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  1. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Maybe I should have said "news" as a whole. That`s all it is lately is negative Trump/politicians and sex this and sex that. Just like the "$hithole" remark. I hate to tell you but some of these countries we send billions to ARE $hitholes thanks to their governments. And EVERYDAY, there are new sex allegations. MAN, I hope my highschool girlfriends don`t read the news!
  2. Stolen Tractors

    ah yup! Pitooie! Where`s my Copie?
  3. Before open indiscreet badmouthing of the president became accepted Before sexual harrassment became common... Before terrorism began... How did they ever sell a paper? Where`d the funnies go? Or is this type of news today`s public wants? I`m sick of it....
  4. hard on cattle

    Herd owners here concerned as well. What occurs with the herds and what can the vets do to help?
  5. Excuse me pilots

    Now if I was riding on this passenger plane, my seat would be soaked!
  6. Excuse me pilots

    Not saying, as the video heading says, that the ascent was 90 deg but camera appeared to be at a fixed position during whole video. Now if camera was on a drone etc is another thing. But even empty, that was a sharp ascent. I wouldn`t have wanted to be in it!
  7. Excuse me pilots

    Is this for real? If so, I`m driving.
  8. Stolen Tractors

    Speaking of theft, couple years back, neighbor had his enclosed trailer storing a side by side and a quad. Thieves couldn`t get SBS running but took quad, took off down through his yard and didn`t see the 3ft deep ditch. Quad was sitting there running with blood AND a tooth! AND, they never found out who did it.
  9. So what DID happen to him?

    Truck? I know he had his "carb" setup on a 427 Ford car.
  10. So what DID happen to him?

    It`s too bad you don`t trust anyone Rick.... sniff...sigh.
  11. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Would those fit my WD? Looking for a set.
  12. a rat in a mischief is still a rat
  14. Police chief of small town not TOO far from here blew his hand off last July 4th doing fireworks. It has come out since that he was blasted drunk. Anyhow, locals supported him and his recovery raising $20k +or- in a GoFundMe program. Well, he recovered, got a prosthetic forearm/hand and solicited for his job back. County OKed his return to their drug task force but his town mayor said no to him returning to work in any capacity. Locals went nuts protesting mayor`s decision. Picketed mayor`s house, signs everywhere etc. WELL, as it turns out, Diebold, the ex-chief, was arrested late last week by the PA Attorney General for soliciting sex from a 14 yr old girl! Seems the AG had been watching him even before fireworks accident for child sex abuse! After his arrest, he confessed. Maybe the mayor was in the know and deserves a public apology! What a POS this Diebold is. 14 years old, COME ON! Shame he didn`t blow a different appendage off!