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  1. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    At the time and for a time in my experience
  2. Excuse me pilots

    Randy Not as big but Papua New Guinea also has quite a reputation. Particularly for "stuffed clouds"
  3. How far would you drive a tractor home

    From a slightly different perspective https://cobahcastiron.weebly.com/chamberlain-champion-9g-tractor.html
  4. Who had the first ivt ( hydro mechanical) trans

    Might need researching then. There was this in a Hatz diesel engine ad in a 1985-ish Australian Power Farming annual. The "1953 Worlds First Air Cooled Diesel" - in spite of Armstrong Siddeley selling them from about 1931
  5. Excuse me pilots

    Also leads to this bloke and another book https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Brown_(pilot)
  6. Excuse me pilots

    I haven't got the book from our library system as yet. Review suggests there were some hairy moments, other source mention a run of engine outs from one of the Merlin factories that were assembling the magneto drives incorrectly
  7. Excuse me pilots

    Rick https://www.amazon.com/Sigh-Merlin-Spitfire-Alex-Henshaw/dp/0947554831 37000 test flights and lived to write a book
  8. Excuse me pilots

    At the other end of size. From weight and balance in sailplane maintenance. A De Haviland Canada Chipmunk spun in. It was found to have 7 coats of dayglo orange on the tailplane, sufficient weight to move the centre of gravity outside of recovery with a light pilot. Take home message was "a can of paint is heavy and most of it doesn't evaporate"
  9. This POS put law enforcement back 15 years

    A comment around that area "Hollywood Ethics" https://realclimatescience.com/2018/01/hollywood-ethics/
  10. The tree involved was an ironbark (eucalyptus species) around 70 feet high (not including the top hamper it had lost) and around 4 feet diameter at the base. And eucalypts like this have substantial taproots. The tree was beside our cattle yards and It had a bit of a lean to the west away from the yards. It was in the way of side loading trucks at the loading ramp so it had to go - sometime. One of our boys was home and the conversation went like this - Son "How is the dozer going Dad?" Dad "OK. Why?" Son "I'll get rid of that tree then" Dad "You're joking!" (FA 10 is 100 engine hp but does have the torque converter transmission) Son "No. I reckon if I rip around it it'll work OK" So I went away on other things and came back to no tree. Dad "How much trouble was that?" Son with grin "Not a lot". And then the truth came out. He was ripping around it. Across the eastern side(opposite the lean) he broke a couple of large roots AND THE BLOODY TREE FELL OVER! So any decent wind might have put it over the cattle yards.
  11. Baxter Black "Rainin' cats and dogs" comes to mind
  12. Then there is getting it up high enough. Back in the days we got to do this in explosives school. Effective but one might say non-directional in where the result landed. Maybe IHRunner can chime in on this
  13. The new New Holland Crawler

    Rick In our experience there is no shortage of Fiat tractor parts in Italy. It seems the problem in places is making the connection to them. In this part off Oz we have two "parallel importers" who have made that link. Speedy service even if it has to come from Italy. The ag crawlers are in high demand for hobby farms etc here. One of the attractions being parts availability. I'm not sure if new ones are available.
  14. With a tree pusher like on our FA 10 you can do this. If the tree is stubborn take a bit of weight with the tree pusher on the tree. Then cut it about half way through on the dozer side somewhat higher than your blade at full lift.. Then when you push you are working towards the front half of the root ball rather than against it and the tree should split. Then working from the opposite side you have the same advantage on the half of the stump that is left. Not too many trees on this ranch that I can't shift with just the pusher though. Then there was an ironbark (eucalypt) about 4 feet in diameter and about 70 feet high - but that is a story for another time.
  15. The new New Holland Crawler

    I'll guess that you're getting exposure to what has been the Fiat ag crawler line. For a while when the Fiat Allis crawlers disappeared from your market it looked like they were still available elsewhere as New Holland.
  16. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    "The Journal of Irreproducible Results" once had an article "proving" that, as you get older, time does go faster
  17. One way but hard to do on a loader
  18. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    FWIW. Our useage is domestic only where temperatures in winter don't get much below freezing. We got to gas on demand for household after finding that solar was a very expensive hobby. The solar heating part worked ok, it was what surrounded it that didn't. Big name brand here too. Pay-off on the first was about 20 years and we've rusted out 2 tanks in 19. Both steel/glass lined. Not sure about the first but plenty of anode left in the second which was run on rain water when possible. The plumber who installed the gas one knows of only two solar ones left in the district. The go-to names from experience here are Rinnai and Bosch. Both seem to survive indifferent water. Ours runs on the same size gas pipe as the stove and hasn't added noticibly to our gas/electricity costs. It will also be on rain water when possible. More when we know more.
  19. 86 series keys

    More on B & S keys http://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=ttalk&th=1886823
  20. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    IIRC it will be easier with the blade and frame out of the way. Assuming you have a BE type blade I don't recall having to take the trunion mount off to get the recoil spring assembly out - but I don't have one around to have a look. You will have to take the front supports off and take the diagonal brace off the back section though. That can be a test. I know that I didn't have to break the track.
  21. How **** old do you have to be?????

    Take 2 Panadol! Obviously good stuff. https://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/the-crocodile-and-tufala-panadol/ (Apparently Tylenol to you)
  22. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    When we got our FA 10 we didn't pay a lot for the tracks. One idler was able to float side to side as an indicator, and there was a fair bit of scrap iron as well as both grease adjusters were shot. They are a pain to get out. Plus one recoil spring bolt broke while compressing the spring. I managed to get a plate in behind the front frame tower and we took that frame to the well known straightening firm of "Tovota and Tree" - with a LONG chain. I was talking of this with the workshop boss of a supplier who asked "Did they put spacers under the carrier roller towers"?.."No". "Oh they missed that one then". IIRC won't work on a TD 6/9 though.
  23. The latest sexual harassment lawsuit

    Coming soon from chess as well! http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2017/12/honey-i-finishe-547.html and link
  24. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    On the other hand remember that Sir Edmond Hillary climbed Everest just "because it was there" (I realised as I was typing that in your current climate that I'd better spell his full name)