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  1. Aermotor windmill advice please

    On most of the ones I am familure with , Putting the Vane in the position shown in your picture does two things. 1, It takes the sails (Fan) out of the wind direction stopping rotation. 2. It sets the brake. or Furl's it. When ever you see one in this position and the sails are turning it means the brake is either out of adjustment or worn out. This scenario is the beginning of the end for most Mills because it just spins day after day after day un attended prematurely wears itself out. You really need to change the oil annually if you use these for their intended purpose. Its a thin 10 weight non detergent oil and gets very dirty. There are a couple places to oil or grease on an Aermotor like the Mast pipe for example and you have to climb the tower to do it so it rarely gets done. They last a long time but not forever Especially when no Maintence is done. Mine is a 1919 but was taken down in 1940. Back when someone cared about them. Aermotor stamped the year of build on the sucker rod guide inside the gear box. Take note of how many you see while driving around the country that just have a gear box on top of the tower and no sail's. Its because it fell off when the main shaft finally cut itself in half from lack of oil and continuous spinning. I know of three within a half hour drive from my place.
  2. Hey there,  I sent you a reply from my phone, didi you not get it the other day??


    Larry  402-770-9529. Nebraska

  3. Farmers only

    Mark , you beat me to it. OMG I love that show.
  4. Aermotor windmill advice please

    I have an extra Dempster with 36 foot tower I would sell. No bullet holes either, Thats the part thats hard to find. The first generation that bought these mills back in the day needed them badly and took care of them, oiled them and coveted them. It was a vital piece of equipment. The second generation got electricity and a more modern way to get water so they neglected them and many just simply fell off the towers. The third generation shot them full of holes. Now it's hard to find a usable one that doesn't look like a colander.
  5. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Furl the sheets reminded me of a picture I took in Mykonos Greece. Most of "Bourne Identity" was filmed in Mykonos. At the end of the movie when he reunite's with his girl friend, she has a little shop on the beach and rents scooters. Jason walks in and surprises her. You can see these wind mills in the back ground.
  6. Excellent detail. It makes all the difference in my opinion and it really shows that you went the distance.
  7. 1966 Farmall 656

    Well done. Looks like you started with a good one and made it better. Bravo.
  8. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Furling, is the term used by the old timers in regards to stoping the Mill. By pulling the vane into the direction of the wind the brake mechanism clamps down on the sail hub slowing the sails to a stop. "Go Furl the Mill" is what you might say before a forecasted high wind or storm is Impending. I also have two Dempster mills and in my opinion they have a better system for Furling. The majority of Mills in this area are either Dempster, (Formerly made in Beatrice Nebraska) Now closed, or Aermotor (Made in Chicago if its an old one) now in Texas. You can easily identify them by simply looking at the towers. The Dempster tower has twisted wire cross braces and a conventional style ladder going up the side. The Aermotor tower uses one of the legs as a ladder so you climb up the edge of the leg. No one else ever did this that I know of. The Dempster gear head rest on a set of loose ball bearings in a cup so it can swivel and slightly below that is what they call a storm collar. The Aermotor just sits on a mast pipe.
  9. I found a 1919 Aermotor mill that was taken apart in forties and stored in a barn. I have it all back together and I am placing it on a 40' Aeromotor tower. It will be placed over a well and function to water livestock not just ornamental. I found a cast iron pump jack and sand blasted it, now the pump jack is in primer. My question is what color do you think the pump jack would look best. Black or Red? The tower is original galvanized and the mill still has its original paint and its sort of a faded maroon. The vane has the original red lettering but some what faded.
  10. Farmers only

    Those are all from me.
  11. 560 on alcohol

    When I restored my 560 I was on Alcohol, that may be why I have five times whats its worth invested. Oh wait, you mean run the tractor on alcohol? well then never mind.
  12. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    You can tell if the bladder has failed by simply feeling how heavy the tank is. You should be able to slightly tip the tank unless the bladder has failed. If it feels real heavy then its full of water.
  13. Inversion tables

    My girl friend has one of those, It's for your back? Learn something every day.

    you probably have what they call a malware virus.