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  1. Had to be Mark, I doubt Sam drinks beer......
  2. Happy Birthday Owen!!
  3. Happy birthday guys!
  4. I found one on eBay, but it sold last week... I'll keep looking for you!
  5. I'd drive it, as long as its in good shape to make the trip. Give it a thorough inspection and check tires for air and condition. Combine drive tire's aren't cheap.
  6. LED lights require a power supply called a driver to operate, in this case its just a simple DC to DC converter to provide the proper voltage at the proper current to operate the LED at the designed brightness. It should have overload and short protection built in. As said check for power from positive to ground at the light connections and be sure the ground is a solid connection. If you have a digital volt meter make sure that the positive to ground wires give you +12volts ( not -12 volts, reversed polarity) in both locations in case somewhere wires got switched between the left and right sides somehow. confirm that the LED is OK by hooking it up directly to a battery. If you cant make it work with 12 volts applied directly with correct polarity then the driver is probably faulty. They may be compatible with a range of voltages say "9 to 24 volts" check the specs if you have them. Would not be the first time I've seen "Lasts for 50,000 hours" be dead out of the box!
  7. Thats a nice truck! Hope you enjoy it.
  8. That's what I have, 7000 conservation. Great no till planter.
  9. I have 6.50 x 16's on mine, a 7.50 is really squeezed on the stock 4.25 inch wide rim. You will need to get creative if you want larger fronts, but it is going to look like it sits up hill with anything taller than 6.50 with 15.5's. I have 16.9's and it sits only slightly "down hill" and they are several inches taller than 15.5's. 11L x 16 and 6.50 16 are just about the same diameter.
  10. Most category 1 implements will work on your 300U, that's 26 " pin spacing. you will find that it is not possible to spread the 3 point adapters to hook up the implement , I made a simple "stand" out of 2x4's to prop the prongs up with them attached to the mower. then slowly back the tractor on to them just like a fast hitch implement. Once they have clicked in to position then attach the top link and adjust so that mower is level to just a tick down in front. 5 or 6 foot light duty cutters will work fine with the 300.
  11. Happy Birthday fellas!
  12. Might need some more info, where is that electric fuel pump plumbed in to? 584's are gravity fed from fuel lines coming from the right and left side bottom of the tank with a line tying the two together and plumbed to the fuel filter(s). They don't have a fuel pump. Would like to know if the stop knob allows you to put it in the"start" position which provides extra fuel for starting. Yes you probably need to check salvage yards for the run/start/stop lever if the parts are NLA. or
  13. The biggest issue here to me is: what are you mowing? Are these fields clean and just overgrown? If you sign up to mow 4 acres for $75 dollars an hour and its a overgrown but clean accessible field your going to be finished in an hour with that size a mower. First go and meet the people and take a look, you sure don't want to find an old drag harrow with your 2620! If things look ok then $150 minimum charge and $ 100 hr after that. A 20 foot mower at 5 mph is about 5.5 acres an hour.
  14. As the engine warms up, moisture in the air inside the crankcase condenses into liquid form on the cold internal engine parts and is carried throughout the engine by the motor oil. If the engine does not or is not allowed to reach and maintain full operating temperature for a reasonable period of time, it never evaporates. White "smoke" from the breather may well be normal blow by with some water vapor. Water vapor from condensation can also show up in "slobber" for the same reason, but as Pete said the two conditions are not related. Unless you can warm the engine up fully and see if blow by and exhaust smoke continue to indicate serious wear or you can do the manometer test there isn't really a way to find out its condition.( Without taking anything apart) If it all clears up then things might be OK. I had a JD 2020 at my beagle club that would blow by a quart of oil in 3 hrs, it continuously blew grayish smoke out the vent, lots of it. In this case the exhaust was pretty clean looking so thats not always an indication. Also you could feel substantial pressure by holding your thumb over the vent pipe.
  15. What ever you do don't book United.......