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  1. 1486 Serial number one?

    Who has the last production 1086? I thought i heard once Scott Knight has it. But i'm not sure
  2. M puller

    So i have a 40 M I'm making a puller, and i've already decided my setup. Stock stroke 4.310 bore. I bought a set of arias pistons to do it from a guy who lost interest in doing it for a song. I have a late 1950 block from when i put the 281 in my 50, i'm wondering if i can use that block and bore it that far or if i need a 264/281 block to bore it that big. Also can i get by with a planed 8060 head or should i hunt up a 362174R1 head. I'm not going to fork out a grand for an LP head so it's one of those two. Give me your opinion as i'm new to making power with a 4 cylinder, I did build a very competitive 301 in a 460 though, so i'm not totally green
  3. Farmall M 9 speed

    I have a 9 speed M i want to run on my generator, Pretty light load just running the house and well pump for the cows. Not Milking here anymore So all we're running is the well pump and maybe the welder or air compressor. Its a pretty healthy M with a rebuilt 264 3rib manifold and some minor carb work with a 450 gas head. It runs good. Could i run it in 9 speed high at a lower engine RPM to save some gas when i run it? Theres a voltmeter on the generator so i wouldn't need to know the exact PTO rpm but I'm concerned it'd be too low of an engine rpm to run it. Give me your opinion.
  4. Free to a good home, these books

    I would take the Massey Harris book, but shipping it to WI would be expensive
  5. Snowman got that 282 running?

    Stamped in a flat boss behind the oil filter OR not both behind the alternator on the right front of the block it will be stamped D282, or D236. Look and see what you are supposed to have. If you have a 236, 282 crank/pistons and you will have a 282. If you need help call Dillan 715-641-0612
  6. 66 series hand pump

    Traded an 806 with a cracked block for it at worthington ag parts, I had $400 in the tractor, i got it for next to nothing. I'd REALLY like to find a starter for it so i can see if it'll run but ASAP is out of used ones so i've got my nose to the ground for a used or rebuildable one
  7. Snowman got that 282 running?

    If it is the crank i have one here out of a D282 i'd give you a deal on
  8. 66 series hand pump

    I'm sure they'll want an arm and a leg. My local ASAP (all states ag parts) said $500
  9. 66 series hand pump

    Anyone here know what case hand pumps are the same?
  10. 66 series hand pump

    I am in need of a non tilt steering hand pump for a 1066 and someone told me one from a massey 30, 230, 245, or 265 tractor will work, along with a massey 40 combine. Is this true? I would be interested in one if someone has one otherwise. Bought a burnt tractor and it's missing. What would happen if i used an 06/56 hand pump? Trying to figure this out.
  11. Naturally aspirated 966 puller

    We turn our 806 down to farm with, Same story for my 460 and that is FAR from stock. Combine 301 block bored out to 3.937 366 chevy pistons, 12-1 on E85 Silver diamond 69717R1 head with a ported exhaust side, ford 302 valves of forgotten dimensions, Bullet racing cam, LP manifolds, custom carb venturi made by me. No clue on power but i was still a ways from having it dialed at the end of the season. Kept having a lean mixture issue below 2000 rpm. Ran like a banshee from 2000-5000 though. Spins out 2nd T/A ahead on 18.4-38 firestones with ease. I'll bring it home and grind feed, run augers, rake hay, haul chopper boxes, etc. It's still a workhorse.
  12. Naturally aspirated 966 puller

    The torque amplifier is a game changer here. able to go fast and lug on the big end
  13. Naturally aspirated 966 puller

    Did you use a DT kit or buck up and build a D466? I hear it's very expensive to rebuild a D466. That's pretty impressive. What head?
  14. Naturally aspirated 966 puller

    What gear do you run? 466?
  15. Naturally aspirated 966 puller

    Looking into pulling a burnt up 966 we saved from the scrapper a few months back that this weekend will be mated back up to a good healthy 856 rear half as too many seals were damaged by the fire. Being we have PLENTY of farm tractors and i'm always looking to make power with something new, what can be done for the NA 414 to pull? Were 400 series engines worth a dang without a turbo? Thanks to Danny at Dirtboyz i know all about adjusting the pump for more fuel. What can be done for the head on this or are the ports good from the factory? For a number of years we have been pulling an 806 with a D407, .370 roosa with #3 leaf, stock lines, 429 injectors, Cam from Bullet Racing, and cleaned up the exhaust ports on the head. Will spin out 4th low T/A back on 18.4-38 firestone radials and give the 4020 boys fits. We've never seen nor heard of a 966 in an NA class, hence this post here and what we are trying to match power wise. The only NA 66 i've ever seen pull is a 1468 narrow front on press steel with an aluminum front nose STRIPPED BARE to make 9500 non turbo and it kicked a**. We were in 2nd to it back 15 feet with the 806.