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  1. I want this for Christmas

    Couple years ago somebody drove one of those to our church on Sunday morn. Never did find out who it was. That's the only one I ever saw other than pictures.
  2. Dad's 503 had HHC { header height control } seems like the 303 did too. I think it had a valve like the 915 but I don't recall a cable. Now it's coming to me, seems like the valve was on the end of the head possibly linked to a rod with a bunch of fingers hanging that drug the ground. Valve could be relocated to side of combine and a cable used to operate an 820 probly
  3. Self loading round bale wagon

    Always wanted a New Holland model 8500
  4. are they gassers, don't see the " DIESEL" decal anywhere
  5. Dad had duals on his 503, appears as though you converted to the 800 series feeder house ? Thought about that on Dad's, but I bought a 915 with hds and he sold his 503. Learned a lesson, actually many, with dad's 503. Once after fighting mud in winter on corn harvest combine wouldn't move next day cause mud froze over night in wheel / final drive area. When I got home from school that day real education began as I was the one who left it that way the previos day.
  6. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    It can be front mounted, the literature says front or rear.
  7. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    The one I recall seeing was mounted to drive the tractor forward, which the info says is possible. Thanks for the info IHFAN
  8. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    Does anybody recall a 6 row picker mounted on a 1486 on display at a late 70s farm progress show in Indiana ? Seems like it was Vemeer yellowish in color. Any info or pictures out there. If I'm losing it tell me guys. Maybe it was just a dream.
  9. 856 Farmall wont turn over

    On my 856 I can't turn the key all the way to the "on" position, the last little bit the idiot lights go out and it won't crank. turn it back a fuzz and it will crank. Just need a switch someday
  10. Don't know this guy but when somebody has something for sale I want I investigate it. I go into deals with eyes wide open. A lot of sellers shoot straight with you, a lot don't. This guy is getting a lot of free publicity out of an H whatever buy adding a few zeros to price. As mentioned maybe he made 9 so 1 of 9. Its a stretch, but he is a sales man. Probly someone with 140G laying around to buy an H is smart enough to dig in a little to determine " what " their buying. Anyone with that kind of $ to spend on it that don't investigate will be very happy with their purchase. I can't seem to sell anything, I tell prospective buyers all the faults and sleep well. Most stuff I sell I take to consignment auctions with no reserve and answere any questions to my best knowledge
  11. International orchard

    Very nice !
  12. babysitting tax question

    Hm, someone who lies for money in a position with much influence on children ?
  13. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Wonder if this has been considered. Put the batteries in/on the trailer, can be charged during loading/unloading. Think of the tractor as a living/control "pod" for the transport technician. Billing is done based on amount of energy required on battery recharge rather than wt moved or distance. Computer in "pod" is connected to dispatch, routing ,scheduling, and has small battery to move from trailer to trailer.
  14. 2350 mounting brackets

    One of our channels broke once. I didn't think they did much either till then. Also there is 2 different lengths of the verticle sides the lower channel bolts to. the longer ones have more leverage to hold the down on the round tubes to prevent extreme weights from ripping the round tubes off the tractor. we have some of both lengths.
  15. A video for those people scared of heights

    I climb legs siloes bins doesn't bother me at all. Sitting in my recliner watching this at about 12 min I noticed my socks are soaking wet, can't remember the last time my feet sweat. Guess I'll put on another pair for I head out