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  1. 1985 s2300

    Have had a couple do what your saying and it was the gauge that was bad. Jingles is correct on how to test the sender. That is where you want to start is at the sender. Besides seeing the resistance change with movement of the float arm you should also see voltage from the gauge coming to the sender.
  2. Any Thoughts

    Go to A&I tractor parts and find your tractor. Pick engine o/h kit. Select tech bulletin. You will find a listing of serial numbers and what color oring goes with the serial number. Hope that helps. I would guess even if it is a different kit then what your using the coding would be the same. If not they also give the thickness of the oring so that should get you going.
  3. 3788 transmission issues

    I really do not think that is the source of this material. Parts book shows a ball bearing and a needle bearing. I am not seeing any leakage around the drive shaft seal which I would think I would also see if those bearing were loose or out. Still have some fall field work to do but when I get that done I will clean things up so I can start pulling covers and see if I can determine where the failure is. Might get a better idea when I pull the drain plug as to where most of the metal is in the case.
  4. 3788 transmission issues

    Changed the filters today and this was in filter housing. Transmission has been working fine and no unusual noise that I have noticed. Looks like parts of a bearing cage. Any ideas? The only bearing that comes to my mind is the roller bearing on the pinion shaft. Last work done on the transmission was a TA guessing around 2000 hours ago. Just wondering what to open up first to determine where the issue is. Thanks for any ideas.
  5. Hydro 84

    Have two and yes they are great little tractors. Only use them for loader work and the one has a back hoe that has never been back off once I put it on.
  6. 1460 fuel tank leak

    Have seen the fuel sender leak. It is about half way up the tank on left side. You can reach it without pulling the tank. It is above the straw spreader gear set.
  7. Case IH Corporate Tech Support

    Local dealer submitted some questions about one of my 2+2's which never did hear back on. Did have some parts questions and that we did get a return on.
  8. 15 million of them Wow!

    Yes the are fun. Taken a few years ago. Had to church the other day and was out on the 3rd with it. Restored shortly after I got out of high school. My son beside me and a couple of his friends. This one is a 1923 year model. Think they sold for about $290.00 during that time frame. IH enamel paint was what I used at the time to paint it.
  9. IH 886

    Pretty sure the 400 series is a little longer than the 300 series. So you would probably have to lengthen the frame to make it work.
  10. 3X88 steering systems

    Is the steering system on the 2+2 tractors an open or closed center system? I am thinking closed but do not have the service manual in front of me. Thanks Dennis
  11. Quality of life in the 3588

    The fuel sender is different if using only the front tank. You also have to jumper the wires that go to the rear sender together to make the front sender work correctly by itself. The joint is under the floor board. Much easier to jump the wires together at the rear sender and put the cover back on it.
  12. electric bills (here we call it hydro}

    .08 a kw for power here and I believe $22.50 a month to be connected to the grid. Electric bill is $140.00 a month. All electric house.
  13. RPM sending unit/display on 1086

    One of the 2+2's was doing that ended up being a broken wire where the harness plugs into the sender. Wire was broke on the harness side not the sender side of the plug right where it was crimped onto the wire end. So another place to check.
  14. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Two different Hydro 84's. The one with the backhoe has the smaller size tires that were offered with MFWD. It also has under slung exhaust and the plain rear fenders. The other is equipped with the larger tires exhaust out the hood and the more deluxe rear fenders with lights.
  15. 5488 or combine fuel shut off

    No I have not played with it any at all. It is a IH reman engine that has about 3k hours on it now. I was thinking of putting a boost gauge on for next season to see what I am getting.