work, cylinder centers are further apart, therefore bearings are spaced further apart.
  10. New to me 4186

    At least ditch the external ROPS....makes those things look hideous, I'll take my chances without it.
  11. 706 Brake Adjusters

    Learn something everyday. Guess I better study parts book better.
  12. 706 Brake Adjusters

    Junk yard, anything 06 to 86 should work, except the 14xx tractors.
  13. combine

    Story goes that the Busch plant in Moorhead had barley planted around it this year, so they did up a combine when they took it off this year. I drove by 2 weeks ago, the barley was off and the combine was sitting at Titan.
  14. 1206-501

    My first thought yesterday was $35,000. Wonder if he knows how much uncle Sam will take....
  15. More early '06 questions

    Mine appears to be just white fiberglass. It tough on the bare arms.