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  1. 1466 steering and clutch hydraulics

    Is the oil filter housing leaking oil. If it is it' also allowing air in. Causes pump cavitation.
  2. 5488 MFWD axle slop

  3. Quick question

    Leaking cylinder should still go all the way up. Draft lever in the heavy position?
  4. 7250 lazy clutch return

    Case had some trouble with bad cables out of the box. Makes sure the cable is free by hand both ends unhooked.
  5. 1086 transmission trouble

    Double check the brake pedals. The pins get rusty and they will hold on the brakes.
  6. mcv gaskets

    I think i go 23 ft lbs. I'e seen threads get striped by people cranking on them. And wrong bolt length are u hitting bottom. O and the right gasket in the right place there are like 4 different gaskets. Very important. Torque 3 times. Did u check regulated press you might have a valve sticking.
  7. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Well that sucks. Hope you can get it fixed without to much $. Makes me think I might check mine. Feeler gage told me I was ok. But I just got my fwd 5488 and I don' know how well it was greased before me.
  8. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Aittle late did this in June. Started with this
  9. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Sheet metal got alot of work. It was a straight tractor. You have to get the steel perfect to have the paint be great. I don't go crazy on the cast. But use more of a filler or buff primer.
  10. 1066 Christmas cheer

    The date was on a casting I can' think where I'll ask my brother he was one that help me
  11. 1066 Christmas cheer

    I always figured the cast nose was painted on the tractor? With all the red around everything.
  12. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Thanks for you knowledge I wondered about some of the primers I've striped on the tractors I've done. We found white paint marking that had the date I should have taken a picture
  13. mcv gaskets

    And torque every bolt with a torque wrench. Brand of gasket never really gave me trouble. Did u forget a o ring?
  14. IH 886 help needed

    65806. Your thinking is right with what thought. Mcv pump most likel and low side out on ta
  15. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    Glad it worked I've had some be nasty too.
  16. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    Yep tight I'm surprised the wish bone handled that?
  17. 1066 Christmas cheer

    It just paint stripper u can get it at most any auto parts place. I try different ones some work better then others. Last ones I got from O reilys.
  18. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Yes. Its in the same basic condition as the factory as I only removed the paint and grease,oil. My primers are different from the chassis to Tin work. We will do some hand sanding on things like the frame rails. I will not sand blast Tin work or the chassis. Did it never again u cannot get all of the sand out period. Paint is a single stage acrylic urethane it has a clear coat built in it. Easy to paint holds up way better.
  19. 1066 Christmas cheer

    I use paint stripper and then powerwash, blow dry with air. repreat, like a whole day on the chassis. The mud flap is just for looks found it in my grandpa's stuff after he passed years ago. This tractor was for a customer and the IH mud flap is a badge of honor if you get to have it for a bit lol
  20. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Seems abit much. I'e got a narrow feeler gauge I check them with. They normally have around .010. The Lull 844 tellahandler used this same basic axle. The axle bushing is a straight forward repair
  21. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Thanks. It was painted with single stage urethane. Over 300 hours in it. That is not the straight forward mechanical mentioned before.
  22. IH 15 series

    U can put 4 speeds in a 15. 15 gears are wider and no room for 4 gears
  23. 1066 Christmas cheer

  24. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Engine was the only thing I didn't touch New TA,clutch, pto,brakes,axle bearings on elect side, plus a lot of litle things to make a perfect restore other then aftermarket fenders not my call.
  25. 86 series split gasket mystery

    The rubber plug on the reverse idler is for the 2+ 2 tractors gets more oil to the bearings. That said I put them in all of my split repairs