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  1. Cummins sucks! I bet he`s out there somewhere... reading. I know he and Hot Plug were tight.
  2. Bet the townspeople hold you in highest regard Lorenzo...sigh.
  3. I still miss Busman77....
  4. Update. After months of pestering the local paper, this story and ALL of it`s details made top story on the front page today! Is that the sound of squirming I hear?
  5. Guess I better lay low...
  6. This compilation always touched me. But it does expose Springsteen and Lauper are basically screamers. Dunno what you call what old Bob Dillon does but he makes me smile when he sings. Many here probably never saw this video. I like it.
  7. Because you have built a relationship with each other.
  8. And can`t forget this guy...
  9. He may not be considered "rock" but he "rocked" Steve Perry of Journey
  10. What do you mean by boot the inside? Apply a patch to prohibit compound from escaping into tire? I always thought heat and applying pressure to repair area was involved.
  11. People put more time/effort/research/worry into buying tires than any other purchases they make including the vehicle itself. Not an attack/observation towards you personally Art, just a fact from my side. Every tire sale I make involves at least 6 phone calls before a customer decides. Every tire company makes cheap/mid-grade/top shelf tires. It`s simple. The more a tire costs, the better the chances of it wearing/performing better. Name brand comes in 2nd or 3rd on the list imo. .
  12. Dont see A grilles in Steiner`s book. Super A and C, yes. $400.
  13. It seems the little prick has the Soviets and Chinese a little nervous along with the US. Need to bring in that Brit sniper who flies under the radar. sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss THUD! Problem solved.
  14. You are correct Bob. I guess what I should have said that if it leaves him stranded, he could swap relays. What gets me is that you would think the dealer would have replaced relay just to be on the safe side. Relays do age and through time/use begin to transmit less and less voltage causing fuel pump/A/C compressor clutch and other electrical motor failures DUE to insufficient voltage. Every fuel pump we have ever changed gets a new relay. Good luck rmabd! Now, can someone help me get this miserable hemi fan clutch broke loose from the leaky water pump! UGH! i`m getting too old for this $hit...
  15. After looking at schematic, power to exciter wire, you say isn`t hot when you hit key, is fed juice through the starter relay. I`d guess relay in power distribution box and designations of relays/fuses probably on box lid. Probably utilizes many same number relays as A/C and others. Find one same number and swap before next trip.