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  1. 2017 crop pics

    been cutting here for a few days already some better than others it's really weird goin along it could be really good then a short thin patch then half decent again and so on based on what I cut I hope for a 25 bpa average I think that's the best we can hope for some of the first durum is quickly turning as well probably a week and I might start turning wheels
  2. 7140

    i saw that to that would be so cool if they actually release a run of these paint styles I'd buy one
  3. 2017 crop pics

    Anybody else get any rain the last couple days we had just over an inch here, not sure what it will really do but the ground was really dry here
  4. 2017 crop pics

    i hear ya them critters are a nasty thing I think most of the pressure is over with now everything is turning. I have about a 5 acre area that is right dead there is no pods or nothing just straw I don't know if it was the bugs or what that's disappointing but I'm gonna start cutting tomorrow weather permitting
  5. 2017 crop pics

    that's a nice looking crop you got there, I find soybeans interesting tempting to grow but not willing to gamble yet I wanna see a few more trials before I pull the trigger, my neighbour put some in this year so I've been watching those I haven't looked lately but they were had a few blooms the last time I looked
  6. 7120 magnum

    i soppose I should get it checked out 11-12 is a rough one but other than that it shifts really well other than a very small fuel leak I replaced the filters once but I think it's the mount that the filters spin onto this winter when I get it into the shop i'll get them recharged, wonder what something like that is worth I've never worked with accumulators and now everything has one or 2
  7. 2017 crop pics

    Neighbour started combining peas today I rode along for a few passes and they were yielding in the 20-25 bpa range, they are actually still standing so makes harvest easier and faster canola here they have a special going 10.88 off the combine I haven't locked in any but I might combines are mostly done just gotta clean the cabs out and the swather is ready checked a few fields tonight and I figure I'm at 30% color change so a few more days yet which is fine I got some work to do on grain bins yet and a few more loads to go hopefully by end of next week most will be gone
  8. 7120 magnum

    ok just a thought I've never touched the ones on my magnum my dealer thinks I should get them refilled, but seems to shift fine so I'm not worried about it yet
  9. 7120 magnum

    would it be the accumulators??
  10. 2017 crop pics

    you holding on to your canola for the 12 dollar special ?? I sold all mine month ago as the bills were piling up, just got in from shoveling a bin bottom of peas into the semi, I also have a few more loads of spring thrash to go they figure next week I can haul some in to clean some more bins up Canola is a few days away as well, I think i'll be able to swath faster than it's ready to go unless it really changes
  11. 2017 crop pics

    the half inch soaked right in, I'm still working on combines yet, more and more canola goin down in the area I'm getting close the seeds are firm but no color change yet I'd go to the Ritchie sale but I cant afford anything anyways, them rake ups are not cheep to fix my neighbour works on combines in the winter and he needed a new knuckle and that was like 800 bucks. I never liked the rake up design myself I always figured the canola and heads would fall through, I like my Case pick up and dads 2188 came with a 2015 pick header with a swath master and its a nice pickup. he likes it as it further out and you can keep your head up abit
  12. 2017 crop pics

    had a down pour last night had 5 tenth in 15 minutes plus hail not a lot some pea size and mostly smaller but no wind, that new for me I've never seen it hail at night before ( just before midnight)
  13. 2017 crop pics

    on Saturday I had 2 tenth go over the neighbours we were having coffee and it poured the whole time he ended up with just over an inch and it was only 8 miles away everything is mostly done filling the durum is done and starting to change color I haven't looked at the canola for afew days but its got to be close to cutting and the early wheat is done filling and getting into the dough stage I haven't checked the later stuff but I would assume its the same, we had another drill come in at the end and we got 900 acres done in 2 1/2 days so it should all be mostly the same ralph I got a quarter of canola that looks the same in the light sandy land I think continuous cropping is the best thing for that land
  14. 2017 crop pics

    cooler windy and abit of rain here today hopefully it will slow the bugs down the canola is full of diamondback moth worms and a few bertha armyworms some have sprayed some haven't I'm getting so close to cutting I don't know what to do neighbour said some of his lighter land wheat is done filling the heads look like 18 seeds per head but thrash it out and theirs 6-7 seeds another neighbour started combining lentils yesterday already crazy how it's all goin down this year just feels like we finished harvest then seeded and now getting ready to go back to the combine for another month
  15. A Few Auction Pics

    I love them kinda sales I'm a sucker I gotta buy something but I have the same problem as ralph when it come to the bigger stuff I watched a w9 sell for 350 bucks really nice unit didn't run either but I didn't have a way of getting it home what auction company is that sale ??