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  1. I've had good luck in past dealings with UR, at least as a customer. I know where you are coming from though. You have a long employment life ahead of you and while you may really like your present job if there is no where to go then I would consider this move. BUT: How long will you be an "assistant" ? Pulling low boys is great when the weather is good and can get nasty when its not. Do you think you will move up soon? Is there high turnover at this location? Lots of questions! What are your benefits now and how does that compare with UR? At a young age with a wife and kids benefits almost outweigh higher pay. ( unless its a big jump ) I did this 9 years ago went from driving a service truck 50 K miles a year working on grain systems to a 50 mile 5 day a week commute as a electrical/mechanical tech, made slightly less at the time but benefits cost less and are really good. Does UR at least offer a "cost of living" ( bit of a joke) raise? I'll add: I think you should go for it! You cant stay at a dead end.
  2. With the float lock out block removed ( its held in with 2 bolts going up between the levers) do the levers stay in their detents, both up and down? If not I'd say your linkage(s) are worn out . Clean everything up as best as you can, sometimes all that crud builds up in there and limits travel.
  3. Very nice BJ! I believe you could make yourself a little extra cash.........!
  4. Great thinking!!
  5. That's nice tin! Maybe you can trade for 450 emblems. As Jass said the white is a decal, you used to be able to get it from CIH, but I'm not sure anymore and it goes inside the bevel.
  6. Are the tension screws that adjust roller pressure all good and even? I remember that you could spread the variable pulley but it was pretty firm. I'm sure you know that you must let it come up to speed before you start baling. With the idler lever in the "throw" position- drive belt tight, it should have no problem throwing a bale. I had mine adjusted a bit too tight once and it could lob a bale right over the wagon.
  7. I've met plenty of horse owners that need that really badly! Great ad.
  8. I have a PTO pump (Prince) splitter, like said no small engine to keep after. With a Farmall H running at around 1100/1200 rpm it will split just about anything. At max speed it has an almost scary 6 second cycle time.
  9. The cover. There's an archived topic, but the pictures disappeared. (Photobucket)
  10. This is the screen that's in the reservoir, its a pain to get to. You have to remove the cover ( which is heavy) of the reservoir and it is on the underside. It is essential though given your problems that it be checked and cleaned.
  11. Great video, If kids aren't involved when they are young I don't think they will have the interest when they're older. Obviously they have some good parents!
  12. Runner ; there are company's out there that can put your talent to work!
  13. Back in June when I had my 450 listed a guy called me asking if it was available. He said he did not have any money but was there anything we could work out. said he might be able to find something to trade.
  14. That's precisely it, if you don't buy it you will spend the rest of your days wishing you had!
  15. Honda CRV or Ford Escape. Know several who own them and are very pleased.