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  1. Life in Alaska

    A common sight here in MI. Saw a GM truck under wraps broke down/stopped along the highway last week. Could you tell who the MFG of the car is?
  2. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the slide being and emergency shutoff?
  3. gmc 2002 heater fan

    There is a little rectangular access door under the passenger side of the dash.
  4. case 1460

    Do you have any pictures of the broken part that you can post or parts diagram?
  5. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Don't forget the occasional runs about Hitler's last days and the couple other NAZI WWII shows they air once in a while.
  6. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Pop testing measures the pressure required to unseat the needle in the nozzle to start injecting fuel. Low opening pressure results in poor atomization of the fuel resulting in excessive black smoke.
  7. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    Yes can get light headed an nauseous from whiffing to much ether. Ether used to be used to put people under for surgery.
  8. Square diamond plate steel?

    Most sell diamond tread. Try searching for floor plate.
  9. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    We only ran 120psi
  10. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    I had an instance with taking wheels off with air impact couldn't budge the nuts these wheels were put on just two days prior. Finally got them off after a lot of work. Turns out the tire shop runs their 1" drive with 150 psi air pressure. I thinking about getting a cordless impact.
  11. 5400 soybean special

    I was hoping a 10 ft model was made too but no such luck. I did find a thread on Ag talk of a guy that built a 10 footer.
  12. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    How is the hotel or whatever they were going build downtown coming along?

    What drives me up the wall is the people that watch a crap load of TV and movies then when they talk at work about certain things they reference the movie/actor as if it were a real thing. Co worker was referencing Tony Stark industries or whatever the fictitious company name was as if it were real. Or the people talk like a zombie apocalypse is going to happen.
  14. hard on cattle

    Our horses and two cows stayed out all night they didn't want anything to do with their run in sheds. Today their heads never left the hay feeders.
  15. Who had the first ivt ( hydro mechanical) trans

    Didn't Steyr have theirs out before Fendt?