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  1. That's Italian for "Red Head " By the way.
  2. Do not reply to those .
  3. Tomato plants?
  4. I have always thought the details can make or break any restoration. Looks like you have endorsed my theory.
  5. OMG I had to laugh at that message from Frank. I looked at this first thing this AM before coffee, before my eyes kicked into gear. I tried three different pairs of glasses before I figured out it was in another language. Thanks Frank I needed that today. But seriously I would like to find that book in English, it looks like a good one.
  6. Tony, your LP tractor project is second to none, truly an amazing job, I look at your pictures every day in admiration. Well done. I had a friend add a little Bling to mine today.
  7. One of my buddy's is a competition shooter. ( 3-Gun. ) He loads his own 45 super comp and 223. We use a 55 grain Hornady V-Max bullet with H335 powder. We have figured it out every which way you can figure it to try to convince ourselves were saving money but in the long run it doesn't add up to all that much. The cost doesn't matter anyway for him because his reloads are more accurate and consistent then most of the store bought. Hornady V Max, Made in Grand Island Nebraska , is all I buy when it comes to store bought amo.
  8. https://lincoln.craigslist.org/grd/6062879486.html Here ya go AKwelder.
  9. Here's how Peter solved that problem. Then barn part is the best.
  10. All them virgins waiting up there for them. I think all this would slow down or even stop if someone would just tell them guys that all those virgins are men.
  11. If I make it I will bring my 1959 Swish-err to ride around on.
  12. My Old Pal FREON. Registered with the AKC as Trifluoroethane
  13. I found one today. If you can't find one closer then Nebraska let me know.
  14. Just sanded, might just paint it black or red.
  15. Gota ( Try ) to keep up with those California boys, (Tony) so I'm adding some Bling to the International 1066.