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  1. Been there several times. The on sight museum is pretty bitchin.
  2. And here is how they did it.
  3. This is a good one. it's not trick camera work , it really is going backwards. Then watch the Video showing how they did it.
  4. And if you haven't seen the current move called. " Hidden figures " By all means go see it.
  5. I would guess he was able to run 14 MPH. so 70 divide by 14 = 5 hours give or take 30 min for intersections and other reasons to stop or slow down.
  6. I traced mine WAAAAAAAY. Back.
  7. LOL. almost zero duration on those cam lobes, Open and shut immediately. Neat how they are driving it with a Helical gear though.
  8. M&W Turbo ?
  9. Reminded me of this cartoon.
  10. Two of my guest came down with that after we returned home from Fiji last month. Dosent get any easier to cure when your an adult. Pretty sure one of them will never dive again. Wishing your little girl a speedy recovery.
  11. If your asking me, No, I do not have any side by side's. My sister has a Kawasaki Mule with a dump box and it suits her needs well. She trades every two years and currently has a green one. She has never had a problem with it, These pictured are long gone.
  12. Mader656. Your absolutely right, there are still some of those Honda three wheelers in use in this neck of the woods.
  13. We already have two Honda's and an Arctic Cat. You can't go wrong with the Honda that's for sure however The Arctic cat was a Mistake we won't repeat. Dont really need to pull a trailer much but that's an interesting observation regarding the Honda. Pretty amazing how the ATV has evolved into a 4 wheel drive, independent suspension, 90 HP machine capable of 75 MPH or more if you dare. I remember when we were young and Honda came out with the three wheeler, A big step up from the Cushman's we had at the time. From this Honda, To whatever you can dream up.
  14. September 12-14 will be the 40th year for Husker Harvest days in Grand Island Nebraska. The worlds largest Totally irrigated Working Farm show. CanAm will have their ATV's on display, usually priced lower then you can find them anywhere else. Thinking about getting an Outlander, Anyone have one to comment about ? Stock photo from the WWW