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  1. Different looking Farmall

    International made a Farmall BN it was a Farmall A with a narrow front end. Someone added the extra seat
  2. I'm glad you have been lucky with the DOT and that is what it is luck. I've owned and drove trucks for 40 years along with keeping books for a dozen independent drivers and each year gets worse as far as the DOT. Last ticket I got was at the scale west of Des Moines Iowa on I80. DOT did an inspection and could not find anything so he asked for my bill of Lading. DONT NEED ONE. He said I did and I asked him to show me the regulation. He couldn't but he did Go get his Rand McNally Road Atlas and show me where it said bill of lading was your most important paper. And that is what he wrote the ticket on. Ticket got kicked out of court but still killed a day of my time. Ticket before that was worse. Guy ran a stop sign and went under my trailer killing him. Dot state patrol city cops sheriff's not even sure the fbi was not there to investigate. DOT hauled me off to hospital for drug check which took several hours. They could not find any thing wrong with my truck or anything wrong I did. But a Week late state patrol sent me a ticket for leaving the accident. A year later and 65000 dollar attorney bill I got that ticket kicked out. I have to file a data Q at least every other month for one of the other guys. The ticket get changed but it's a waste of time and money. I've been audited once and helped the guys I do paper work for with audits and they have never found anything wrong Feds give states quotas to meet each month and if the state does not meet them they are in trouble . So its has nothing about having things in order its about ticket numbers and money. Answer this question. Name one thing the DOT has done as far as safety in the last 20 years NOTHING Its all about money
  3. No two states are alike. That's the big problem. Years ago the feds set Federal regulations to make it the same across the country. But the states complained and the feds let the states change regulations. So we are back to the same crap as before and even worse. Because now we have more regulations than before. The federal rule on no medical card with a CDL is that drivers license is no good. But some states (all states are suppose to) let you claim ag exemption and you can keep your (RESTRICTED) CDL but you can only haul your own stuff to and from the farm. If you have not figured it out yet the DOT is all about money generation. DOT is nothing about safety anymore. Mega carriers run the DOT and want the independent trucker out of business. The only reason the ag exemption happen is the mega carriers do not want that business.
  4. Just found Indiana reg If I'm reading the reg right you can only haul your farm stuff (no hauling Beer to drink) to and from your farm. within 150 miles of your home base and can't cross state line. You can not charge any type of fee or receive compensation for hauling. Example given was do you need CDL to haul tractor to show answer was yes you might win a prize
  5. I'm sure he needs a CDL just not a medical card
  6. Why buy something that only will serve part of your needs (pickup and gooseneck) Buy a semi and a step Deck trailer and be done with it. And in be a lot safer also (have brakes tires and truck that is made to haul your stuff) I also hate the rec vehicles not needing CDL license but also I hate people hauling to much on a pickup and trailer and also not needing a CDL license
  7. Its all called MONEY. DOT does not want you to understand. They want you do something wrong. So they can fine the heck out of you
  8. That's the best advice given Ask your brother in law he should know Some states have tax breaks for helping young farmers
  9. CRP is no walk in the park. I would rent it out for crops for less before I would go tge CRP route. I have been pulling all mine out of CRP as contract let me because of the bull crap involved in CRP
  10. Have them on several tractors and they are worth the money. I have operated in dusty conditions and would have to clean filters twice a day when vac grain. It has nothing to do with being lazy. It has to do with doing a job a the best way. Think of the time it take to remove and install the hood twice a day. Along with the extra fuel I would burn with a dirty filter and extra wear on engine.
  11. Sticky fingered women

    I can relate to that. BUT Worth every penny not to deal with her Worse part is a casino and several stores have it all now. She could spend money faster than I could make it
  12. R.O.P.S that came with the IH 140 tractor

    Great find and nice looking 140 I've been looking for a ROPS for a 140 for a couple years. The late 140 that I had. Had one on it until the tractor was burned in the machine shed fire. The heat warped and twisted it so bad it was worthless I would love to find one if only to use it for a pattern to build one.
  13. I'm very proud she is the first lady. She has a lot of class. And pretty dam good looking How long did it take Obama to show up for the last hurricane??? And were was Obama wife?? O ya on another tax payers vacation with her two daughters. Just think of the money trump is saving on not taking separate vacations every few days like Obama and his family. I can't even stand to listen to the news anymore. Every article is a lie or slanted so bad its funny. The news media wants this country to FAIL. I ask everyone that bad mouths Trump why they do it and so far I have not got a good answer. Then I ask why they don't get behind him and make this country even better. And if I do get an answer it is stupid self serving.
  14. 16.9 38 just not popular?

    There was several farms just trying sugar beets here when the 856 were produced. Don't know if it was special order but the dealer here sold several with 14.9 on the back. They looked odd. One had like 12.4?? with duals
  15. 16.9 38 just not popular?

    16.9x38 were a very common size on like the 856 Internationals and 4020 John Deere in this area. Even the few Allis 190 sold had 16.9x34 rear tires. Big percent of row crops were being planted in 30 inch rows and that size worked great to plant and cultivate. The 856 I still have came from the factory with 16.9x38 tires and factory duals. It had a diamond cab and a narrow wide front so you could set the front end on 30 inch row width and sill use a wide tire on the front. If memory serves me correctly they were BF Goodrich tires. On those tractors 16.9x38 would pull better than 18.4x38.