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  1. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    First time posting a picture.......hope it works.
  2. 7120 fan speed switch replacement???

    Switch panel only...just be careful how far you pull it out as capillary tube on thermostatic switch will come out with panel or maybe take nut off it an allow it to stay back while you pull panel out.
  3. Magnum TCV shuttle spool ID help needed.

    I would agree with SDman, I don't think I have ever seen one make more than 145ish.
  4. 986 gear noise

    I would guess that you have a tooth missing on lower PTO drive gear, with your speed transmission bottom cover off (where you accessed the transmission brake) carefully check the very front lower gear for a missing tooth. May have to have someone bar engine over while you watch. Pretty easy fix, tractor has to be split between speed and range transmission to allow gear to (drop) out. I always use threaded studs at split joint to keep everything aligned, roll it apart far enough gear will drop out. To install new split gasket which has to go around lower IPTO shaft which would require rolling tractor apart 3 ft or so, instead I cut the new gasket with interlocking cut (think puzzle piece) and fit it around the shaft. Also make sure you replace the o-ring on front pump suction port between speed and range housings.
  5. pto housing seal area

    If you are talking about the 540 shaft seal it is actually threads and the seal has to be installed from the inside. If you are talking about the main housing where clutch cup seals ride make sure you check all your bearings good, and the little needle bearing inside of the pump / clutch drive gear. Ag Parts & Hy-Cap have replacement exchange housings. Ag Parts also has the sleeve for doing it yourself. You should be able the measure between the grooves to get the proper dimension.
  6. 7120 tractor timing

    According to my Cummins info injection pump 3921095 should be 22 degrees before TDC. The pump is pin timed in the governor housing by the little plastic pin, while the engine is timed by the timing pin in the cam gear directly under injection pump. The governor weights have to be correctly installed on pump camshaft for the pump timing pin to be correct at 22 degrees. What reman engine? Was original injection pump / system moved over to reman engine?
  7. Order a perforated screen from McMaster Carr and form it as needed. You can order any size of screen from them from hole size, hole spacing to thickness. I have done this many time in the past.
  8. Mx110 hyd noise

    Drop the transmission oil, then remove suction screen, if it is dirty you should also pull debris trap on bottom of transmission and clean it. Punch hole in bottom of filter an allow oil to drain from filter over a magnet, see if magnet "grows" with any metallic debris.
  9. Case IH CX100 clutch

    For what its worth I would remove original and disassemble it, they are very simple. Pull the boot off and remove snap ring and its apart, if bore is scored it can easily be lightly honed and a seal kit put in it for less than 40 bucks. PS if you do replace it make sure you get the correct one for your serial number, seal kit is the same for both slave cylinders. When bleeding it I find it is easier to bleed them from the bottom up, remove cab floor mat and floor plate.
  10. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    I don't have a lot of input on these tractors due to not having many in our service area, however what experience I have had on them has been the standard CAPS system issues. The biggest thing I have found is the fuel supply line getting kinked, and problems in the filter base. You hear a lot of people state that make sure it is above 5000 serial break which is true as they updated the electrical system. Have also had to remove wheels / raise cab to access hydraulic line under cab. Should also say that I have had to do the same on many other brands and models. I was complaining to the CNH service manager one day over lunch about the problems we where having with them and he told me that CaseIH had less warranty problems with the MX series than they did when they released the 7100 series. All this stated I would probably only purchase one with a mechanical fuel system. A MX230 still had a mechanical system and could easily be set up a little bit to run with a 240 or even a 270. You can look at Spencer Diesels website to confirm what pumps are on what model numbers.
  11. Clutch/ transmission oil seal

    You need CNH part number 1277488C1 which contains 3 seals, o-ring and seal sleeve. To remove the original seals I used a drill and screw with a small slide hammer. make sure the seals are installed correctly the first one in the back goes in with lip away from you. Next seal has lip toward you, then the last one in the release carrier lip should be toward back of tractor. I have made a tool that fits over input shaft to drive seals in.
  12. IH 385 hydraulics shuttering

    Only have a filter........make sure when you change it that the filter can seats against sealing ring as filter is between reservoir and pump, a filter can not sealed up will allow pump to draw air and not prime.
  13. Blue jeans

