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  1. 102538-70-wagon-gear-with-custom-built-bed VERY nice, WOW you did an incredible job. Beautiful result of your time and work.
  2. I would love to see him again but I would be surprised if he is still alive. That is most likely someone else.
  3. Those are Bitchin cool. I wish I had them on my 1066 and I don't even need em.
  4. Back In the Eighties and Nineties we had a contract with the Government installing Base exchanges. I was a Union Steam fitter so I would check in with the local Union Hall and hire guys on the bench. One time in San Angelo Texas at Good Fellow Air Force base I hired a guy named Willard. When he showed up I liked him right from the start, He was a tall skinny hill billy looking guy with a wad of chew in his check, Bony face, huge hands and immediately I thought of the old Burt Reynolds movie "Deliverance" In short order I became very fond of him and soon I was invited to his house for Dinner. His wife cooked a gigantic thanksgiving type meal and then he said "Im going to take you hunting. We hop into a jeep without doors and a chair welded to each front fender. When we got to their favorite spot his two boys hoped into those chairs with shot guns and away we went. I remember his hunting license was like a book with pictures of animals in it. You just shoot what ever was in the book, tear out that page and send it in as I remember. It was quite an interesting night , His boys would yell " Hey Daddy , we got any more ______. in the book?" then they would shoot it. So long story short, It's kind of been open season on just about everything in Texas, sounds like nothing has changed.
  5. OOOP'S. Sorry about that add from Denny. As Johnny Carson would say, " I DID NOT KNOW THAT "
  6. 1066

    This one came from Triple R Tactors. (A fellow forum member). It's a 100 amp with a trash guard. Great people to deal with.
  7. Perhaps this will help. This is an ad I found in Red Power Magazine.
  8. Show them 5K. You can always go up from there. It has been my observation that people place an asking price above what they will take so they probably want 5K for it all said and done. It looks pretty nice in the pictures.
  9. In Santa Paula nearly all of the Avocados, strawberries, Kayle, cabbage, as well as several other things are picked using immigrants. If you ever get chance to watch the Date Palm harvest it's an interesting procedure. The Date Palm's in Santa Paula are roughly 80 feet tall. Workers climb the trees with a back pack on and hand pick the dates. It's pretty amazing.
  10. That's why Mexico is trying to tighten their southern boarder. Guatemalan ,El Salvador even Nicaraguan's are coming to the US. Allegedly South African's are also entering our southern boarders after crossing the Atlantic and South America. I take care of a property here that's owned by a friend in San Isidro Costa Rica. He is always talking about the South Africans going through Costa Rica In route to the U.S.
  11. I frequent an island (Owned by the U.S. ) several times a year during Lobster season. The mayor and his wife are good friends of mine and I stay on his Yacht. He has been the mayor of the main city of this island for years and years. We have had several conversations about the illegal aliens that live in town. He openly admits he has to look the other way knowing very well that nearly none of them have a green card explaining further that they are the kitchen workers in the restaurant, the laundry workers in the hotels, the sanitation workers removing garbage,Bagage haulers, dock workers etc..ect.. The Economy of his city is 100 % dependent on tourism and with out these workers the restaurants , hotels etc... etc... would have to triple their prices. To make matters worse, New construction on the island halted years ago due to an already overloaded infrastructure , the existing real-estate is out of reach for anyone but the mega wealthy so even if ALL of the illegals were rounded up and deported (as many as 4 to 5 families sharing one house) no one can take their place . This is just one example on a relatively small scale in the whole scope of things. In My Opinion the wall will just be window dressing. The whole subject can be debated from several directions but the thing that troubles me the most ( because I travel ) is why a certain group of Americans are so up-set and against any form or method to tighten up our boarders. I challenge you to enter Russia without proper documentation, Try to walk into Canada, try to go to Egypt, I can name hundreds more. I just came back from Bolivia, Example, They required #1. A noterized letter of economic solvency from my bank on their letter head . #2. A current Yellow Card from The CDC. #3. 160 dollars U.S, money order made out to the consultant of Bolivia. #4. Download and fill out a declaration form stating your intent while in country, Flight numbers, arrival dates , departure dates, and Hotel reservations. #5. Send your Passport overnight Fed-X with a prepaid Fed-X envelope with all of the above inside. Then you wait and wait for it to return. Why?? Because they won't let you in without a Visa. But you can just walk into the U.S
  12. My guess is it's a well played trick and there is an amplifier in her purse or something like that. Believe me, I have seen a few Pu****'s that can do some amazing things but as of today none were capable of doing that. I would have married that one.