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  1. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    Just the first leg of the trip. No self incriminating evidence. Actually around here not a big deal unless you go on the highway...
  2. Sleeper Cars.

    Busted!! I knew you had good taste!
  3. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    You only need a permit if they catch ya
  4. Power shifting

    ..........seems to help.....a little..... Chevy guys were complaining about getting hit with stuff coming off the Mopar in front of em.... Ford guys never complained....guess they were far enough behind...
  5. Power shifting

    Need this on the Mopars
  6. Power shifting

    Gotta love em.....reminds me of a mechanic i know out east...😁
  7. Power shifting

    It didnt break the motor mounts....dang bolt fell out on the way home...sheesh...283 aint never broke anything!!
  8. Power shifting

    Naw....that was for when the battery was dead. Wrap it around the front pulley and tug it like an old motorboat...
  9. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    My motor repair place told me about all the brands of home air compressors have the same motor from the same mfg company. My motor has been gone thru twice in 10 years. My next compressor will be commercial sized....
  10. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    500 miles isn't much for driving range and i bet city driving would cut that down quite a bit. 10 speeds suck. I would never buy one. 13 spd or auto for this guy...

    How about making something automatic that is more needed like self pounding fence posts and chainsaws that cut trees down by themselves (hedge and black locust trees in particular!)
  12. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Drive around the country and look for one in a pasture thats in good shape and go ask about it.
  13. Corn Crib Dismantle

    You could. They are not very heavy. I ran 3 log chains down thru the hole to the top rail on the sides to lift. Yeah...i know...dont stand on the top step of the ladder....whatever....
  14. Corn Crib Dismantle

    We use ours for a gazebo instead of firewood...