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  1. Poor UPS service

    I have had other people tell me the same thing. I can get packages from amazon in a day but it takes weeks to get other packages. I would say 5 billion profit on 61 billion is a pretty good profit margin
  2. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    Fast hitch. For a cultivator
  3. Aermotor windmill advice please

    It has to be red. When you get yours done i have one you can do
  4. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    I thought about the pressure tank but he said the pump is not running a lot. If the bladder broke every time he used a little water the pump usally kicks on.
  5. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    This is the only unintelligent post. That' person (and i will not call him a man) walked off his post. Thats a fact. He needs to man up.
  6. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I think most of the the people on this fòrum feel the same way you do. He walked off his post and put the lives of many people at risk. He should be out before a firing squad.
  7. What to do with old tires ???

    Grind them up. And use them in a septic system laterial. Took two semi loads to a place that' grinds tires. Cost about 75 cents a tire
  8. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Was yesterday in texas today. Been working on the soybean plant in fayetteville
  9. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I ve been working off and on at a cargill soybean plant the last 4 years. Its right next to Fort Bragg. Its all military around there' He will not last long unless he does like you said
  10. Poor UPS service

    How do you wreck a 38x18x20 16 ply logger tire. They lost all 4 for two months and when they did show up one was wrecked. Had to get another one. Still waiting on that' claim Girl friend wants to do damage to the UPS guys because of several things. We are redoing our house and i built new kitchen cabinets. I sent the upper doors to a friend to have family pictures burned in to the doors. Two doors were in each box wrapped in plàstic and the HEAVY box was filled with expansión foam. I Shipped them to him the same way fed ex and no problem. I ve got 4 of the 9 boxes back by ups and 3 of the boxes look like a D8 cat ran over them. The other ones have not come. So i dont know how many doors i have to remake. It took him a long time to burns pictures let alone the time to build them. Since i built them ups says to bad
  11. Poor UPS service

    What is up with UPS. They have lost or miss shipped eight packages in the last few months. Spent two days tracking some parts that we needed today. 15 days from Illinois to Nebraska. The parts are in Pa. Gal told me i could pick them up there' at their depot. I blew up over that' statement. Told her i should have just drove to Illinois and got them One before that' was 4 new tires for my trencher. Only took 2 months and 50 calls to find them. I think it helped when they saw what they cost. Another shippment the tracking number just vanished from their system. It was an overnight shippment from kansas city to omaha. Last spot it showed was ohio. Today i spent half the day tracking down another package. Im just done with them.
  12. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    He can check to see if he has a hole in pipe by how long it takes to start to increase pressure in tank. Pump would have to fill line first. Pump could also be sitting above water line and pumping some air. Could be balder but usally after a couple cycles the tank water logs and pump kicks on all the time
  13. Retirement

    I DO NOT want to go to an old folks home. Wish it was legal just to put me to sleep at that' point. Funny its against the law to end the suffering for humans. But you would be in trouble if you let an animal suffer
  14. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    A lot of things could be wrong. A lot depènds on what type of pump and how deep the well is. Im just looking at the cheapest fix and the most often cause. He could have a small pin hole in the pipe between the well and pressure tank. With out seeing the well pump and pressure tank its a guess
  15. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    Some wells do not have a foot valve. Or they went bad a long time a go I could be wrong but as a little water leaks from the pressure tank back into the well. That' water needs to replaced by air in the well and that' is what he is hearing