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  1. A lot of people impulse buy pets especially around the holiday season . Then when the pets newness wears off or owners get bored they dump the pet off at a shelter or along the road.
  2. If they wouldn't allow stores like PETCO to sell dogs/cats around the holiday season.
  3. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    If you have a good multimeter you can also measure capacitance or if you have one with a good ohm function you can use it to test the capacitor to see if it is open or not. With the capacitor discharged set your meter on the highest ohm scale and connect the leads to the capacitor if the resistance climbs the capacitor is good.If it reads low resistance then it is bad If it does nothing then it is open(also bad).
  4. 966

    If it truly needs only minor repair I would look at it. Find out if it will start or not that way you can check out the tractor a little better.
  5. Land rent contracts

    Before entering multi year leases do you guys run some scenarios to determine if the flat rate rent will work for your operation? Example run some scenarios where crop price drops and inputs increase at what point with given rent is field not profitable? Or do farmers rely on more profitable fields to support less profitable ones or is everything based on total farm income vs expense?
  6. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Try a Freightliner dealership, I know Donaldson supplies Freightliner their air filters.
  7. Thieves

    Meth heads will steal from you and turn around and try to sell it back to you. Happened to a friend of mine while working construction in Detroit. They were eating lunch and watched a meth head steal something(drill or similar) from the job site and when they started working again after lunch the tweeker came up to them asking if they wanted to buy a drill.
  8. 86-88 door seals

    Acetone works pretty good haven't used it on 86-88 series door seals but have on other applications.
  9. Electronic ignition - wow!

    They should design the system to handle key on situations. HE ignitions from the big 3 autos can have key on until battery dies. Guessing the petronics unit gets hot?

    Truck was backing into an alley or something. Yeah the EV stopped but its algorithm didn't tell it to sound the horn or it could sense that the truck wasn't backing up straight but swinging an arc. I like how they make the driver sound like an idiot. I can see the headlines now when a truck pulling doubles or large equip coming down the road the autonomous vehicle stops like "it should" but doesn't move over or stop back from the stop line to allow for extra long/wide equipment to turn on to road. Someone should bring some large equipment to these test cities that are being built around the country for testing autonomous vehicles.
  11. Theft of new Farmall Parts out of my Truck

    Agree, tweekers will steal anything to scrape together money for meth. Most people wouldn't steal those parts because they are pretty useless unless they were restoring a farmall C.
  12. Land rent contracts

    Our neighbors rent out their farm and they have a flat per acre rate the tenant has some sort of bonus worked out based on yield or prices. Basing rent on farmers profit you better make sure you rent to the farmer that has his business running as efficiently as possible.

    It is probably just a bunch of hype like the model 3 and in reality it is just a fancy cab on a chassis. At least Cummins was honest about their electric truck saying it will be a medium duty truck geared for sub 200 mile delivery type work.

    Tesla is supposed to unveil their electric semi on Thursday. Picture below is the semi being hauled by a nice looking Pete I got the picture off the web I didn't take it.
  15. Building a Sentry Module

    If the resistor is bad OHMing it out will give the wrong resistance or no reading.