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  1. For worst I'll add the weird voice of the singer for Alice In Chains. Don't know his name, don't listen to them. For classic rock I like the vocals of Molly Hatchets Danny Joe Brown. For female vocalist I saw Annie Lennox ( Eurhythmics) in concert, she has some pipes!
  2. Last year a guy near me planted about 3 acres of them. Yes they need water, about an inch of rain a week is good after they set fruit. I thought his field looked pretty decent, one day back in September I drove by and there were about 10 Mexicans picking them and putting them in large boxes on skids. So go ahead and grow them just be prepared to pick them!
  3. You have my deepest sympathy. Try not to mourn his death, celebrate his life and what it meant to you!
  4. Might want to double check that the alternator is in fact charging. Just thinking that it could have gone south the last time the tractor was used and it got put away with the batteries in a weakened state.
  5. Be careful Mark. We do not want to see you missing your head/neck and part of your breast!
  6. The Lord does things that are just beyond what we can comprehend. Jim is a wonderful guy, prayers sent.
  7. Sounds pretty close, my book says between 38 (? my memory, or 36 ) to 55 psi at full rpm.
  8. I've dealt with chicken thieves forever it seems. Mr. Fox prefers to take it with him, especially if there are cubs to feed. You usually see a trail of feathers. Believe it or not an Owl may be the culprit, earlier this winter I was out and about feeding beagles in the kennel when there was a big commotion in the chicken coop. I ran over and an owl had just pulled a hen out of the door, I scared it off. Just a week before I found a hen dead right outside the coop door, little sign of a struggle and the hens head was mostly gone and the rest just left. Clue: No sign or little sign of struggle possibly owl. Feathers everywhere: 4 legged attacker.
  9. Happy Birthday guys!
  10. Welcome Voltmeter, got your message. Have you tried Wengers in Myerstown? They may have what your looking for. Here is a list of places in PA for you to check out.
  11. Do you have any good used seat pans for a Farmall A or Super A ?  MTO sent me your way. Not sure I did this right though. Getting older stinks, but the good thing is, I'm getting closer to the age of the old iron that I restore.

  12. True, in a conventional sense the US and ROK could eliminate his air force and navy in a few hours. He could launch a lot of rockets and shoot lots of shells but I think it would turn in to more of a insurgency. Its also possible that his army could defect in droves, be killed fighting the South or executed by the North for not winning.
  13. Heard that at lunch, Glad this guy took care of himself and no one needs to worry.
  14. M's have drop center rims and will not accept a double bevel rim as on a 460. You will have to use the 460 centers, I believe both have 2 3/4 inch axles so they should fit.
  15. What isn't funny is that he does.