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  1. 3688 fuse diagrahm

    google carter and greuwald, they have wiring diagrams online.
  2. Someone needs to save this

    Yep I will get some pics. When she arrives.
  3. Someone needs to save this

    Going to it's forever home, here in SW. Iowa. Dad bought it.
  4. 400 series camshaft id

    I think you can tell with a dial indicator on the intake lobe. i will have to look at the specs from the older style cam till the later style.
  5. Oil pump and seal

    What I can see from the picture, I would replace the metal seal against the gear. Yep new key from case ih. I'm curious as to the shim stalk around the crank. Hope someone responds as to why it's there.
  6. Oil pump and seal

    Never seen a shim around the crank. The one by the gear is basically a seal to keep oil from seeping out. Looks like an old style crank key, I would update that.
  7. Other options for overhaul kits

    As far as sleeves, power bore cylinder sleeves are the best, i should call and see if they have a piston supplier.
  8. Other options for overhaul kits

    Matt endurance power was bought out by Reliance also.
  9. 1456 on Nebraska auction

    Was it the one on Lee Valley sale?
  10. MX 210 A/C drip hose

    Can i take the evap. core drip lines off under the cab and get them back on without having to remove the seat.
  11. DT407 overhaul help needed

    Number one main bearing is different than the rest besides the thrust bearing.
  12. Head gasket

    In tractor pulling, if you have enough to pull high 3rd. it will take the gasket out. thats no studs, just stock head bolts.
  13. Thin head gasket on 310 German 756

    Pete did the thinner gasket come out before the higher compression piston?
  14. Magnum 8920

    Jeff has it covered, one more thing, I had a guys 8920 doing same thing. Come to find out the cab solenoid would come on during the night. It would make just enough contact to turn radio on and drain batteries.
  15. 5088 clutch slipping

    Make sure your pedal is coming up, that it's not sticking, if that looks good check master clutch pressure, and see what you have there.