    WRANGLER.COM order exact size / type you want, 2 days later on door step. 18.95 all day long
  14. 7110 trans problem

    First thing I would recheck accumulators, how long ago where they checked? I always hold pressure on them for 15/20 minutes while in vise upside down and filled with oil, watching for air bubbles in the oil. A lot of them today are bad. If that doesn't fix it I would get some gauges on it and start reading pressures to see what is going on.
  15. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    The parking brake sends a ground to instrument cluster, if parking brake has anything to do with it I would start thinking poor / bad ground. Pat has been over this tractor from one end to the other. I think the idea of installing a gauge in each clutch along with a light to each solenoid is a good idea. The sealing rings on the clutch shafts can / will cause 2 gears to engage together, but it would have to be 1&3 or 2&4 as they are on same shaft. To my knowledge this has been checked already......there is a ground wire from right rear cab mount to the operators station have seen these cause problems.
  16. 5140 power shift only works in 1st

    Next time it happens hold clutch pedal down and count how many times "check trans" light flashes. I would guess your pressure switch for 1st gear is stuck "open" Order of pressure switches top to bottom is 3-1-2-4 take a meter and check them with tractor shut off all switches should read closed as they open on rising pressure. Switches are located on shift manifold directly above & behind battery box.
  17. steering hand pump

    The sleeve is a retainer for the seal and after seal has been compressed, then you take it apart breaking the seal you can rotate retainer. Install a new seal and it will "bulge" out holding retainer from rotating. Wait about 2 years take it loose and break the seal you will be able to rotate retainer again. Stack height of internal components is slightly greater than the height of the retainer.
  18. 86 series split gasket mystery

    Pat, Looked at my shop notes and 380067R5 is used from 06-88 series as long as tractor has clutch housing casting number 139156C91, gasket 224903C2 is used on casting numbers 139156C92 & 139156C93. I always go by casting number as any tractor could have a different clutch housing installed during it's life at some point. Hopefully someone can confirm this or add too it......
  19. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    Correct...make sure the "vee" packing goes in with opening down.
  20. Turn signals on fender tractors

    Farmer, ^^^^ That is what I had in mind but could not remember what tractor I used housing from. To add to a good idea the switch listed has the terminals marked as follows #1 unswitched B+ #2 switched B+ #3 L/H light #4 R/H light #5 R/H indicator #6 L/H indicator. The indicator lights would be optional dash mounted indicators used on 86, 88 Magnum tractors. PS Farmer I tried to send you a message but could not.............
  21. 5130 synchro trans advice/ HELP

    #8 flat face
  22. 5130 synchro trans advice/ HELP

    I would get a gauge in bottom of hyd pump (just ahead of the big line going to remote) directly on bottom of compensator housing. Low pressure stand-by (no functions demanded) should be 4-600 psi, the higher the better. Then with steering to lock pressure should be 2400 +/- 50, next dead head a remote, pressure should be 300 psi higher than steering. These test should be made with at least 120 degree oil. The charge pressure (read from plug on top of filter base) should be 20-30 at idle and 50-70 at high idle. What you are calling the low pressure circuit is actually the charge pressure, I would call the low pressure circuit the regulated circuit, it supplies the F-N-R, MFD, pto clutch & pto brake, diff lock and 4 speed powershift. A leak in any of these circuits will drop your charge pressure quickly. On the right hand side of the shuttle valve on top rear of trans housing you will find a line supplying the shuttle valve, removed line and cap it out of system and see what happens to your charge pressure. I have many times seen ref # 14 or 19 out of place I fix this by cutting a short (3/4 inch long) 5/16 diameter rod and put it inside small spring between these valve spools to keep them from popping out of place. PS, was you the guy texting yesterday? I meet and talk to so many people it is hard to keep up with everybody.
  23. Case IH C50 starter interlock problems

    Correct, 2 switches side by side under cover (244024A1) feeds thru both switches to the starter relay. I install a new clutch switch (280925A1) in the upper threaded hole in clutch pedal bracket and by-pass the ones in transmission as they last about as long as it takes to get home with them. By doing this you have to have clutch depressed to start engine. Some serial numbers have a safety switch at PTO valve spool on left side on top of MCV board.
  24. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair