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  1. 1688 automatic header

    Put one on 4 yrs ago, like it. No issues yet.
  2. A John Deere funny sticker

    Guy on left saying to guy in black shirt " I thought you tightened that last motormount bolt last night when I ran over to BEERS-R-US for another case of coors "

    My aunt pronounces it lutefisk but I knew what farmall666 meant. Years ago I inquired about it at our local Walmart, they had a place they could get it for me on special order but my uncle persuaded me not to. Quality probly wouldn't have been as good as the " fresh " lutefisk from the region where the recipe has been passed down through the generations

    Have an aunt from MN that reminisces about it. Always thought I would get her some for Christmas. Can't find any in our area. Uncle is grateful for that. Hazmat fees make online ordering and shipping cost prohibitive even though I love her. Uncle says she would want all the rest of us to sample it. Be kinda like the Jim Jones saga.
  5. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Tanks may have been partly filled with water for testing, been 25 yrs since our conversation, I hope someone confirms or corrects who has involvement with this process
  6. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Had an uncle, owner operator, who pulled propane & anhydrous. Once told me when the trailers get there inspections they were pressure tested to 400psi if I recall correctly. Could be mistaken on that but I think that was the figure. He also told me how much the diameter of a 48 footer increased during the test. I can't remember that figure, but it didn't seem possible. maybe someone else on here knows
  7. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Folks I worked for in Texas, summer of 76, every few days blew out combine air filters & radiator. Being a 16 yr old from Indiana that seemed crazy to me. Was a fun summer !
  8. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Amish been using 500 & 1000s for 30 yrs. Compressor is on a line shaft that runs milker pumps so tank fills 2x daily. Air lines buried to run feed bin augers , submersible air pump on well, etc. Was thinking about one myself for more storage capacity, but decided not to because of extended wait time to get back to 175 psi on such a large storage tank.
  9. 720 plow

    I have other fields that are stoney but not nearly as bad as these 2, so yes I notill over rocks. just more pleasant cutting beans or hay with surface clean
  10. 720 plow

    My rockiest stone infested fld has not seen any type of tillage tool since 1981. It was moldboard plowed, then harrowed with IH 401 drag, then the 186 pulled a haybuster picker over it. This was repeated 3 times maybe 4 in some areas except for the plowing of course. Now it is no-till row cropped. Still looks completely stone free today except for a couple of woodchuck mounds. I have a pasture field directly over fence that I reseed every 10 yrs or so because I'm to lazy to give it the same treatment. I'm sure I have some cows with chipped teeth, better than broken iron. When the cows go for good it will get the same treatment.
  11. Cracked lift housing??

    Seen that from pushing snow with rear blade and finding a _________ that was frozen to the ground and was covered with snow. Example - Now I remember where I left the disk. Exactly as Sparky said. Never did it myself, never saw one still in 1 piece and able to continue functioning. Might be more like yours in the snowbelt that are still undetected.
  12. 720 plow

    Is he asking about spring trip bottoms or auto reset ?
  13. 756 brakes

    brake pedals on my 186 have been very stiff for years, doubt if they have been used a dozen times in tractors life.
  14. 2455 IH loader

    The 2nd picture is a 2350/55, not a 2455 Sorry, didn't see the # in the corner
  15. Real country music

    Hey, I am a hog raiser