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  1. Stolen Tractors

    someone stole our 966 once, they left it about 1000 feet from where it was, it was setting cross ways on the dirt road still running most issues were kids playing on them and leaving the lights on
  2. 1466 steering and clutch hydraulics

    moisture cheap oil 5 at night not cold weather friendly
  3. 25,000 today and still climbing

    when you cash it in, don't forget your friends in low places hint hint
  4. 5088 Throttle/Fuel Shut Off

    try moving the throttle cable on the injection pump lever ( the one in your picture) to the bottom hole in the lever
  5. 1086 will not start

    the later 86"s had 2 safety switches, one for the clutch peddle it mounted on the fire wall on the clutch side up past the bottom of the hood, the second one is for starting in park so you don't have to depress the clutch, its mounted on the right side under the cab about in the area of where the front right corner of the seat is, it is mounted on a angle iron brace, if one has failed and you bumped or unplugged the other, it will not start. you can see the park safety switch if you get between the right rear wheel and tractor behind the battery box, have someone shift it in and out of park and watch what moves, you can reach it to plug back up but its a bear to try to change with the seat support in place, you can try to fix the one under the hood, its a lot easer to get to, you can test the wiring by unplugging the safety switch in question, and make a jumper wire to connect to two wires that plugged on the switch, place tractor in park and hold the clutch down, with the throttle in the stop position (all the way down) hit the key, if it spins over the wiring is ok and the switch is bad. or way out of adjustment
  6. I hope this is a hoax---but if it's not------

    (and the grasshopper shall be a burden)
  7. Berryman Carb and Parts Cleaner

    Ive had the same thing happen, so when I get a new bucket of Berrymanns, ,I pour it into a clean 5 gallon hytran plastic bucket and toss the metal can. I cut the bucket lid so I can lift it off easy but it still seals. put the basket in the bucket, lay something heavy on the lid and your set for years
  8. 986 Antifreeze

    If you change your water filter regularly, you can use the green, the heavy duty is pre charged with the chemical prevent cavitation
  9. speeking of gaskets

    I ordered a new valve cover gasket form cnhIH and when I picked it up, it was cork, in a cnhi package. the valve cover gaskets for the 400 series have always been rubber. If I wanted cheap I would not gone to the dealer!!!
  10. 656 injection pump

    to add to this, there is also a seal installer, its a little plastic tube with a cone tip to slide the 2 seals on the shaft with, it protects the inner hole in the seal when installing it
  11. New c with carb trouble

    sounds like a flow issue, it could be in the bowl assembly, under the tank, the inlet hole , the screen above the glass bowl, or in the cut off valve it could a inline filter full of crud(if it has one) the 90 degree fitting (if it still has the screen on the end of it) or the float is gummed up and not swinging on the pin, or the needle is gummed up and not moving down enough the let fuel flow, or the orfice holes in the carb itself could be pluged. it could be a bug stopping fuel flow. remove the line from the carb and see if you get good flow, that will tell you which way to look next.
  12. 86 series keys

    yep that's the ign. key
  13. 86 series keys

    its been so long but the door key looked like the one you have. I want to think the ign key was still a round head but I could be wrong
  14. 12 volt heaters to defog windshield

    I had one in a 66 VW bug mounted in the lower left corner of the windshield, it kept a peep hole open on the drivers side
  15. Cool find

    nice find! have that same vest