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  1. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Well I've decided to go another direction. Too old to be doing that kind of work and I wouldn't have a way to lift off the roof. It would have to be totally disassembled to transport as I would have to go through a few towns to get here. Decided to build one on site with wood and concrete paving mesh panels for the sides. Square in shape with a North facing roof will hold 15 cords +. Thanks again for all your input.
  2. Deer season opens today...

    Good Luck Sledge! Here in Mn. I've seen only one shooter and it jumped off into the willows before I could get a bead on her. Again good luck and be safe.
  3. Corn Crib Dismantle

    By using a crib I'd just use my elevator to dump in the top, no piling less handling. Yes a larger door way is needed to get my wood hauler in as the bin empties. Our prevailing storm weather comes from the East Noreast so a tarp can be hung on that side when needed.
  4. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Well I think I'll go and study this a bit before I decide! I would have to totally disassemble it to transport through towns. Just wish it were closer to home. Too far from home to bring any kind of lifting machinery along so it would have to be done by hand. New Guy, I did follow you on the Gazebo build, love it 1
  5. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Thanks all for the info as I have no knowledge of these and your answers help!
  6. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Being in Duluth Mn. there aren't many corn cribs around. ( not really corn country ). I bought a crib to store my firewood in and am going to get it on Monday. What is a safe way to dismantle it? How does the roof come apart? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Electronic ignition - wow!

    If it's man made of course you could have trouble with anything ! But it's sure nice not having to change points and set them while trying to work around the loader arms!
  8. Electronic ignition - wow!

    You are not getting voltage to the electronics when you push the button. Check your wiring, probably the coil is not getting voltage.
  9. What to do with old tires ???

    Our local recycle center will take four tires per day for free, it sure has cut down on seeing them in the ditch!
  10. Electronic ignition - wow!

    I've been putting electronics in every multiple cylinder engine I have and all work very well.
  11. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    AHH, nice and cold -13 ! I've been waiting for the ground to freeze up so I can start cutting next years wood .
  12. Retirement

    It really is a BIG change! My first year was not good ! I had been in charge of a part of a locomotive shop and had a few guys' working under me, now all of a sudden there is nobody to talk to or supervise, all the neighbors are gone to work plus my wife! Nobody around in the whole area plus my shop had burned just four months after I retired ! It was not pleasant at all. I often wondered why I retired at all. So for me it took awhile to adjust, now all's well. Some I've worked with never even drew their first retirement check, their work was their whole life! Some said oh we'll go fishing, hunting, camping and such. That might work for awhile but you have to have more to life than that ! Don't become a hermit, get involved with others especially us men folk need that.
  13. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    I was heading to work on the Missabe railroad and heard on the radio that She had been sunk, totally shocking !! I had seen her at Silver Bay and the Duluth ore docks many times, ships like that don't sink do they! WRONG !!!! Total SHOCK ! The diesel house was quiet that day!
  14. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    The first one I could watch on a monitor, the second one they put me out, so when I was in the recovery room I said I don't believe you did anything ! The anethistist say next time we'll do it while you're awake! From then on I believed they had done it !!!!!

    Yup, more snow yesterday early, then started to melt, dropping off limbs and down my neck while in the Deer stand. Had to keep the rifle covered all day. Later started to rain a bit as the light faded so back to the house. Did see five though but not shooters.