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  1. Hey, I know of that fella!
  2. Not sure of the significance of the rear weight other than maybe just a cheap alternative to cast? Maybe cement was surplus in the area because of Cement City being so close till it closed in 1961? My project is in Jonesville at my parents farm, my family and I live in Augusta. I see your Eagle listed.....I'm jealous. LOL! Used to drive a Volvo but always wanted an IH for hauling toys.
  3. Tractor looks fantastic! Great job!!
  4. Got a couple hours in over the weekend and got a few small things done. I know the drive block issue has not been very popular but I was able to gather enough info that it should look close to correct and make me feel like there was an effort made at least. Also mounted the front tires on the rims Saturday and it makes me wish I went with the 5.50x16 instead of the 6x16 even though there listed as an option. Might just be that I've never seen period correct tires on the old rims( non adjustables), not sure? Any ways, it really doesn't matter as long as it rolls, for now. Firestone notched rib tires do look pretty cool as far as a classic look goes and appeared to be pretty weld made.
  5. It would be interesting to know what the individual exhaust/cylinder temps are and compare to a known unit.
  6. This should be an easy answer but I haven't been able to find it as of yet. What size are the rivets for the drive blocks on the rear rims for the H? I have new rims and have got to get the blocks installed and I want the correct rivet size. Thank You!
  7. I like going to Applied Industrial Technologies or Motion Industries to cross bearings. Variety of brands and prices. Good luck!
  8. Oh, here is where the tractor has sat since Dad and I last moved from its home farm in 1998 roughly.
  9. The rims are my first prime and paint project.
  10. Sorry, its been awhile since I could process pictures and getting time off work is always a hassle. Family and I took a week off for the first week in July and here are a few updates.
  11. From about 1986 to 1995
  12. You can order them right through Hastings website.
  13. I still run Hastings and there still built right there in Hastings Michigan.
  14. I was 9 years in 4-H, Hillsdale County.
  15. HTA

    Seems like a 350 diesel would be worth a whole lot more than that SH in TA clothing.