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  1. Just drove past field of a local BTO today, JD 9220 dueled up pulling a 3 section orange colored roller, about 4 ft diameter ?, in beans ankle high. 1st time I saw this done. Talked to buddy this evening & buddy said university [ Purdue ? ] says they will stay shorter & bush out more with 1-3 bu increase.
  2. & gun decision
  3. When the gold demos were out our IH dealer had a 1026 with a 710 5-16 SAR in our neighborhood. My dad farmed his brothers farm & was plowing with our 856 pulling an on land 700 6-16 SAR semi mounted. The 1026 was filled with fuel before it left the farm of the farmer demoing it, so when a nearby neighbor got done with it he fueled it & brought it to where my dad was plowing, approximately 4 PM. Now dad had got to the fld at noon & uncle got off work when the 1026 arrived & the both plowed till done around 8:30 PM. 1000 gallon fuel tank at my uncles had a meter [ tuthill fillrite ] & dad told both tractors used same # of gallons when fueled that evening. So 856 pulled 1 bottom more 4 hours longer on same fuel. Plowing speed was basically the same.
  4. Is your drum round ? Mine was oval, probly from being dropped or slideing around in truck bed, etc. Is the drum square to the firewall, there is a tool to check this.
  5. Never seen a B with a wide front, just figured they could not be ordered that way.
  6. When I was a kid, by the time we got 250 acres of corn & 80 0f beans in which was plowed with a 3 & 4 btm # 70 behind the m-ta, 400, or 560. Which also needed disked a couple times and sringtoothed drag ran over it & don't forget the H pulling the stoneboat. Once all this was done along with 55 cows 2x daily { before pipelines } it is now June 15. Ripe hay dries quickly here. Mow all you can get down one day with the M-TA and IH #120 ? while pulling the NH 404 hitched to the mower. Next day start raking as soon as the dews off, 1 oclock start baling. Didn't need but a 2 day window to put up brome & alfalfa that was ripe. Did 15 to 20 thousand bale a year filling 5 barns. Got 2 cuttings by Labor day, was a good summer. Sometimes RHA would even hit 11000 if when you hit that " vain" of hay in the mow that still had some leaf on the alfalfa. Dad would have me stop feeding that to the "youngstock" and save it for the milkers. Life is to complicated today!
  7. If they ask how big tell em about 20 hp and the deck size, 54 inch or whatever
  8. tell em your picking up a lawn mower
  9. On JD 1508 batwing went through 2 sets of gearboxes in 1st 12 years, got about 20 yrs on 3rd set so far. Last 10 yrs only use about 30 hrs each summer and was filling gear boxes 2x daily as they would get to "howling" till in 2013 popped covers off and filled to top with gun grease, took 20+ tubes. 4 years of use with no added lube or howling.
  10. Filters are expensive, you just flushed that with gas & put it back in right ?
  11. Anybody drove one of these, 2 brake pedals or 1 ?
  12. Yes, there was one purchased new 2 mile from me.
  13. A quote from the Heritage Iron article by Tharran Gaines " With 40 degrees of articulation in each direction, the operator could literally power through headland turns without the need to use the individual rear brakes. " This is what made me ask if right and left brakes were controlled independently ?
  14. In Heritage Iron a story on the AC 4W 220, the author says it has individual rear brakes. I have 3 ?s. #1 is that correct, or am I not understanding something? #2 if it is correct, what is the reason behind it ? #3 are there other makes & models {AC 4W 305 } that have this feature?
  15. Was at an auction once where the auctioneer announced on a set of duals " selling by the piece" , not selling by the piece X 2. A fellow I knew said watch this and proceded to bid till he had the winning bid, he then said he wanted the left one. The auctioneer said he had to take both to which the bidder told him that's not what you said. The auction guys had a pow-wow and conceded the bidder was correct. So they sold the right one, which nobody had a use for, the fellow got it for 5 bucks.