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  1. Just an update. We Move Pets was to pick Sam, the pitbull, up June 1st. Owner called yesterday to say she had a "private" Texas to D.C.transport and was picking Sam up last evening. It was kinda sad as we have gotten attached to this d^mn dog. Long story short, instead of her leaving here, going to Connecticut then Texas, they picked her up in a large Sprinter van and are giving her a private ride to Texas for the same cost of $1K. Driver texted me a video of her sleeping on the motel chair last night after having her supper. He said she had the whole van to walk around in as no other animals. Yeah, I`d use this service again. I slept in this morning as Sam wasn`t there to lick me awake to go pee at 6am.
  2. 2 1/2 hrs straight north will get you a free meal and a bottle of canadian elixir fyi. I`d just go find a club in Utica to sit in though.
  3. Whenever I`m on I95S in the fall, I stay WAY clear of those things. Most operators struggle to see over the wheel and they ALL are dragging a high end SUV behind them. scary stuff. But I am not referring to you Tony. You`re tall enough to see out! Have fun with it!
  4. Yeah treadmills. Everyone has to have one in the shed. Paid $500 for ours. Spent a Christmas eve years ago dragging that #400 box into the house and assembling while she slept. 2 years of supporting flowers and pillows was it`s life. Then I used the SS to move it into the shed. I saw a "to do" list of hers the other day. "Make Mark pasta salad' was written on Friday`s list, [One of my favorite dishes] "Get treadmill out of shed" was down for Saturday... sigh. I was HOPING to see "Get ready for garage sale" but I didn`t. maybe she wants it out for this... but we don`t burn wood anymore. Maybe it`ll work for coal!
  5. Now I`m not claiming I`m perfect, but when a woman looks around at the competition, I`m as good as any. But the competition is pretty sad...AND I`m humble. And teaching isn`t rocket science. Go spend a day in my area high school. BUT, I do and have already asked to put the paddle back in our teacher`s hands. And breaking one over the school board`s heads wouldn`t hurt either.
  6. A good woman doesn`t come out of the box the way we want them. It takes years of training to get them where we want/need them to be. My first two didn`t stick around long enough to get their diplomas. This one is determined to do so... so far.
  7. that`s easy enough to say...
  8. He, not unlike other drivers, ran opponents clean if he had the car BUT if opponent had a better car at the point in the race where the laps were running low, yes they feared him behind them as they ALL knew what was coming. The sport has become like the NFL where ,as Lambert said decades ago, the Q-backs should wear skirts. Always felt Dale and France were tight. Saw too many events where Dale shoved his way around another car in the last laps with no repercussions but hey, Dale always said "Rubbin` is racin`" Didn`t want to see him lose his life or even get injured but his Dad, Ralph, taught him well. As said above, love him or hate him,he was entertaining to watch and that`s what it`s all about. Filling seats. Used to love to watch the Rusty/Dale show at Bristol. Rusty was Dale`s only close competition at Bristol. As Dale was Rusty`s. And if you`re a diehard Earnhardt fan, don`t google "Nascar`s dirtiest drivers" RIP Dale. I even miss him.
  9. 28 drivers have died in the Nascar premier series since 1952. 14 of them at Daytona. Dale was the last in 2001.
  10. Tip of the cap to you Mader.
  11. Oh yeah, I remember. And we have transitioned into this...
  12. Gents? That`s being gracious... Happy birthday anyways!
  13. "A wall will be just the icing on the cake, " you might have a good idea Art! A wall COVERED in icing would make it slippery and harder to scale.