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  1. Wvo

    How can you afford to burn virgin oil, it's like $6 a gallon.
  2. Wvo

    Microns size is irrelevant, once the oil cools to 40, 50, heck I've had oil coagulate at 70 degrees, it will plug a filter FAST. I've had beautiful oil thicken up and look like crap once it gets cold, the fats in it are impossible to remove unless you filter all you oil when it's crazy cold but then your wasting half your oil.
  3. Wvo

    Don't get caught with that in the tank when it's cold, it'll start hard. Are you filtering your own oil or getting it from someone?
  4. Is this the reason my 3394 case with a Bosch A pump starts the same way? Although I kinda like it, sounds sweet.
  5. Modern day gas engines with all the emissions stuff release CO2 and water, but in such low quantities it will take FOREVER to kill them. In FF1 training they told us it's almost impossible to kill yourself in the garage with your car now days. CO2 doesn't put you to sleep. For best results use an older non emission engine that burns your eyes when it's running.....
  6. He's WRONG!!!! Look up any square piece of dirt here in the valley, your assessed on 159, or 160 acres. Even with 2 roads against it. This was talked about on Ag Talk, I'm surprised no one has noticed that the planter and car are off the road on the shoulder, look at the white line and rumble strips.....
  7. 95% of 806 owners complain they run cold, even when working them.... You'll never have an overheating problem if your radiator is good.
  8. There was a post awhile ago about this, I think parts off an older JD fit it
  9. I just sprayed some roundup today, it made me happy cuz now the weeds will die in the bean fields.
  10. I can plainly see seed in all holes, while moving and stopped, red seed shows up real nice. The front of the drum is wore smooth and clear so I can see seed 3" deep in the front of the drum all the time. Hopper pressure shows 6-11oz of air depending on engine speed. We're thinking the tube is wore where my finger is pointing. The outside of the tube is receding down, more on the lighter planted rows.
  11. Mine is setup so the front manifold hole is 8 and the back is 1. How could a leaky box cause 3 of the rows to plant perfect and the other 5 slow plant less. I'll try to get a picture of what I'm talking about for wear that I think is causing the seed to miss the manifold.
  12. I've got a 240 hole drum so the drum rpm is lower then most, book says I can drive up to 8mph with it but I tried to say between 4.5-5 mph. The wheels are releasing the seeds, cuz I've looked after the release wheels to make sure, and all pockets are full before the release wheels. I had a monitor, but it was jumping all over with low pop on all rows so I quit using it.
  13. Now that my beans are all up, it's clearly obvious that my 800 cycle is planting light on certain rows. Rows 1-4 are good, 5 is light and 6-8 are really light. Some spots there's 3 plants per foot.... Looking at the seed manifold were thinking its wore and the beans are dropping out of the drum but not getting into the seed manifold and instead going back into the drum. Anyone have the procedure to make sure the manifold is positioned correctly in relation to the drum?
  14. Hard to say on the hydraulics, have to put a gauge on it. If it moves and doesn't slip when warmed up, it bet it's a pump issue. Low ball him at 8 and see what he says.
  15. Looks like they flipped the exhaust manifolds side to side so the pipes are closer to you.....