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  1. Stay away from the 2013 and newer ford escapes. They are a problem child. The older ones were a great suv. Then in 2013 ford redesigned the escape and they are problems
  2. Welcome to dealing with cat. Only way you will get full credit on the core is if is in perfect shape ready to be bolted back on and used. Get an aftermarket one. It will be half of what cat wants and no core charge
  3. Some of the prices people ask for stuff is a joke. You can buy new for less. Friend son works for the state patrol his job is watching craigslist adds for stolen goods. He says a big percent of stuff on craigslist is stolen. Another area he watch is want to buy. Thief will contact wtb person. Make a deal then steal the goods. Its never listed and the thief has the buyer lined up all ready. One thing that gets me is the adds with no number. I don't even try to contact those adds anymore. Most are a scam and the rest the people want to waste your time emailing back and forth. I want to talk to the person
  4. Didn't know they made a non self leveling model. Neighbors had a early one with the slave cylinder style leveling and that was a joke. They took the cylinders off and made it into a non self level. There was one other one on a v8 Massey. It didn't last long. If the bucket was dumped. And you tried to raise loader it would bend the leveling linkage
  5. Man buy that car TODAY. Its in great shape for the age. That is a real cruising machine. You might not ever get a chance to buy it again. Don't worry about unfinished projects I probably have a lot more of them than you. Buy it and move the car to the top of the list to make your wife happy
  6. Don't buy a very early one they had a slave cylinder on each side for the self leveling and it did not work. The later ones went to a mechanical linkage that work better. They don't fit on the tractor tight so they wobble around. Also it needs to be on a larger size tractor.
  7. Check the drive shaft If the bushing or rag joints are bad it will cause vibration and chatter
  8. Bet it was a split rim. They have killed or hurt a lot of people. Regular rims can split and exploded also
  9. I can understand what you are saying. We use to haul southern tractors up north. Many were good units. Like you said most were non ta with long axles. We cut the axles to right lenghth. Fix anything wrong and try to sell them. Buyers would piss and cry. So we just started hauled them to salvage yard. Then they cried I was killing good tractors. Just can't win 😢
  10. The writing has been on the wall for years . something has to be done. I'm not saying what they are doing is right. Look at the number of older tractors. And diesel pickups are blowing black smoke. Those type of tractors and pickups are what are causing these programs to happen The Federal and state government has already regulated the construction and trucking industry with out helping those industries. At least they are paying farmers to update their machines. In The construction industry if certain government money is involved. Machines must meet air pollution standards. With trucks several states will not let you haul in their states unless you have a newer truck. No one is helping them. AND NO YOU CANT JUST RAISE YOUR PRICE. If you do that some one else will cut your price and you will not have work. Cars have been regulated for years. Many states have checks on cars for emmisions. Along with safety checks.
  11. Try Lee Valley in Tekamah Ne. Randy might have some Peck Augers left over. Doug or Mike at Egbers could rebuild what you have. But they are busy all the time so plan on waiting It was a shame Peck closed. Many people came and pick up parts new Augers and had their old ones fixed there. But the new owner has no one to blame but himself. Egbers tried buying it. But that deal fell apart.
  12. Forget about driving to Herman and getting Peck Auger parts. They are out of bussiness. The Peck family sold the business a couple years ago. And the guy the bought it drove it into the ground. Egbers fighting tried to buy it. But its such a mess it will take a lot for a new person to buy it. Sad the 3rd largest Auger company went down the tube in a couple years.
  13. I'm pretty sure your loader will not lift it. It takes a lot to suck the spade out of the ground. As far as running the spades your hydraulics could do it as long as your not in hard ground. The spades would just work slow I've got a 50 and 33 spade. The 33 is on a pretty good size skid loader. And the 50 is on a 950 cat loader. Sometimes I wish they were bigger
  14. Congratulations to to everyone. She looks like a real nice smart lady. Hope the weather holds for the wedding. Can't beat an out door wedding in the country