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  1. Lorenzo Might be of interest " "Going around this first turn I said, I'm just gonna ride him like Zenyatta" " http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2017/03/going-around-th.html
  2. 1971 Power Farming Annual shows TD8-82 engine as BD-281, 4.125" x 5.25"
  3. As well as the bolts there should be 2 locating pins that take a bit of moving IIRC
  4. IIRC they did this with the first BTD-6's and the old TD-6 finals didn't like more power
  5. Was still listed as current in Power Farming Annual 1971
  6. British Test Report No BS/NIAE/56/6 International BTD-6 May 1956. Engine BD264
  7. You can open the diesel throttle while running on petrol to bleed the diesel system
  8. I managed to replace the square drive section on our FA 10 dozer tacho drive with one from an automotive gearbox speedo drive. Needed a bit of lathe work and some silver solder
  9. Oops! Looks like back to verse 1 of Baxter Black " Holstein feeder/fat cattle issues!!!" http://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=ttalk&th=1800766
  10. Baxter Black on Holsteins "The Holstein cross in a feedlot Was often scorned and maligned Packer buyers would sort them off Refusing all of their kind. But time and grading standards Have changed the Holstein's luck Now they're black belted Angus And slip right onto the truck"
  11. Mike Not sure that they used Buda. The "H" in DDH was Hercules. An uncle had one. Cold start was remove a plug in the intake and hold a flame torch near it while using the starter.
  12. The O-ring IS that special shape. And you were supposed not to reuse them due to damage on removal. IIRC from our TD6 manual
  13. There is an interesting email doing the rounds on "New maths - Chicago style" Which probably wouldn't make this thread!
  14. https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2017/02/12/dwr-briefing-on-the-oroville-dam/ and comments
  15. td6

    While you are worrying about the threaded rod have a wider look. If the sliders on the front idler are worn this lets the idler move up and down more than it ought. Which flexes the idler adjuster and things further back. Which can break either the threaded rod OR the two bolts that hold the recoil spring assembly together. And on the way likely will work the bolts holding the front casting of that assembly (where the front support for the BE blade bolts on) to the track frame loose. The bloke who repaired our adjuster drilled the front flange, necked down the threaded rod to suit and silver soldered it.