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  1. Terrible day! Pictures!

    It seems I heard about this somewhere in the last couple weeks. Maybe someone else also won an H. Dunno. ANYHOW... That`s great OT! Glad it went to a red lover! Is that your SIL with the smooth scalp?
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Yup. Saw on PBS. Read about it in tow magazine last month. They have a few cars also.
  3. Yep. Many, if not most, shelters expect pets to be kept indoors. Sometimes, a guy has to lie. BUT, many if not ALL pets prefer to be outside! Provide shelter/food/water and they`re happy/safe. And by "they" I think he means it`s up to buyers to NOT buy these pets as a LOT of Christmas pets end up tied to the tree out back by New Years.
  4. And then you have these cretins...
  5. Bottle bombs

    you play, you pay. screwin you get for screwin you got. tits and tires. there`s a hundred sayings from marriages past... sigh.
  6. One of my 3 rescued dogs is nearing the end. She`s still eating/drinking but has difficulty walking very far. Don`t wanna get into a euthanization argument either but... Glucosamine/chondroitin has helped some but anyhow, Took a walk through our local rescue which is VERY tough for me. The cages are full and there is a waiting list of pets to come in when room opens up. I can`t help but get angry when I read ALL the ads for dog breeders. The prices for a "purebreed" or all these "designer" dogs is nothing more than greedy people imo. Yeah, everyone wants a "social status" pet they can brag about over drinks at the club but come on people! If we would just shut down breeding for a few years, the effect on these overloaded rescues would be tremendous. Spay/neuter has come a LONG way in this country and could still improve. Think about this when you go to buy a "breeder" pet. Have more than one family member piSSed at me when I bounce them about buying a breeder pet and couldn`t care less. Don`t support these breeders! Rescue! You`ll sleep SO much better and so will the pet you rescued. This old boy, Shep who is 10, has been in a cage for 3 YEARS! But I know of someone who MIGHT take him home soon. 3 freakin years in a cage! And I think I found one myself too when Ruby is gone. Wished I could take them ALL home!
  7. Farmers only

    Inquiring minds want to know.... but not about that!
  8. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Someday servicemen will clean up this mess themselves. And nobody will ever know he`s gone. Berg who?
  9. Bottle bombs

    I musta lived under a rock. Never heard of or saw this done. We were busy fixing up junk cars to chase girls with. See where that got us... sigh.
  10. Dad passed away

    When we lose a loved one unexpectedly, it is much harder on the family. When we lose one after they suffer a lengthy illness, it is almost a relief. Please accept our sympathies JD.
  11. Bottle bombs

    I`ve heard these "citizens" have been sitting the unshaken mixtures in obvious locations and unsuspecting people pick them up and the shaking excites the mixture and serious injury has occurred. I`ve picked up my last half full bottle on our highway cleanup details!
  12. Farmers only

    WHOA! I googled that and WHOA! Drop the mike!