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  1. Salvage values

    when I was rebuilding my feeder house on the 2388 mine had some good size dents in it I thought I would look for a better one so I went to a wreaker and walked out in the cold to see what they had and all they had were same or worse than I had and they wanted half of new, I ended up taking it to a machine shop and they pounded out the dents for less money than " half of new" A lot of Combines parts were "Half than new" Regardless of condition
  2. Combine differences

    Yes they did even in 92 the last few 1680s even did to I know I had one
  3. combines in your life

    its ok I think most farms had a green machine at least once in the farms life grandpa had a super 92 then a old 503 then went to a 6601 pull type then traded that in for a 1 year old 1440 and it was here for many year then the farm out grew it then ran 2 1460's then 2 1680's and now a 21-2388 and now looking for something along the lines of a 8010 have ran a lot of other different combines all colors but alwayed like the red ones
  4. Hunting story

    them are some nice bucks, didn't see to many around here they are pretty smart and hang out in the pastures I got mine in the middle of September but I ended up using my truck rather than a gun them holes will be a good for something not sure what yet but i'm sure you will think of something, if only you could figure out who shot them
  5. 856 Farmall wont turn over

    I tinkered for a few minutes before sun went down and took the dash apart and checked conections and everything seems ok, haven't used a test light around yet, i'm thinking its more starter issues, when you hit the start button you can see the oil light dim out abit like it would if it were actually turning over will tinker abit more tomorrow weather suppose to cool down after tomorrow so if I don't get it running tomorrow it will sit till spring
  6. Combine differences

    most 1680's came with beaters in the back the 1688 the chopper came standard on most of them anyways I've never seen one with a beater have seen 2188's with beaters though
  7. 856 Farmall wont turn over

    I bought this 856 a year ago previous owner said it would not start, even turn over he gave up on it and bought a different tractor, when I bought it I simply took the batteries home and charged them and it started and I drove it home, I've started it a few times this summer to move it and play with it now I want to move it a again and now I cant get it to turn over at all I checked batteries and replaced them with new ones and tried a jumper wire on the clutch switch and i'm stumped usually I get a bit of a turn over or atleast the starter tries to engage but I have nothing, the oil will flash after hitting the button afew times as well as the bigger red light down by your knee my only other thought is the engage starter button but figure i'd ask on here first before tearing that apart Thanks
  8. IH socket set

    I'd like to have some IH tools but they must have been more of an American thing there is no IH tools in my part of Canada I haven't seen any around except the old old IH tools Cool to see
  9. My W series collection

    i'm still amazed how far some of these went, surprised no one has ever tried to remake them. I will be holding onto my set of tandem w-9s and will keep looking for others they all got to be surviving somewheres wow them w-30s are sharp looking tractors I wouldn't mind one. do you mind me asking what one of those is worth also what do you have for LED lighting in your cabinet, I purchased a new cabinet myself and it's to dark inside I wanna put a glass shelf in and light it up
  10. 2388 vs 8010

    I've been thinking on the same thing for a yr or 2 already running a 2188-2388 now and am thinking on staying with the 2 till I don't have operators to run them the draw backs I'm facing are price have to exchange headers and getting a decent macdon header is gonna be around the 50000 and I've been hearing a lot more on repair cost go up tremendously, seems like the cones really don't last, and I'm doing the feeder house on the 2188 floor/chain and sprockets and i'll have about 3000 in parts, friend did his 7120 and was just shy of 10000 redoing his feeder house
  11. Vintage Ads

    my first thought when I saw that ad was man that was a simpler time
  12. My W series collection

    did it say where abouts they ended up?? i'm amazed how far a few of these went
  13. 7120 no tach or gear indicator

    my Gear Indicator doesn't work either also the mph don't work but the rpms do I haven't looked onto it yet let us know what you find
  14. Feeder chain fun.

    my 1680 has a 2 strand chain and a few years ago a rock got stuck in between the feeder chain bar and the front drum stopping it had to drop the header in the field and I beat it with a hammer trying to but ended up reversing the chain by hand and feeding it in and pulling it out the top door, thing was the size of a football had to take the bar off and straighten it to, hope it works well enough to finish
  15. 2017 crop pics

    ya I was surprised how much ice there really is but the nights have been touching -20 below. the days aren't bad still -10 but no wind, were actually cleaning grain today how crazy is that cleaning grain and a year ago I was just trying to put it into a swath environment Canada has +2 for sunday so that should be interesting