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  1. 1985 s2300

    I have a 1985 S2300 single axle truck and it has two fuel tanks, my question is my fuel gauge reads 1/2 full all the time. Just wondering what is possibly wrong? Is it the gauge and if it is how do I check that, or I do I check the sending unit and in which tank is it in? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  2. Feeding cornstalk bales to cows

    We feed about 400 to 500 corn stalk bales per year, we tip them on end put about 5 gal of molasses on them, let it soak in good for a couple days and then run them through a tub grinder with the rest of our hay. the cows clean everything right up, they work great if put up dry too many people in my area dry and hurry the process of baling and the bales aren't near as good, they are very tough grinding if put up too wet.
  3. Trucking quotes

    I'm not sure I don't have all the details yet. he just told me its at mobridge and was wondering what I would charge to go get it. he said if he is going to pay someone to truck it he would just as soon me do it over a trucking outfit. I work with him all the time on other stuff around the farm too.
  4. Trucking quotes

    Out by mobridge
  5. Trucking quotes

    Neighbor called and wants me to haul a tractor for him. The tractor is a 4440 and is 200 miles away I am wondering what the going rate for hauling equipment is? I live in South Dakota and just wondering what others are charging around the country.
  6. Combine duals

    we are running a 1660. We ran 30.5s dualled up with 30.5 band duals one really wet year on our then 1460 that looked kind of ridiculous but man would that thing float
  7. Combine duals

    I was thinking about putting duals on my combine 20.8-38s I have 30.5-32s on there now was curious if I would gain anything by doing this conversion or if it is a big waste of time. Would I have any better traction of or the combine float better with duals or the fatter singles. I used to run band duals on my 30.5 but broke the rim centers and my heavier rims do not have holes drilled for the eyelets to run band duals.
  8. Mrx 690

    How deep does a person pull a 7 shank and how fast
  9. Forum rules

    Helping the neighbor cut corn silage 4440 on the blower 4430 on the cutter my maxxum 140 pulling one wagon and neighbors 4020 pulling other wagon. He is all green except for a mx120 loader tractor
  10. 730c

    I have been telling my dad I don't think we can pull it either. How deep should a person pull these and how fast
  11. 730c

    We are looking at buying a 730c ripper what are the pros and cons and how much hp to pull them we have some clay but overall not real heavy soil. We are upgrading from a model 55 25ft chisel plow and our tractor is a stx 275
  12. corn chopping in South Dakota

    We run a mx170 on our other three row cutter and it works, but in the tall green corn that tractor is way under powered. The 2+2 works good but steers a little hard and not as comfortable as the mx but handles the cutter much better
  13. corn chopping in South Dakota

    Corn was alittle green, but we were expecting a big rain and this is low bottom ground, and now has about a foot of water where the corn was. Corn is looking much better than we thought it would we were very dry early but late june and july rain helped a bunch
  14. Harvestore Silos

    The weather can play tricks on producers. We looked and listened to the weather and said 2 full weeks of sunny dry weather so we cut down a little over 150 acres because we can normally leave it lay 2-3 days then take and rake it we can bale 80 acres easily a day so we figured we were good but everyday for a week was super foggy in the mornings wouldn't burn off til almost noon and started to get really wet by 7 pm every night, and a couple days it rained small little rain swalls that dampened the hay enough you couldn't do anything to it. It took us the full 2 weeks to get that hay up. You can't beat mother nature
  15. Alloway stalk chopper

    We use an alloway on about 400 acres per year does a very nice job has been pretty trouble free we are the second owners and have owned it for 10 years and finally had to do so work on the drum drives coming out of the gearbox