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  1. Did that really happen?
  2. What welders say

    That a good one! Some of that may be personal experience!
  3. 140 governor

    A great idea GT&T !

    Supposedly the treasure was buried 100s of years ago, I find it hard to believe they could've dug that deep 195' without having trouble with water! They're below sea level for cripes sake! And then to have dug all these flooding tunnels without cave ins'?
  5. What's your favorite snack

    Jerky, smoked fish, and beef sticks the hotter the better and lots of garlic! OH OH, NOW IT'S OFF TO THE FRIDGE !
  6. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Yes the daily paper is a far cry from what it used to be. The only reasons we still take is that I want a hard copy , the comics, and the cross word puzzels. Just the other day I came across a channel I hadn't seen before OAN news. Take a look.
  7. We are restoring a 1950 Farmall C demo and am wondering what shade of white it should be painted?
  8. 140 governor

    Sloppy throttle shaft in the carb sucking air in. Squirt a little starting fluid around the shaft and if it revs you'll need to fix.

    Have any of you watched a more frustrating program than Oak Island ?
  10. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    O'Yea, the Christmas ones were the best, next to the Lionel train catalogs ! Sears made theirs smaller in size so that they would always be put on top of the other bigger ones on the table!
  11. New to me pickup

    I did that too on my GMC I founf some round ones on e-bay that were just right.
  12. Sun dogs

    Clear skies and a bit of humidity in the air plus cold temps will do it. Watched some as the Sun was going down very nice! Here we have a lot of Sea Smoke on cold days and the people on the South Shore will be getting a bunch of snow !
  13. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Try Brillman Co. they have every electrical thing you'll ever need for a tractor.
  14. Borrowed this for a few days.

    I'm sure glad we didn't have any girls like that in our school !
  15. Farmall O-2

    That was great ! Another one for the back burner!