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  1. Some People Don't Deserve Children!

    Always interests me that neighbors will usually say something like: No, nothing unusual, never saw any kids or any activity. Isn't that a clue?
  2. What welders say

    Brings back a lot of memories. Didn't have any work clothes without burn holes in them.
  3. What's your favorite snack

    A banana or a local apple. If not fruit I'll sneak a cookie or two if there are some. The truth is though I rarely snack between meals, ice cream after dinner is mandatory!
  4. 656 d

    That serial # is a 69.
  5. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    I used to know of an 856 that had over 14,000 hrs on it. It was bought new and all the work on it documented. Used it to back a FarmFans drier in to position and commented about the "low" hours shown on the tach. Guy said its got a lot more than that, at lunch he showed me some service records. The tach had been replaced; not once but twice! Given the age of these tractors today the overall condition is worth much more than undocumented hours.
  6. How far would you drive a tractor home

    A Magnum?!!! Heck, Ive driven a Farmall H 30 miles on a chilly day without a jacket! Drive it!
  7. Farming is a not for profit venture...... To make a "living" doing just crop farming, around here your going to have to own a fair bit of expensive land which may be hard to come by. I crop farm a small acreage, usually less than 25. It allows me to do something I really love to do. This year I planted 17 acres corn and used 6 bags at around $300.00 a bag. Spread some fertilizer for around $900, custom spray around $1800 and hired harvest and trucking for $600. Averaged 140 bushel/acre including a 1.5 acre plot that the deer ate all but 3 ears. Got a check in the 7K$ the very least not including equipment cost, maintenance and fuel I get about $282 per acre. Your results may vary!
  8. Hand (crank) starting the H and 4-Series

    The generator om my 48 H died a year or better ago, some day I'll fix it.... It is so easy to hand crank so that's why I've procrastinated on fixing the generator. FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! MAKE SURE TRACTOR IS IN NUETRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is a magneto which makes hand cranking easy. Mags are same spark spun fast or slow. With switch off, tractor cold; set choke full and crank 2 full revolutions.( if cold out , say below 50) Maybe 1 turn is enough if warmer out. Set throttle to around 2/3rds. Also make sure gas is on, ask me how I know..... Move choke to 1/2 position, position crank handle so it engages the pulley at 6:00 . Pull up on crank, just pull up on it not like your trying to lift the tractor just pull up from 6:00 to 9:00. 1/4 turn if no fire repeat. In good tune an H ( or others) should be running. Never crank the handle all the way around or push down on it. Warm is the same without choke. That's my method anyways.
  9. Ford Air Bag Recall

    Maybe this will give you some answers. Then again maybe it will leave you with more questions.......
  10. Stolen Tractors

    Had a JLG 60' manlift stolen off a job site once, didn't get far. First off the thieves probably didn't realize it only goes 3 mph, second; it draws attention on roads and third: one of the cops stopping them knew the machine and walked up to it and shut it off with the ground controls! Gotcha!
  11. Getting old

    I don't like to think that I am starting to get older and I don't consider your late 50's to be old. But.... one thing I notice is this: When I learn something new it displaces something I knew previously and that old displaced knowledge is very hard to get back!!
  12. Happy or sad state of affairs

    I just brought up some firewood with my 1944 BN. Pulled the choke, pushed in the starter rod, it made sort of a groan followed by a "rrruuh" and started right up. They are designed to work!
  13. Farmall h headlights. led????

    The original #1133 6 volt bulbs work best in the original Guide light. The filament is in the precise location for the reflector to concentrate the beam. The LED seems to produce a less concentrated beam and is very blue and not nearly as bright. The 1133 is 400 lumens, the LED ( Steiners) is 120. 400 lumens is approximately equivalent to a 40 watt household incandescent lightbulb. You can however, position PAR 36 type LED's inside the housing and these are very bright and looks stock. And somewhere I saw them advertised with a 2700K color which will look just like incandescent. Best of both worlds!
  14. rebuld a r52 combine

    Hou la la! C'est un projet incroyable, j'ai hâte de le voir terminé. Translation copied, My French is really bad!
  15. Me 25 yrs ago

    Keep those photos in a very safe place!