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  1. Did Someone Say Flying Turkey

    Catch you nerds sometime next week. IHRunner is taking some time off to go build some sexy stuff for the shooty sticks. But happy thanksgiving in the mean time.
  2. Yeah, complaining again.

    And once a month you would have to leave the country for fear of being murdered
  3. Yeah, complaining again.

    Listen i may be late to this party...but damn that was funny
  4. Glad I`m a poor nobody

    Agreed brewcrew. Sad when even floyd mayweather defends donald trumps locker room talk but no one else will let it go. Im one of the most vulgar talking people when it comes to every day life. Ill never get to be a politician
  5. Glad I`m a poor nobody

    Im as ugly as you nerds and I can tell you. Whats worse is being poor too. Women wont ever make claims against me because all they could sue me for is my debt lol
  6. Bottle bombs

    I thought you were talking dry ice bombs. We used to make those. First time i was ever contacted by the 5-0. Did it in one of those 20 gallon water jugs for the freestanding office things. Or however big it is. All i know is it finally let loose as a cop was going by and the neighbor turned us in. Stupid stupid stupid...now i have licenses for dat
  7. Day Out With The Toys

    Hanging out with some cool dewds and shootin stuff. Nothing like cold weather and good friends Well. Except Cody. The **** is that face?
  8. Day Out With The Toys

    Browning Machine Gun. Much better sounding
  9. Day Out With The Toys

    Shh, we are sneaky silent out der....50bmg goes off behind me.
  10. Got the Cub Cadet out

    Awesome ride man
  11. Happy Halloween Nerds

    Hope you fellow red tractor lovers have a good halloween with the family. I will be sitting happily at home with my dog next to the fire enjoying the sounds of kids tripping over my hotwire fence tripwire. Thats a joke relax Annnnd...Splosion
  12. Happy Halloween Nerds

    Absolutely intentional. Of course i aimed right there. And i prefer dewd. Much more obnoxious
  13. Happy Halloween Nerds

    Well of course. I live in B.F. Egypt. Gotta do sumthin
  14. Prayers for Las Vegas

    Murder is illegal too
  15. Prayers for Las Vegas

    Im not being self serving. This is just the easiest way to show you the stupidity of america. Follow the link. Check out the post with all the twitter posts. Wanna really loose your crap? See how "caring" the left is being. https://m.facebook.com/TheRealBarnOwl/?ref=bookmarks
  16. hilary comment

    My family has patrolled the 38th through 3 different generations. The DMZ is not a border that divides the countries. Of course im sure governing bodies will disagree.
  17. Stay or evacuate

    Why fight the inevitable? Leave. Gey stuck in traffic for days. Possibly die. Or watch the beast roll in and truly weather the storm. When i was in Israel i had to set out 3 massive dirt storms. The first one i ran from to seek shelter. The next one i watched from the door of our house. The last one i pulled my keffiyeh up over my face and got back to work. You learn to go with the flow. Flooding is the same. Bad storms. Do what you can to prepare. And be there when the water recedes so you can start cleaning early
  18. So here I sit in Holly, co

    Now dammit. You too son. Swing in. Tila did
  19. So here I sit in Holly, co

    Next time head 40 miles west to lamar and hagan and i will buy you lunch
  20. So here I sit in Holly, co

    Holly Co? Lol holly colorado?
  21. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Am i the only one who would be ok if my tax dollars went to dressing this first lady? You know. I dont make a lot of money. She might have the thin out the outer wear during the summer months. Just saying. Ill take one for the team
  22. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Yeah. Finally have a first lady who isnt afraid to show up and walk through the mud. Like she cares if its heels. Im a shoe whore. I have 60+ pairs of shoes. When i ride vintage bikes i rock vintage styled shoes. Usually through the rain and mud and everything else. Toss em away and throw on the next pair. Its second nature to us shoe whores. We dont care if we ruin our shoes. We look dang good doing it lol.
  23. I Honestly Dont Know Why

    She was soooo mad over this. Was a joke. Told her it was basically a big black cat. I didnt lie After the camera cut off i got a string of swear words and smacks with a very expensive sony camera
  24. I Honestly Dont Know Why

    You know. You guys have a point here
  25. I Honestly Dont Know Why

    Fight the power! Fight the facist white regime. Free the pussy. Cat Lives Matter.