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  1. Thank you guys. I did a lot of math and paperwork before this explosion took place. Im not gonna risk anyones life. Having said that. It would take more than a tiny splosion like that to take me out
  2. Thank you everyone for the support. And yeah. The new high speed go pro is gonna be cool. I didnt get it close enough and i regret it. But it caught some cool footage for sure. One of the rims and tire ended up 300 yards to the south lol. Such a fun day
  3. Thats all I can pull off this year. But damn. It was cool
  4. Anerican hero
  5. Half German. Half Irish. 100% American. Family name is Barrow. From the longest of the three sisters in Ireland the River Barrow. Other side is Kraut. Dating back to the germanic tribes. Some moved through the viking lifestyles, some became orthodox jews in Deutschland.
  6. Too much. No 100 lbs of binary similar to the name branded "tannerite"
  7. And yeah. I made a mess for myself. My old man found the exhaust about 300ft away twisted and crumpled
  8. Video wont be up til the 20th. Thats a lot of editing and work to do
  9. The speciality round thats taking on the wee explosion The hornady spv round. Varmit speedy killin s.o.b. 75 grain. 3600fps. Lightest grain i can stabilize in the savage
  10. 99 civic. Way to go mto. Got people thinking im launching a beloved gremlin into orbit. Sheesh
  11. Well...it has some bullet holes now
  12. Heavy breathing. Everything is in place except for the car. Barricade is halfway done. Had to bring in some steel plates to protect my beautiful face. Not because anything is coming back at me....but because it might lol Camerawoman photo bombed one of the pictures. And in the other wayyyyy in the back you can see the car...paitently waiting.
  13. Im a single man, unless you ask my girlfriend. Then im an azzhole. Probably because i keep telling everyone shes my gardener
  14. A picture of bruce jenner will work just fine for the gag emoticon