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  1. 1660 combine

    what crop ??
  2. 2017 crop pics

    ya protein in the S**ts I averaged around 12.5ish lowest bin 11.9 and highest 12.9 my first seeded durum is 14 pro I seeded it first then canola so it was in early and had fertilizer and moisture, I'm gonna look into the Brandon more, how do you like the straw?? from others I've seen it almost looks like barley straw no garden here this year I got behind putting potatos in and it got so dry it didn't even come up. the tomato's just welted up in the heat even when I poured the hose to them, I also think spraying the garden with curtail M left a residual and that hurts a lot so I did spray this year i'll try next year
  3. 2388 top sieve

    ya I had one in a 1460 me and my brother and dad all 3 of us yanked on it couldn't get it hooked the quad and tried to yank spun all 4 and then hooked the truck on and let it roll ahead and got it. I usually wait for help when removing and replacing sieves
  4. 2017 crop pics

    we ended up with 2 inches of rain here over the weekend what anyone else get. the snow was close but stopped at the border a few trucks comin from the west were covered in snow and can see the odd clump of snow on the highway Loadstar what were your protein levels on that Brandon wheat? I'm considering putting a quarter in next year
  5. buyers guides

    I've always found the older the more valuable the top3 rows are like 20-40 dollar ones and the newer ones seem not to be old enough yet they are a 5-20 dollar ones some may disagree but that's what I've seen and had to pay over the years
  6. 2388 top sieve

    no nothing in front if its been in there awhile it might take abit of pulling to get out if the sieve broke in the middle the bushings on the shaker arms might need replacing
  7. 2017 crop pics

    yes I've been out working some of the land to some if it is getting so hard I cant do a good job with the drill it opens a furrow but come up clumpy and doesn't close it well. according to weather network were on for around 30m of rain and chance of wet flurries on Tuesday so that should soften the ground up abit gonna work on getting things ready to put away tomorrow I don't like my swather sitting out in the rain so i'll try to get that away and combines blown off
  8. 2017 crop pics

    well the 2017 harvest is complete and boy it feels good to be done in a timely fashion haven't been done in September since 2013 and the best part is nothing to thrash in the spring the combines can actually rest for 11 month now and even better since were supposet to have some rain moving in Saturday nightish now onto other things I have a few more ruts to level out and a fence line to tear down
  9. 8.3 vs 9 L coolant filter valves

    ya it sucks I just took a vice grip and pinched the hose and change it really quick
  10. 2017 crop pics

    you might be onto something I talked to another neighbour today and he heard from a grain buyer it could reach 12 after all the snow around Edmonton and the frost up north and apparently SHTF over on the west and south side of alberta so it may reach it, the grain buyer figured if you put a target for 12 in for may delivery it would hit poorfarmerlogger have you been hit with any frost lately
  11. 2017 crop pics

    ya we had a half inch and it dried down sunday Monday and Monday night there was a chance of showers go I took the truck down and take the hopper off of test and I tried again and it was testing 9.1 but I had one heck of a tapping under the floor so I quit and it rained another tenth so I pull the cover off this morning and found a bolt disappeared out of one of the vanes and was bent about hitting the rotor so I got that fixed and waiting for it to dry down again (cloudy cold and windy all day) I would really like to finish so I can put things away and work on other things I heard canola acres yielded 10% better than they thought in the new AG stats reports so I guess $12 canola is gone
  12. 2017 crop pics

    tried canola earlier today it was testing 11.6 and the straw coming out of the chopper that I could bale so hooked on the cultivator and ripped some stubble worked up ok it was getting hard I couldn't seed into very well so now it should be good will try again later tommorow
  13. 2017 crop pics

    grandpa had smoke and a small fire in the back of the 1440 with them covers on they got thrown away shortly after. my tire guy just got done fixing a combine tire and rim that blew on the road only to have that combine go up in flames later that afternoon
  14. 2017 crop pics

    ya just yanking ya the first thing I did when I brought my 2388 home was throw all those screen like shields onto the scrap pile I founds them to be in the way when working on and the combine stays cleaner with out them water runs suck especially when you forget about them in the sprayer. I used to cross them with the air drill till last year I crossed and my air cart has front castor wheels and I snapped a I think it was a 2 1/2 inch spindle and left the wheel behind lucky it didn't hit the manifold under the cart
  15. 2017 crop pics

    continuous farming is where most of the water runs come from back in the old day working the last we had maybe 1 or 2 now we have quite a few of them I usually spend a day in the spring working them out smoothing them out with the cultivator I would agree the 2188 looks good I see your missing half of your shield behind the tire