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  1. Got one thing done today

    Looks great! Some times you take the small wins when ever you can get em', been there a lot lately.....
  2. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Tony, All I can say is 'wow', your equipment is beautiful and sounds great! I was wondering though, about some of your other projects, do you ever worry about getting rings seated on the ones you don't work as much? Your last post just made me curious. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!
  3. Question about M oil pump

    Both of my parents tractors take a few moments to read pressure as well, H and an M. I've put a new pressure spring in my H rebuild so I'm wondering what the difference will look like. My first impression would be that this is normal.
  4. 1941 Farmall H

    Thank You Sugarmaker! The plan is to sandblast next then prime. It would be nice to get that out of the way before splitting the tractor to install the motor.
  5. 1941 Farmall H

    I have one more place that I can take it to that is supposed to specialize in copper and brass only but I'm afraid that is may be dry rotted.
  6. 1941 Farmall H

    Dang it! My replacement radiator can't be repaired..........Argggg! So was hoping I could save an origianal. Which leads me to a question; are all the repops the same or should I avoid any certain ones? Thanks for the input folks!
  7. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Looks great! Makes me with they made reproduction dealer umbrellas from the 40's.
  8. Farmall H three point

    Capable but the belly pump is pretty slow from what I've ever seen or at least compared to live pumps which must have better volume. Love the tractor in general though!
  9. 1941 Farmall H

    Not too much done this weekend with the holiday but I managed to get the hitch off, wheels secured and the clamps removed. Still need to get that pesky radiator off, the car tires are right in the way to getting a good hand on those castle nuts and pulling the cotter pins out. Grrrr. Nearly ready for sand blasting.
  10. Grandpa and I with the Cub

    I wish I had a picture like your.
  11. 1941 Farmall H

    Weekend update. Getting the chassis stripped down for sandblasting. Also, a few short videos of the brake bands after being broke loose. Nothing super exciting just busy work.
  12. 46 M up and running!!

    Looking good! Love the old three spoke front wheel castings, same ones I'm using on my project. Your right on point about keeping the mag covered because if there is the smallest opening for moisture to get it there done till noon, been there before. Old tire inter tubes make great mag covers too if you have any old ones around.
  13. 1941 Farmall H

    Stinking holes in the new tubes. Dang mice found them before I had a chance to use em'. Grrrrr. Tube patched, last drive tire mounted and both wheels set back on the axles. Soon to move this party into the shop for some motor swap time.
  14. 1941 Farmall H

    I've always heard of them but wasn't real sure that this was it but your probably right.