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  1. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    25000 and a nice magnum don't go together. You'll have to go a little higher to get lower hours. Just depends how nice you like your tractors.
  2. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    Look for a clean nice well taken care of 1086. Put k/m steps on it, put or make sure you get radial tires on back and bigger tire on front. 11L16. They made 50,000 ish 1086's so you can find very nice ones. You should be able to do this for $15,000.
  3. starting my battle with algae

    Doesn't matter if you say u don't get bio diesel. By law they can still have like 3% bio in all diesel. It not the bio that is the real problem. It's (water) if you dont drain it off your tanks and you get warm weather to grow algae. It's going to happen.
  4. Yep seen one. Removed once it was home.
  5. 1486 pressure plate splines stripped

    Molly on the spines is gone in 10 hours. No help there. I think alot it depends on the hardness on the parts. I've mixed and matched brands and found in time that one looked new and the other striped out. Comes down to junk parts.
  6. 706D....310 or 282 engine?

    I in my opinion believe the 400 series motor was designed off the German 310 358 and 402? They are very much the same or designed somewhat together.
  7. 706D....310 or 282 engine?

    Parts are not that big of deal the injection pump head are hard to find and tach drive are spendy. I've got 4 826's they got the 358. Just a longer stroke. Love them.
  8. 1566 Hand Pump

    Do u have high side ta or it clutch assist,or brakes Mcv pump maybe didn't prime
  9. 5488 Sentry Module

    Cih are spose to be fine. That was back in the day
  10. Who Rebuilds a TA that will last? 706-1586

    It all about the install. These tractors are old and all the other things now are coming into play. Like mcv valve needing rebuilt. Doing a quality job on a TA is time consuming. But always worth it.
  11. 1066 mcv and clutch assist question

    Light goes out then tractor moves. Make that close but it doesn't have to be crazy close
  12. ih 400 series valve cover

    Make sure it's down. They have a edge to them on the inside. You got to push the sides together.
  13. Hydraulic oil for 806

    They fill thought the bearing but cannot empty.
  14. IH hydraulic seat suspension accumulator

    If you do the research you can buy them from a hydraulic store. Like parker. I just can't remember who built the it.
  15. Need the correct police help

    The panels that you have are right for 56's. The plates the say 656 and farmall is row crop tractor.