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  1. If I recall they don't lube in reverse. Not a PTO problem per say, as they trash something just from continuous work in reverse like pushing a rear mounted snow plow or stationary PTO work. Guys would put the 4 speed in neutral and leave the powershift lever in REV while on a silage blower or grain auger. The powershift lever had 4 positions I believe, 3,2,1,and rev. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think that lever had a neutral between 1 and rev
  2. Have put approx. 2000 hrs on 3588 with probably 1600+ being PTO work on discbine, bushhog, planter, 4x4 sqare baler, silage chopper, & blower a couple years. Was unaware I could create problems. Have only tilled about 10 acres, pulled a 750 drill some and winter loader work. Oh, forgot grain cart duty.
  3. Have not had a lower sieve in since about 1990. Have not planted wheat for 20 yrs or so, but with only 30 to 40 acres it never went back in. 3 1480s and a 2188. 1480 had standard rotors & 2188 has AFX
  4. Get a nice 4020 with nice quicktach loader and keep 10 or 15k of your money. Get an early syncro for the loader as a power shift has a lot of "lag" time when changing direction and one with a side console requires the right hand to do hyd and shift as would a joystick as well. A 186 would be ok as well but more $ up front and a bad hydro could get pricey
  5. Saw him at the " Paradise Buffet " in Auburn IN at lunch after church one Sunday last spring. Hadn't seen him for a while & had a short visit, he said he was still selling.
  6. Have hills the front of 856 comes off the ground on, no frt wts on, also some a 18.4 single won't pull it up. [ not a junker, Firestone radial at 75% ]
  7. Mine has 40, didn't know a 48 was available. Don't think 48s are in my parts book, but they maybe weren't available in 01. I should convert to them as they would be better in finer, lighter cuttings of grass\alfalfa where I mainly use mine.
  8. My rowse is a twin to yours but mine don't have the solid centers in the wheels & I have the opposing kickers. With 20 wheels & the flexible frame it follows the contour better than my 16 wheel siterex. Mine is a 2001 that I bought in july 2003. The original owner got it to use for a big chopper and it didn't like wet hay, only used it a little then traded for a 4 rotor rotory claas rake. The rowse then set on dealer lot nearly 2 years.Dealer took my 6500$ offer but I then added the kickers & duals on back like yours has. Good rake but to big in 1st cut.
  9. Have ran 2 balers to around 25000 and neither had any issues with those gears
  10. Seems like I remember the claas dominator at the Farm Progress Show in 78 to 82ish when the operator stepped out on the porch while combine was operating. Believe it had the feeler/whisker system.
  11. Just drove past field of a local BTO today, JD 9220 dueled up pulling a 3 section orange colored roller, about 4 ft diameter ?, in beans ankle high. 1st time I saw this done. Talked to buddy this evening & buddy said university [ Purdue ? ] says they will stay shorter & bush out more with 1-3 bu increase.
  12. & gun decision
  13. When the gold demos were out our IH dealer had a 1026 with a 710 5-16 SAR in our neighborhood. My dad farmed his brothers farm & was plowing with our 856 pulling an on land 700 6-16 SAR semi mounted. The 1026 was filled with fuel before it left the farm of the farmer demoing it, so when a nearby neighbor got done with it he fueled it & brought it to where my dad was plowing, approximately 4 PM. Now dad had got to the fld at noon & uncle got off work when the 1026 arrived & the both plowed till done around 8:30 PM. 1000 gallon fuel tank at my uncles had a meter [ tuthill fillrite ] & dad told both tractors used same # of gallons when fueled that evening. So 856 pulled 1 bottom more 4 hours longer on same fuel. Plowing speed was basically the same.
  14. Is your drum round ? Mine was oval, probly from being dropped or slideing around in truck bed, etc. Is the drum square to the firewall, there is a tool to check this.