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  1. ARPS Half Tracks adjustment

    You don"t want a wider tire for the bogey. T his only there to work as a idler to secure the track with direction and tension. In fact the bogey fits in the curve of the track pad for a reason. The track will actually be off the ground under the bogey and touch as it nears the rear tire. Again the track doesn't need to be that tight to work . Just watch it as it goes around the bogey. Too tight and you will have unneccary wear on the links that connect the pads.
  2. ARPS Half Tracks adjustment

    you just want to make sure the bogey wheel is in line with the rear wheels and sitting in the center of the rear drive wheel , that way the track will run straight. the tracks actually fit any smaller tractors that have the right width of tread. our 574 and the 884 both have 13.6 x38 rear wheels so the tracks work great. it would be interesting to know how big of a tire width would work .
  3. ARPS Half Tracks adjustment

    yes the adjuster will give you all you need . you don't have to run them real tight like you might think. when in use you will find that the excess is at the top between the drive wheel and the bogey wheel and you don't need to worry unless when you turn that you see the track sliding off the bogey wheel , then tighten a bit.i grew up using these tracks on a super m, mf 65, and now the mounting brackets are on our 574 and the 884. with the 1066 elwood axle front wheel drive and the 5250 mfd we have.n't used the tracks in probably 30 some years but i wouldn't sell them just in case. wet falls are a challenge getting vegetables out of the field. oh and if you back up the rear wheel may spin a bit inside the track, but this is normal because of the angle of the tabs on the inside of the track against the tire tread.