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  1. Factory 282 Diesel with IH turbo

    Ive had 3 of them with the TD9 turbo setup and never thought they whistled much at stock fuel Put fuel to them and turn rpm to 23-400 and it will whistle but your radiator cap will to ! Then I grew up and got on a 856 I heard a 826 with a m&w and that was a whistler
  2. 656 d

    They lost the bar grill and tossed a early 656-706 screen in it Just from pics $2500 would kill it here
  3. 656 d

    wf. 3 point. fenders , 2 hyd valves bar grill (1968 or later) good tires ? If its got above options and good shape yes and that is tops 06 series are cheap out here except 1206 and I still never see one bring what I see them advertised for on internet
  4. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    No Dan just a old cab that guy bought to put on 806 and never did ,Started at $100 and went crazy , This was the sale that had the last or first 6788 west of topeka
  5. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    yep and more 806-56 style look like take offs Seen a old nos heinker cab bring $2000 thats crazy
  6. Happy Birthday Gonzo

    happy birthday Gonzo hope you got a chevy for your birthday
  7. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Our buses were all late 70s chevy c70 , Lady that drove last few years was screwin the bus mechanic . she drove a 1,5 hour route in 45 minutes as hard as that thing could run, Bet she ground that two speed rear end a 100.000 miles trying to shift to fast , Once plowed into a flooded bottom in between two creeks 3-4 foot deep trying to keep from going around, What was funny is i think the bus mechanic was servicing about 3-4 lady drivers and once we got closer to town the CB radio fights started , One lady would be hollaring on radio for "Rob" and all the others would be answering trying to keep him from talking to other one ,
  8. Programmer for c15

    Pete ours is same way c-15 set at 550 that feels like 250 3406e blows it away big time set at factory 475
  9. original 1256 toy

    Id love to find ours .it went to Pawnee city Nebraska around 93-4 problem with it was we still have serial number plate
  10. common ag bearings to keep around

    How about a grease gun and a grease cert kit !!! Oh and a case of grease and use it , I bet in 30 years ive only changed 4-5 wheel bearings and lack of grease or cap fell off was reason every time!!! Some i just pop a hole in side of cap screw in a cert and let that electric grease gun pump, On baler bearings I run mine a while and spray that spray lithium grease at bearing seal lip while its running . . you would be surprised how much of that it sucks in ,
  11. weed control without spraying

    Lots of people say they put on fertilizer . Then you find out it was like 30-40# actual, I bet 100-125# of 30-10 would bring it on in a couple years without spraying it and mow it in May no matter what, You and I both know that June-July fescue is rank junk anyway, Then be ready to bush hog it in late july, Or just quit screwing around and throw on liquid fertilizer in the fall with some 2-4d tordon and dont say a word to morons
  12. "I`ll be honest with you"

    I know you think thats bad Jerry but I knew a guy that bought a 7,3 engine and installed it to find out every rod was knocking, Wasn't me but I laughed my ass off about it,
  13. Parts off of td20c

    id be interested Gary sent pm
  14. years gone by

    seen the ranch on the north side of 24 40 just east of town was cleaned back up . whats the story there?
  15. Dad passed away

    Sorry to her Jere.
  16. td25c saved

    Local farmer bought this 25 years ago and ran it building terraces on a few farms . Two speed gave trouble 20 years ago and that was the end . It turns over.
  17. More surgery

    Good luck with your surgery Jere hows your mom and dad? tell Karen hi for me !
  18. years gone by

    Jere I'm sure it disappeared about the time frame of the racetrack 1999-2001 wasnt that the place that also had a 1468?
  19. td25c saved

  20. td25c saved

    Its really good shape ,not a ding in it . Really good u/c. I might try to get it running then I might be game to see what it needs to fix . If it needs a bunch to get it running probably be a mailbox stand. Took our d7e and it was all it wanted to horse it around .
  21. C-15 cat motor

    Don" drive past DOT is how you haul that legal.
  22. C-15 cat motor

    85k its dead we just brought it in for yard art . Local friends gave it to us.
  23. C-15 cat motor

  24. C-15 cat motor

    In December I went down south and bought a rust free 06 379 exhd factory day cab c-15 550 hp 215 wb had 650,000 . Bad part is it has a 10sp with 373 gears . I pull a 3 axle detach lowboy . Transmission was making noise and after I got it, the rod to the air ride control was bent making the driveshaft bottom out and put pressure on trans .straightened rod and all fine . Probably going to put a 13sp in it later . Gave $34000 and spent 6-7000 putting new exhaust and other clean up things . I went out to Grand Island and looked at a w900 that looked good from 50ft away up close it was a wreck. Normal lair told me how great it was ,10k truck with a 50k price. Others I looked at in Omaha were rust buckets . If a guy waits theres always some nice lowboy tractors on Ritchie Bros auction.
  25. find the link on fb ill look 

    guys name is charle cottman