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  1. Killing mold

    I found this stuff is good. Concrobium Mold Control
  2. Texas

    Reports from have been that since Irma hit Florida, the spotlight has left Texas. They say communities like Rose City have had little to no relief other than small groups like and Cajun Navy/Army. They are asking where did all this donated money go? Rose City has about 1000 residents. I guess everybody forgot about Texas...
  3. Killing mold

    Expected you`d suggest viagra... again.
  4. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    I`ve mig welded my galvanized gates before with no issues. Just ground them down some first. Then Gorilla tape over the holes to stop grain flow. It might get you through the harvest.
  5. Killing mold

    I`m sure with all the flooding in the last few months there are many in the south with mold problems. Aside from calling in the "experts", what are some home remedies for mold? I`ve heard bleach can stall it but not kill it, dunno. It turned my ex wife`s hair to straw!
  6. my run at glenwood city

    The cage cam view is nice but the end of track video is great! How`d you finish? If you had the camera on the front end like last video, all we would have seen was sky!
  7. Dad used to pull these out

    Oh gawd...
  8. Dog containment devices

    Well, this is exactly what I did. $500 later, half a dozen walks around the perimeter, half a dozen yelps later and he hasn`t been tied since. He is actually TOO afraid of the flags and only utilizes about a third of his area. Guess he`ll expand as his courage builds. Thanks for all the tips guys!
  9. Mileage mystery

    my first thought is more air space for evaporation
  10. 12 fires in Montana

    I read Montana is burning up! 12 different fires and it says with all the publicity going to Texas and Florida, help is scarce. What`s going on Mader?
  11. Insurance companies are ridiculous

    Are you covered for a zombie apocalypse?
  12. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    The hoops we have to jump through here to build a new building of ANY sort are/have been ridiculous. I can`t even IMAGINE what Cali makes you do! Our twp is trying to pass laws/permits/taxes on simple/small/movable carports! I hope not as I have 5 of them... sigh. This is just an online example picture.
  13. Son in laws first pull

    Tony Stewart stated to the press after finishing 2nd in a race, I`m just the first loser.
  14. Sticky fingered women

    Older friend of mine, a truck driver no less, won some $ in the lottery. Maybe a $100K iirc. He just kept working also. When anyone would ask him what he did with the $, he`d always say, "I spent it on women and booze... and I wasted the rest"!