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  1. Terrible day! Pictures!

    Try one with an 8N for the prize, bet you'd win that one..... I'd be tickled if I won that, I've never won any raffles either.
  2. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    Sorry to hear that! I just had a long talk with my parents ( 89 and 96 years) about this as my Mom just got that same call. Fortunately she did not give any information. Always hang up and call the # on the back of your card! Another one is calls that have a familiar number or even a name you know, these thieves will stop at nothing to try and get you. Also watch for Phishing emails with the subject: "URGENT" or "VERY URGENT" and again often appearing to come from someone you know.
  3. 0L indicates an open circuit. No continuity. If there was a short in the start winding it would read 0 or 0.0 just as if you touched both leads of the meter together. It is possible that the winding overheated from a short then burned and opened the circuit but as 12 Guy said you would smell that right away, it would be obvious. We need to see the centrifugal start switch and see the contacts. Very similar to points in an ignition system. The switch maybe stuck open hopefully just needs to be freed up and the points cleaned and a new cap.
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Saw it on the news too. Walmart has apparently already placed an order. They should be on the road by 2019.
  5. I was at our local ASPCA the other day checking on a lost beagle. ( She is home safe ,wasn't far away either) 9 Pit bulls awaiting adoption, most from abusive owners. Can't be near children or other animals. Damm shame. Its like people think they are something to throw away.
  6. X2 on capacitors. I had many motor service calls, most single phase motor problems were failing capacitors.
  7. Dad passed away

    My Condolences. The strife is over , the battle done.
  8. A video for those people scared of heights

    Always....always bring an adjustable wrench up with you! Voice of experience, and never spill your tool pouch..... voice of experience.......
  9. A video for those people scared of heights

    I've climbed many elevator legs, a cake walk compared to that! Must take great stamina, climbing straight up is hard and that last round way! One leg that does stick in my memory though was one down in Maryland we called the "death leg" 110 feet up, a straight ladder with no cage and no rest platforms. No way to tie on safety gear either. Climbed it twice in one day to replace belts and idle side bearing. Not fun.
  10. Ain't that just special

    P.E.T.A....... People Eating Tasty Animals.
  11. Farmall 240 Gauges

    No experience with them but I buy a lot of stuff on eBay. Go with the first one, 3455 transactions and 100% positive feedback rating is the best indicator as to the quality of the parts being sold. Or... check other sources such as Devons tractor parts or Steiners.
  12. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    Maybe the right-hand prong for a 211 plow. ?
  13. My feed store uses them, much better than trailers. No critter problems either. When purchasing make sure its empty, no one in there from distant lands.........
  14. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    LOL..........................Got your appointment scheduled?