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  1. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    Looks nice tractors and shed. Have you thought about putting the band type exhaust clamps on the pipe coming out of the muffler think it would look a little cleaner than the guillotine style clamps.
  2. Big money in tomatoes?

    Tomatoes get rotated out every year because of pest and fungus issues. The few growers around me usually plant seed corn following tomatoes because tomatoes require quite a bit of fertilizer. Seems like after 3-4 the field is planted back to tomatoes.
  3. Got my shed built today

    Bunch of them around here started milking goats. Now they are feeding out holstein steers.
  4. She didn’t see the humor...

    You better have that portable ultra sound on order.
  5. Got my shed built today

    How do the amish get away keep their crew size below magic number or hide behind church status? A lot of amish around me work as framing crews for large projects in large cities (lansing, toledo) never see them wear hard hats or anything.
  6. Interesting call from CNH today

    Isn't Richard's daughter a member on this forum?
  7. Got my shed built today

    Less standing around because they aren't on their cell phones every 5 seconds. We had some amish do some barn renovations and the labor rate was $19/hr. They cam e in the morning and got right to work no standing around sipping lattes for the first hr.
  8. Floor coatings

    How does the epoxy floor coating hold up to weld and cutting torch spatter? Do you get little melt spots in the coating?
  9. Big money in tomatoes?

    Attached is a link to the company that has the greenhouse in Coldwater. Looks like they grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and some eggplant. As far as I know the Coldwater location only grows tomatoes.
  10. I want this for Christmas

    Did they use a GM or Ford bed? The newer MXT is pretty neat looking
  11. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Are you friends with CNH on facebook? If so you should post on their page.
  12. Big money in tomatoes?

    Here in Coldwater there is a hydroponic greenhouse it covers 40 plus acres. You can see a massive beam of light going up into the air from 30 miles away when it is dark out.
  13. I want this for Christmas

    Eliminated the need for DEF. Till they couldn't meet 2013 emissions and no one bought their engines.
  14. Songs about farming

    international harvester by craig morgan
  15. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    Looks like you better make your barn a little taller.
  16. Today's Quiz What is it??

    Runners Christmas tree?
  17. Not a member here hopefully

    My guess too since it also appears to be full thread where a standard gr 5 or 8 would only have the 1.5" or so of usable thread.
  18. No fuel to injectors

    Do you have return fuel when lift pump is energized?
  19. Not a member here hopefully

    Car in front of pickup got it in the rear pretty good.
  20. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    How are the belly tanks plumbed up? Does the operator flip a switch to pump fuel to the main tank or does the belly tank supply the engine when main tank runs out?
  21. homemade power steering for an H??

  22. Old Abe Restoration Correct Colors?

    Check with Old binder guy or Delta Dirt I think they had some pictures of the old abe statue. Check on the IH tractors on a Montana Farm thread.
  23. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Good documentation with before pictures and an honest person. But even then someone can get pics off the web and oops I must've forgot to photograph the S/N number before my restoration.
  24. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Did you chrome the hood ornament too? I think the chrome grill really adds to the tractor thanks for sharing.
  25. 1086 transmission trouble

    Wish I could find a 1086 abandoned in a field. Like said above first thing I would do is clean and lube everything and check to make sure everything is adjusted and working as should.