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  1. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Do they hold up pretty good going down the road?
  2. Strange Bean Harvest

    I wonder how the seed corn guys are doing? I'm guessing they are probably irrigating right up until shortly before picking?
  3. Anyone looking for a driving job?

    Funny that they didn't publish the drivers name who drove on the board walk. A lot of immigrants drive truck and can only drive forwards per instruction of their GPS. When they take their CDL written test and the secretary of state they are allowed to have some one with them to read and help answer questions. I watched and arab man and his son, or friend relation whoever, who was a high schooler from what I observed he read him the question and or told him what to answer.
  4. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    One thing going in you have the history of the ground so you know what kind of yields to expect and any improvements made to the property. Have you reached out to any farmers that have a good reputation that might me interested in farming your ground? Have the farmers submit a typed proposal/offer after you give them in typing what your requirements are in order for them to farm your ground. That way they cant come back and say you said so and so and we agreed upon it.
  5. Mice

    Keep garage clean and free of food sources, mow tall grass/weeds down around barn.
  6. WOW! Can you post a video with it running/driving similar to what Mike L did with his ford?
  7. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Canopy bracket looks well built is it collapsible? Where did you get the canopy from?
  8. Rainy Day=cummins piston

    Any metal particles in the oil system? Seems kind of risky to just replace the piston and liner and head repair.
  9. First bto auction

    I talked with a guy who does some work for Boerson if I remember correctly this was about a year ago Boerson was paying ceres 5% purchase price per acre for rent. LORD seed also rents quite a bit of ground (or did) from ceres.
  10. First bto auction

    CERES partners own the property. Boerson rents a lot of their ground (so did stamp). Their "property improvements" are a joke when they bought the Rice farm a few years back they add/replace pivots clean fencerows level buildings. The brush pile at the rice farm is right at the very edge of a small river.
  11. Pictures of Red Iron at local Antique Pull

    dt360 with turbo and oil cooler removed?
  12. First bto auction

    I wonder how everything is going to pan out with the ground he farmed that belongs to CERES partners? I wonder if one of his pulling tractors was one of the ones that disappeared when stamp went bankrupt?
  13. self propelled round baler

    Silage special with crop cutter? Our 450 was 32K two years ago silage special no crop cutter or bale slice, standard super sweep pickup.
  14. New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC

    If you can get a slide hammer onto your injectors fab an end that will thread onto the injector body and then thread onto the slide hammer. That way you get a nice straight upward blow/pull.
  15. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Do you work for Pik Rite?