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  1. wheres the transtar talk at?

    That was my suspicion. Hopefully it will get overlooked
  2. Anyone want a 4 year old?

    The pay-off of patience
  3. wheres the transtar talk at?

    It is the age of ridiculous and of 60-something genders, so is that Transtar name likely to get unwelcome attention?
  4. The Power of Tracks

  5. TD7C undercarriage parts

    You could be lucky and it is a chickensh1t weld
  6. Tony Cali Fires

    Some more comment on the fires here https://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/fire-in-the-wine-country/#comment-5955 And the rest of the article. From 200 acres at 10 pm to 20000 acres the next day - a good time to be somewhere else
  7. TD7C undercarriage parts

    Different breed but the rollers on a Fiat Allis 10 are replaceable bushes and cheap too. Same with the face seals
  8. On my 3rd reading of this book

    I'm guessing that a similar book on Allis would be a similar mix in different proportions?
  9. Moving TD6 62

    I presume you're aiming to not have the engine turn? Presuming it is a manual if you have the main clutch disengaged and the gearbox is in neutral then the engine ought not to turn. For insurance you could tie the steering levers back too. Moving it 30 yards ought not worry the dozer itself.
  10. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    Thanks Ian
  11. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    Any tips on these? We have no fm available and 2 am stations of 2000 watts at about 150 km so would need a good am side.
  12. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    I've heard that said before
  13. Gun Rights vs. Women's Rights

    More discrimination against men in a bar sign "Men: no shirt no service. Women: no shirt free drinks" "
  14. IH Magneto Information

    There is this in Miscellaneous - may be no connection to your question http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel/Misc/Root.htm
  15. American Bosch PSB

    More PSB information deep in the 74 page manual here http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel/Ambac/Fuel1.htm Plus a lot more on the site - engines, carburettors, magnetos including IH http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel/front.htm