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  1. The Gimpel Estate auction this Friday has a nice list of tractors and has online bidding. How many MI were made or what would have been their main use other than being used to power motor grader conversions?
  2. If the engine number prefix is wdcbm, the w would indicate that engine was originally in a wd-9 tractor and would not be original if it is in a td-9. The correct prefix for a td-9 engine would be TDCBM.
  3. The Heislers I am familiar with are all two speeds that you use along with the transmission, where the Behlens are all a gear on their own. You do not put the transmission in gear to use it.
  4. You might want to check the arm that goes to the carb. float. I have one that will sometimes go just over center so that you cannot pull the decompression lever.