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  1. Been pretty lucky here in southern MI. Only reached low 90s this past week we've been pretty fortunate with decent rainfall and bearable temps.
  2. I don't think anybody uses tube type coolers with engines anymore. Plate type is more durable and efficient.
  3. I wonder if Modine was their supplier?
  4. He got side tracjed his new lace romper came in the mail today.
  5. ORVUS soap works good to wash the calves it makes the white nice and white.
  6. No RPF live feed?
  7. .XXX cents per view here is a link to an older article.
  8. The CX gators are the narrow versions that fit in a pickup box if I remember.
  9. Good point Pete, your reasoning would be dependent on seal type if the cylinders have piston rings for seals there will be a little bit of bypass from rod side to blank side cup type or poly seals will seal 100% when properly functioning. Have you pulled your valves apart to check for scoring or wear?
  10. What's with the clamp orientation? 90deg off
  11. Do you have any friends that are police officers? Border patrol friend? Have them back up into your dooryard a ways and wait for the bozo.
  12. Whats everyone using in the 361 and 407 engines? I noticed Federal Mogul doesn't sell any kits for these engines.
  13. Give your county drain commissioner a call and have them come out and asses the situation.
  14. That's why after 5 or 7 years an uncle or cousin owns the business.
  15. Swans are starting to become a problem on the chain of lakes around me.